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Hi Alison,

Good to hear from you again, thanks for keeping in touch,its really a bit weird but reading about you and experiences,way you think etc you are like my twin :D . Even right down to the fact that you have a 3 year old and a teenager. I of course have my 3 year old son and my other son is 18 years old!

I really do sympathise with every thing you say and yes i am very glad i can find out but also share experiences with someone thats been there already as you truly know what its like,i just sorry you have to go through with it again but hope it will be the last time. I even think identical to you as regards looking at other mothers thinking how lucky they are when i see them bending and playing,shopping etc with their children. I am sure they dont realise how lucky they are til something happens because we all take things for granted but hope after this i will try to help myself a bit more.

I am pretty sure the disc that is prolapsed is L5/S1 which the one right at the bottom. ihave had back pain constantly for 7 months now and wear a heat pad on my back every day-it does not take away the pain but does seem to give slight relief at times but my body is getting so used to them now i not so sure.They also cost an absolute fortune when you wear one every day,infact the shop ran out for a few weeks as i think i had bought them all smile

As for pain relief i have been taking co-dydramol for many years due to what they call \"achey leg syndrome\" which is being made even worse by this problem i think so pain relief not working that well as i so used to them. The doctor prescribed diclofenac for a week but i cant take anti inflammatories as i also have an acid problem and they really upset me-which they did.I then had tamazepan i think but they did nothing just bit drowsy so then i got tramacet but again just make me tired and do nothing much for pain. She did not want me to have morphine as would knock me out and no good in charge of toddler which i agree with as dont know about you but i am so tired every day just from sitting around so much when i am not used to doing this. Also i dont know if you agree but living with chronic pain every day gets so wearing and cant help but get fed up and am even more so as will prob miss all summer not doing much and thought it would be sorted after all his time.

Listen to me going on and on i sound like such a moaner!!! I not really but am still young at 39 but feel like i am past it!! Are you around the same age?

Can you also tell me after your last op did you have to have a catheter at all and were you left with any numbness in your leg etc as a lot of people i have read about seem to experience this.Its good that there seems to be a 90% success rate but like you say there still 10% left over.

I live in Surrey do you live anywhere near?

The one thing i think we can both say is we both have supportive husbands thank goodness because how would we manage without them? Going back a bit my leg pains have been worse now the last two or so months but they did start in jan with sciatica-that was my crying stage when i could not walk or even lean forward on the sofa without searing pain everywhere,but now the leg pains just hurt,difficuilt to describe but a bit like i have run a marathon so painful and restless and sometimes cant sleep because i dont know what to do with them. Are yours anything like that? And as for standing still in queues etc that is such a no no longer than about a minute or two.

Anyway i have gone on long enough for now i appreciate your replies and maybe sometime we could talk some other way? We seem to have a lot to say,and maybe we can share good things as well- our children,and one day again we will be back to doing all the proper mummy things.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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    hiya twin

    great to here from you again, Hope u had a good weekend.

    found your reply.

    My teenager is 17, hell be 18 in september. He past his driving test 5 weeks ago, so hes being my minicab sometimes, Payback for me driving him about for 17 years, haha. Hes into the 1st year of his a levels.

    Yea its true we take things for granted. I know i did b4 this happened. Its just take for example i took my 3 year old to butlins last year with my husbands sister and her daughter. There was this lady moaning bout having to get up to see to her child again. I thought to myself at least you can get up without any probs.

    Sounds like you have tried alot of diff drugs, I was given morphine, But yea i cant take it when im looking after my little one, Ive only taken it at weekends when i know my husband is here. As it does knock you out.

    Hey i can moan like the rest of us, hehe. especially about this, it does get you down, When i was last at the hospital for my pre op, i was looking around and it was all people over 60 or 70 who were also there to have my op, Ive heard from other people about there nans etc who have this leg&back problem and who have had this surgery. I think but im only 37. You expect things when your older but sorry we are both so young.

    Ive lived in ealing west london all my life but we moved to the country (wiltshire) last year. Its about 1 hour drive from london. I had my 1st op in london but because ive moved ill be having this op here. This hospital seems very good tho. i cant knock the hospital in london as they treated me so good from start to finish. Where about in surrey do you live?

    No i wasnt fitted with a catheter last time, My op was late in afternoon by time id had op and was in recovery it was night time. They bought a potty thing to my bed etc if i needed to go to the toilet, nice, haha. I was on a morphine machine after op so i didnt no what time it was let alone give a dam about a potty, hehe, About 5am the next day i was walking to the toilet myself. Physio came round about 10am and they get you walking about straight away as its not a good thing to not move about after a op. They show you how you should get off the bed etc without damaging your back. they gave me a back support afterward which is a godsend to this day as whenever my back does go i wear it and it does help support your back.

    Ive heard ppl say they were fitted with a catheter , so im curious after this op as its at a diff hospital weather they fit me with one or not.

    Yea we do have supportive husbands, Dont no what id do without him.

    its so hard to desribe pain isnt it, At the hospital the surgeon will say desribe the pain. How do you. i think its hard,

    pls dont feel you have gone on, have ya seen my replys to yours, ive written a book or two,

    My leg often feels like ive run a marathon and feels very restless. It hard cos if i sit down the pain hurts if i stand the pain hurts, Its very hard to deal with because i just dont know what to do to help the pain. I often feel like screaming help me,

    Do you look after your 3 year old all day. Do you get any help from anyone. After my husband went back to work after my op, i looked after my little on my own all day. But since we moved here and the pain in my leg and back came back. I just cant look after him allday. He goes to a nursery now from 8am - 1pm mon - fri. I do struggle some days looking after him from 1pm unto my husband gets in about 5.30pm. My older son helps if hes not at college. Dont no what id do without him either.

    We moved here because my sister in law lives here and she said move closer & ill help with the little one, Weve been here since july last year and we have hardly seen her. The plan was when i have my op she was going to look after the little one when my husband returns to work. But shes let us down now. So things were stressed for a while trying to work out what to d

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    Hiya twinny,

    Well i only just replying cause it took a long time to read yours-JOKING!! :D

    Seriously its really good to keep in touch and i actually feel like ive known you for ages. This is all new to me too,i just started to explore the net because i started to hear so many different stories some ofthem really not good which starts to put you off but getting to know someone you feel you have things in common is a there are some good things to come out of it.

    My weekend was not too hectic as you can imagine-i do like shopping and getting out and about especially in nice weather but not much at the mo,altho we did go into the park for a bit of a picnic yesterday which was nice,me in my chair as i cant sit on the grass and little one will only sit for five mins before he wants to explore with his daddy which leaves me on my own feeling a bit like the elderly parent you take out on a sunday for a ride!!! smile My hubby is great though and does so much which is a strain on them too,sometimes i dont realise enough,he starts work really early as he is a bus driver and actually one of his routes is the 65 bus from Ealing Broadway so am sure you would know about that. We live in Kingston in Surrey.

    I think he is also glad that i have found someone else to talk to as i do tend to go on and on to him all the time about the way i feel.

    I do have some other health issues too and do tend to think at times why?

    as like you say we are still in the prime of our life and we have to put up with all these things.

    I hope your move to the country was still a good choice as you were saying you have been kind of let down as regards childcare. You are out of the rat race tho as thats what its like here. What hospital did you have your 1st op? mine will be St Georges as thats where my gp wants me to go because she said they re very good,well lets hope so. I am still not keen at all but on the other hand i guess i cant do much now so what choice is there?

    I am looking after my 3 year old all day as not going to nursery til this september and it is tough as he is i feel missing out on things but i just cant really take him out far on my own and am afraid quite a lot of dvd watching is going on!!!

    Anyway i hope youre managing your pain ok at the moment,i am sure you are counting down the days til you go in and i am counting the days til i see consultant.See look at me going on and on again i writing all sorts as i forget it not a personal message,like you say there must be a way around things.

    I am on facebook are you? Maybe that is a way and if you are not its easy to set up, let me know what you think smile

    By the way i will really look forward to the potty...i dont think. Oh i cant bear hospitals i have been there before and the less the better as good as they can be they are not for me...or you either i am sure.

    Did they tell you that second time around the success rate will be even higher?And how long have you been in pain this time from start to finish as if you dont wait that long maybe thats why you didnt have any after effects with numbness etc?

    Ok well i hope this gives you a little reading for a few minutes and i look forward to the next update.Hope you get a good night

    Take care


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    promise i wont write a book this time, haha,

    just typed everything and scrolled up, opps its another book,

    Bet it took ya an hour or more to read my last book,

    Yea i no the number 65. As kids we used to get that bus to chessington.

    I had one of those 4 d scans done at this private clinic in richmond when i was pregnant with my youngest. then when i found out the sex of him. we hit the shops in kingston. Did we shop that day. haha

    The pincic sounded nice. Yes i agree it is a strain on them sometimes.

    when was son was 3 weeks old he was very sick & had to have surgery at chelsea & westminster hospital. He was in hospital about 8 days. I couldnt sleep over at the hospital as my leg was so bad it kept giving way. I couldnt risk looking after him attached to all those machine & wires etc as if my leg gave way & i was holding him, Its not worth thinking about, I could only hold my baby sitting down. My husband was at the hospital 24 7, id go up at the crack of dawn & stay unto late late evening everyday. I didnt no id end up needing surgery at this point. They was giving me physio. which didnt no anything really.

    Then 8 weeks later i was admitted to ealing hospital on new years day, i was gutted i had a turkey at home to cook. we have christmas dinner on new years day. all i could think about was my turkey, lol. When they said they are admitting me i was saying \"what about my turkey\". haha. The doctor must of thought is she feeling ok,

    After 7 days in hospital after the MRI i had op then my husband was trying to deal with me as well as look after a 3 month old. It was so hard on him. Dont no how he did it, If it wasnt my hospital appointment it was my sons hospital appointment, My husband was mini cab, chef, dog walker, child carer, and hey i cant be the easist person to look after.

    This time should be alot easier as ive known for 6 weeks when my op is, last time it was a shock, So ive been cooking up spag bol, sheperds pie, chilli etc to freeze. Ive stocked up on everything in house from food to smellys. I think i think the world will end without me, haha. My house looks like tescos,

    Yea i go on and on at my husband too about this leg pain etc. think ive been doing his head in a bit about my op, Its not the op im going on about just things like \"make sure jamie is up for college, make sure he has money everyday blah blah blah. make sure this make sure that. He must be thinking \"just go into hospital we will be fine\"

    you worry though dont you. What other health issues do you have if you dont mind me asking.

    when is your hospital appointment in june. How come your child isnt going to nursery unto septemeber. Once my son was 3 he could go to any nursery for 2&half hours aday. Its a new goverment funding thing they are doing. My son goes to a private nursery but i dont pay for 12 &half hours a week, They can go nursery for 12 & half hours a week after the half term after their 3rd birthday. Nothing like this was around when my teenager was younger,

    Hey the good old dvd player.What would i do without toy story 2 or madagascar.

    I hate hospitals too, im dreading it. Surgeon said though ill have op on the wednesday and ill be out friday or saturday, fingers crossed its friday.

    The rate is the same 90% it will never come back 10% it will, Im just glad the odds arent the other way round. My back pain started last october and my leg pain started just after that.

    The hold up this time was because i had a MRI here but they wanted to get my old MRI scan pics from ealing hospital so they could compare. They said id get the best options as they had something to compare these MRI pics to my last ones,

    when i saw the consultant here in november he sent me for a urgent MRI, 2 weeks after i had seen him, i was shocked, ive heard ppl wait ages for MRI, they wrote to me & rang me to say

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    This is a much more respectable time of day to write as last night i was starting to fall asleep while writing!!

    I dont think your messages are too long but all this writing is bit much sometimes,thats why i wish there was another way. Mind you did you not receive the part i sent y

    ou about facebook? Maybe it was deleted. I think there is a way on here of writing personal messages on the bit above where you write a message i think it is the bit that says my space so will look into that.

    Sorry to hear your little one was very sick,i tell you things are unfair sometimes as it all hapens at once. I hope all was sorted then and nothing else since.

    My oldest son was quite ill when he was 2 years old with a kidney condition but luckily after a few years of medication and regular hospital visits it disappeared,he does also have adhd and aspergers so life has and still is pretty trying at times!! Mind you i didnt have too many of these back problems then there has been others but not that!!!

    My other health concerns are nothing major really but they all add up and sometimes you just think-WHY? I had really bad gallstones started 8 years ago just when i met my husband so to be honest he has never known me any different than having something wrong with me. Gallstones were not diagnosed for 2 years it was probably the worst pain i have ever had- even worse than this i think as i developed jaundice and was in hospital for one week with no food!! and they letme out too early and i got pancreatitis on top so another week in there being starved and was getting married few months later-mind you i lost so much weight which was the only bonus. ha ha. Ifinally had the op to remove gall bladder by keyhole and was home next day but week later i was rushed in by ambulance as i was in agony and could not breathe. After test after test and a morphine drip set up i found out they accidentally cut the bile duct during the op and the bile was going round my body poisoning me. Oh what a joy!!!

    This episode in my life is partly why i reluctant with hospitals and keyhole surgery. Did you have yours done by keyhole the first time?

    Apart from that i have a throat problem where sometimes for months on end i find it difficuilt to talk much as feel i have swelling in my throat- shouting is a complete nono for me forever-children and hubby think that good i am sure. HEHE.

    Anyway a biopsy showed that acid has scarred around my vocal chords. Am i completely boring you yet.................i hve achey legs as well which have been on painkillers every day for years and years and an underactive thyriod. Thats about it for me- how do i feel yes i telll my hubby i am a complete liability!!! Thats how i dont know why he suffers me going on and on.

    Do you have any similar tales to tell? Well at least we share this one smile

    See look how long this message is it gets worse and worse doesnt it?

    Thats why it would be good to communicate in another way.

    Let me know if you have any ideas.

    I know exactly what you mean about getting things straight before going to hospital because you just want to make life as easy as possible dont you? Thats the sort of caring mothers we are and that must be why the husbands secretly know how lucky they are :lol:

    Anyway i hope to hear from you real soon

    Take it easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    hi there rebecca

    nah course you aint boring me. promise this one aint a book, haha

    sounds like you been though so much and now this, can see why you dont like hospitals, also how do you cope with adhd and asperges. ive watch a few programmes etc on it and thought those ppl deserve medals, guess its a case of you cope with what you have to, but even so it must be so hard.

    worse thing ive been though was surgery last time, prob was obviously i put on weight being pregnant, altho i walked my dog 6 miles aday & walked at works all day long. but still balloned like a whale, haha, i didnt have change to lose the baby weight etc as cudnt do much after my baby was born with my leg pain, then 12weeks later had back surgery so def cudnt do anything. surgeon kept telling me i have to lose weight of my back as it can make the pain alot worse. i went to gym after surgeon said i cud after the op & then started swimming etc, started walking the dog again etc. weight fell off i thought it was cos i was being more active, wrong, i went too skinny though, was size 8 if that. aint now but will be one day, lol.

    about 6 months after i had surgery i was diagnosed with over active thyroid & had thyroid eye disease. 1 of my eyes were stiicking out more than the other, how attractive, haha. was being seen for eyes at londons moorfields hospital, they were so good, had treated at hammersmith hospital for 18 months, then transferred here to local hospital, got all clear for thyroid eye disease and overactive thyroid jan this year.

    thats another thing that held up surgery here, u cant have surgery if u have overactive thyroid as you run the risk of a stroke or heart attack. they tested me for thyroid about 4weeks ago as the percentage of it coming back is 89%.

    but it came back ok, overactive thyroid can come back at anytime, this time least i no what to look out for, id gone to doctors about my 1 of my eye lids more closed than the other & it sticking out abit, she was very good she new right away what it was,

    lucky for me most ppl need eye surgery to get eye back in, mine went back it & eyes look normal now, thank god,

    I go swimming 7.30 every morning then walk the dog when i can, it sometimes helps with my back and leg. plus wanna lose but of weight b4 op,

    i have msn, do u have msn??

    Yes of course our husbands know how lucky they are, haha

    dunno bout ur husband but ive been with mine for 15years now, ive always done the cooking ok, last time i came out of hospital he cooked etc, i always new he could he just didnt, lol, but id have to tell him what to do etc,

    anyway he buys the jamie oliver cook book about 10 months ago, now i think he thinks he is jamie oliver, lol

    so this time im looking forward to coming out he makes these lovely meatballs and pasta. mmmmmmmm

    better go b4 this turns into another book

    no i didnt have my op by keyhole. i have a scar at bottom of my back, they will cut into same place this time, but scar will go slighty lower as its L5/S1 they will work on


    p.s yea i heard someone say you can send pm though this site,

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    hi rebecca

    ive registered with this website just now.

    It says it takes one day for someone to activate my account. then it will email me if you reply or if your on the same time as me we can send instant messages.


    talk soon

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    how are you today??

    i regersted with this site & they just activated my account. if you regerster we can talk on pm. My user name is ALI,ALI,ALI. hey its all it would give me, haha


    talk soon

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    Hi there,

    Well you are quicker than me. I was slightly disappointed at the length of yesterdays message,it didnt take me long to read

    at all :lol:

    I have not joined up to the private messaging yet as could not go on yesterday but will later so for now i thought i would send you quickie message to say HELLO!!! and i hope today is not too bad for you,mine is so so today but i not doing anything just staying home as yesterday was quite busy. I also cant join yet as i have forgotten my password........ yes what a dope but i am working on it so bear with me and i will be there soon as poss smile

    Talk to you sooon



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    your username shud be becky becky becky. lol

    I went swimming at 7.30 am, then walked our golden retriever or he walked me should i say, My hasband was like why get up so early & swim, he drops the little one to nursery on the way to work. pain in leg hasnt been so bad last few days, the swimming does help just not all the time.

    going to take the little one to toddler splash after i pick him up from nursery, they have a wave machine etc, he thinks hes a little surfer, hehe

    talk soon



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    Your right about the user name,i should have thought of that myself!!!

    You are up and about so early i think you should make the most of peace and quiet-i would.Haha. Mind you i cant swim so not much use there, and dare i bare to get in a!!

    I love golden retrievers and labroadors they are my faves, i am huge dog lover apart from the fighting dogs-i dont agree with them. I would love a dog but cant have oneas we in a flat which is hardly big enough for 4 people let alone pets.It looks more like a nursery here smile

    Glad you are not feeling too bad today,must make the most of those times my back is hurting more than anything else today sothats why i having quiet day with my little \"angel\".

    I wonder if other people are enjoying our writing ? I think they leaving us to it. Anyway we will be able to write in the other section soon,i managed to activate it so am waiting for that email to arrive . I do have msn as well so we will have a choice.

    Have you found any other interesting posts from other people who have written about their experiences? I have not really bothered since we started writing as not much need to, you have informed me very well.

    I hope you enjoyed your time together at swimming with your little surfer- how sweet,kiddies are so adorable at this age and so funny at times-apart from the tantrums that is. :x Mine has been spoilt though,what about you,as you have big age gap like me.That is slightly spooky!!!!!!!

    Anyway feel free to message any time i will check on and off through the day.

    Speak soon x

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    Your wish has been granted,

    Icant believe i had to change my username on here as when i put in the one i always use it said someone else already has that......................yeah well that will be me then!!!! Honestly i no idea what is happening on this site.

    talk soon.x

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    beckybecky becky


    i cant swim either i just make it look like i can, haha

    just got back from swimming with the little surfer, swimming was great fun with him, but after was a nightmare he wudnt go into the shower, or changin room, didnt wanna get dressed, had to try get him up 2 flights of stairs past all vending machines, down hill & into my car, it was such a nightmare, i havent got the strength in my back to carry anything let alone a kicking 3 year old, ive been takin him swimming most days for weeks now to make most of time i have un2 my op. hes never kicked off like this.

    home now and so glad.

    charlie our golden retriever is 9 now, weve had him since he was 2 months old, he looked like the andrex puppie, hes wicked, so much fun, hes too clever, ppl say dogs are dumb, o no they aint,

    lol@at your flat looking like a nursery, here does to, i love boys toys though they are so much more fun than girls toys, age gap is good as little one has all jamies power rangers, spidermen. action men&cars, etc etc etc its sweet him playing with the stuff jamie used to play with, whats funny is we found jamies gameboy and all games, daniel the little one loves it but jamie wants it back to re play all the games he used to play, haha

    some people have there opionions of the age gap, it seems to bother other ppl, get a life i say, mind ur own, lol, the things daniel comes out with are so funny, you think where did that come from, he has us in stitches,

    havent really read many of other ppl's experiences on here, read a few but not many,

    only reason im going swimming early is its the only time you can go here, its not like london where u can swim whenever, there are only 3 pools here and in day time its all the schools there doing there lessons, or like on a weds its toddler splash but u have to have a toddler or u cant get in, hehe

    im just dreading not being able to do the things im doing at the mo after op, but then at least i should be able to do more than i do now after recovering from op,

    when is it you go to hospital in june

    ali ali ali


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    Hey Ali x3,HAHA



    Oh dear me you had to deal with tantrum today that is not good in yourposition even if these little kiddies of ours dont realise how difficuilt they make our lives at times. Believe me i am right there with you thats why i cant go out much with mine as couple weeks ago he ran off and nearing busy road so i had no choice but to run after him-not the best thing to do especially as i had just left the doc with my scan results and she told me i must take it very gently!!! But in that situation you have no choice and then i was already stressed and in pain so i told him off in fright as much as anything and i had some busy body telling me how horrible i was to make him so unhappy. Well i was just in the mood for her and told her to keep her nose out of my business,she got me so mad,and i am actually a very placid person. Like you say about age gap etc its nobodys business so if they dont like it then tough.

    Would you like to have anymore children? Half of me would but obviously this has all put a stop to that and i am getting nearer to the big 4 0,well next year but time flies when your not having any fun!!! Dont you agree?

    Anyway hopefully you having bit ofa rest now,i have had such a boring day and i succumbed again!! to the choc biscuits etc. I am not the gym type in any way but i am used to going out nearly every day as i love the shops etc and there not much point going far as i cant do much when i get there!!! Whats it like where you are living? are you more in the country or town? I am literally right in the middle of the town and have lived here all my life. My hubby is Irish and he would really like to go back to Ireland to live but if i did it would have to be a city as i would have trouble getting used to the country and i have elderly parents 10 minutes away who need quite a lot of help with things.

    My hospital appt is on the 3rd June-3 weeks today to be precise. It is taking forever and like you it is not just waiting now but how long will i have to wait once i have seen him for the op if thats what he decides and then the recovery which people are saying roughly 3 months before can do everything again. It will be Christmas and i will have had it for the whole year! :cry:

    How long did it take you before you could do everything? And did you say this is a different disc that needs sorting or the same one as last time?

    And what reason do they give that some people have to repeat the op?

    As for your lovely doggie you are very lucky and one of these days i will have one! They are very clever indeed i dont care what anyone says and i also find very therapeutic for stress as i have and have had a lot of that!

    Oh well i be off for now to try and wash my hair-something else people take for granted that dont have what we have.

    Will catch up sooner than you think. By the way did you say you swim like a mermaid :lol: Me i just sink like a lead balloon.


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    Hi guys

    We have an automated system in place that picks up possible email and web address, as we tend not to allow them. The system picked up an @ in the content.

    I have deleted the 2 duplicate posts and have authorised the other one.



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    check out my warning, hah

    i wrote lol at you, but the symbol at, if ya get me, so they took that as it might be a email adress.

    yea i had a go at someone today who was staring at me so badly when i was trying to get my little out of the swimming pool building, he was staring whiel i tried to carry him up the stairs, past vending machines, past reception & then when he tutted that was it, how rude

    nah i wudnt have anymore children, i no it wud put so much pressure on my back & with me having one op already and now another one,

    we just went shopping to asda, bd move when ur hungry all i bought was sweets, bisuits etc etc. my husband went off looking at dvd players & then i met up with him i said \"check out my trolley do ya think im hungry\", i aint eaten all day, with swimming, walking charlie, then swimming with little one, was bad he kicked off as we had such a good time in the pool,

    when we moved here we were right on the edge of town into the counrty, we were the last village on the edge of town & then it was 60miles of fields, lol, you dont get stuck in traffic jams you get stuck behind sheep, lol but i found some of the people a bit snooty, la d da etc, so we moved into the town a bit, but this town is so small, its not a town like we used to in london, u can drive from one end of town in like 15mins, good thing is heve you never get traffic, u get go anywhere at anytime and it doesnt take you hours like in london,

    my 1st op was on disc L4/L5 this op im having is on a diff disc L5/S1, the prob i had with my recovery is because i had a 3 month old and i wasnt able to even bend to lift him my husband had to take longer of work, i wouldnt of been able to carry a 3 moths old at all, that was my paim prob. with a 3 year they do so much for themselves, my husband will only take 4 weeks off,

    they are only repeating my op because the disc below the one they worked on last time has the same prob as the 1st disc, which is whats giving me leg pain, some ppl just have one op and the discs below are fine, with me it wasnt the case

    gotta go have some food,

    ill reply to the rest of yours in the morning

    bye bye


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