Reporting physical abuse of disabled people in social care

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As a disabled person i have tried to report that i have been a abused and that the abuse has occurred in social care.

At every step I have failed.

Because this happened by staff at a housing association, the  Social Services in my area will not get involved.  

The police tell me that part of the abuse is classified as a civil matter as it invilves a housing association.

Even my own MP has tried to conceal the events of what has occurred so who can i turn to next for help?

Every. charity appears to just exist to pass the victim out leaflets or to another organisation who does the same.

So WHO is out there listening when disabled people are experiencing ill treatment.  Who is there to help?

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    Hi so sorry to hear this. It's awful. When I went to see my pdr other week she said if Iv been abused & they are still living I can only talk about it if I give names as they have to inform the police .

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      It also can work against you.

      in my own personal experience if you have suffered abuse, and in particular if part of the reported abuse concerns a public dignitary in your area then every possible step will be taken to lock down any support whatsoever for the victim.

      Social serices in the UK are run by local councils.  

      Go figure what has happened to me.

      There isnt one organisation, not the police, not the council, not ANYBODY in authority to even listen because they are all frightened of speaking out to give their support to your claim.

      This is why i have started this discussion group.  I see now how the authorities will protect to any extent any suggestion against the perpetrator and more and more disabled people are experiencing this within our own community from those who we would never have believed would of could do this.


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      if only Sharon there was one single organisation out there who takes abuse of disabled people seriously.  But there is not.

      i had hoped that by contacting social services, that i would have found the necessary support to help me through this difficult time but i should have known better.. 

      I can only reiterate, Social Services are run by the local council and if and suggestion of abuse is referenced or connected to any local dignitary then you will not find any support in your area.

      Not from any MP, even if they are from an opposing party, or from a council employee or any other authoritative organisation.

      As victims, we will only recieve a wall of silence.

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    Keep a note of Dates, Times, Names and the nature of the Abuse whether it be Physical, Mental, Neglect or Verbal. Report to Staff at the Housing association, then if nothing happens, report to the Head of Housing, and so on moving up the hierarchy. Do the same with Social Services keeping a paper trail and coppies of it for yourself. Do the same to the Police, who's job it is to protect you if this is still going on. Not sure what the nature of your abuse is, but if it is something like name calling, and it's not still going on, then there is not much you can do. But if its at the other end of the scale, then there is plenty. If you are currently in danger, social services and Police alike, can not pass you on. If need be, use the threat of the Media. 

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      I dont place a lot of store with the media.

      Believe me, I have tried.  The local newspapers will not pick up the story, understandably in the circumstances as a lot has to do with local politics and who knows whom etc..

      The national media will only be interested if others like myself were also to come forward, or for example if a death occurred or something equally gruesome because of the situation, because naturally, they want to get as much news coverage as possible.  

      Few people realise that the media, despite what they print are only interested in the final outcome however tragic the final circumstances may be.  

      And even then, the individual is not their concern.

      Selling the news is

      This is why i felt it was really necessary to start this news group.  

      I felt that i could not possibly be the only person in the UK in these circumstances, that having been abused, there really was nobody who was prepared to speak up for me.

      There must be dozens just like myself right now trying to get help and still cannot put the message out there that disabled people are being abused and treated this way.

      And if the media cannot do it, then we must make people aware ourselves by speaking out.


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      I never sugested it was "Just name calling" I hope you didn't take offence, it's just it could have been anything. I'm 100% sure that there are more people in the same situation, and could greatly do with help and the justice of having their voice listened to. I agree that the Media is not there to help you but sell their format, which is why the others involved should also not want any unpresidented coverage. Without knowing the full situation, it's hard to know what Legal steps or charges you want to take, or indeed what you ultimately want to remove yourself from or achieve. Have you tried LWA?

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    There is help available. There is the clergy, there are organizations that are advocates for the disabled, or you can consult one or more lawyers. There are free legal services for those who cannot afford one.
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      lester.  When people like myself are on a low income it is not possible to consult one or more lawyers.  

      Perhaps you are not aware that the conservative government has abolished legal aid for the vast majority of low income families in order for them to obtain justice and help simply is not available. 

      As for these advocates for the disabled, who exactly are they?  

      All i have found are numerous charities who have been set up purely to finance themselves and their staff to pass out a few leaflets to other charities along the way and who do the same in return.  

      Or are you talking of human rights organizations such a Liberty or Stonewall whos main purpose is to put forward their own agenda but never to help the individual?

      i really would like to know because i believe i have tried all of the organisations in the book and not ONE will become tangibly involved despite their designer websites and claims of championing the disabled.

      That leaves the Clergy whom i havent tried as yet but i really cannot see who else there is.   


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      And that my friend is how people such as myself are now viewed.

      There is no help from social services or the other one hundred and one fake charities who purport to offer help.  

      The vast majority you will discover (if ever you are unfortunate enough to be in the same situation as myself) are only there in name only and to point you back to one organisation.

      The Citizens Advice Bureaux.

      And they in turn will pass you back to the one hundred and one other charites who will do the same.

      That is what our society has become in Britian.

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