restless leg...and arms, a hands, and....

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hello, going to tap in to the wealth of knowledge yet again... :D

this restless leg syndrome is [size=18:e675434720][color=red:e675434720]KILLING[/color:e675434720][/size:e675434720] me


ok not literally, but it is without a doubt the most unpleasant thing ive ever experienced, and the main reason i dont sleep well on some nights. :zzz:

alicia suggested elevating my leg which works a little bit, but not when it's bad. the worst thing is when i get it in my hands and arms and even chest, and then my whole body feels like its buzzing and cant calm down. :steam:

sometimes breathing excercises help me but not recently. does anyone know what on earth causes this and if theres anything i can do to ease it? ive tried everything, including having a bath and taking beta blockers (whch helps a bit).

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    Hello, the restless arm and legs I can understand as I get it all the time, I also get it in my back which is just awful :cry: I am sorry though I don't know why we get it, it is really horrible though, when I get it in my back I sit with my hot water bottle :cry: must be the M E :cry: :cry:
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    Hello again Trees

    Oh poor you, that must be horrible sad

    Have just looked up the PUK page on restless leg syndrome and there's quite a lot of info --- might be worth a look, otherwise I should go and pester your GP

    Right I'm really going now :run:

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    Hi Trees

    I suffer with this too but mostly in my arms :roll: I have found my Arnica gel helps mine and i've just looked in one of my books and it says:


    'Keeping the legs cooler than the body, and the use of paracetamol or a small dose of a mild muscle relaxant such as diazepam (Valium). Getting out of bed and going for a run doesn't help'.

    This is obviously why my Arnica gel helps then as it has a cooling effect on it :D

    Hope this helps :wink:

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    Sorry Trees

    Forgot to look at the cause. Here goes:


    Unknown, but more common in women, made worse by pregnancy and heat, and sometimes aggravated by antihistamine medications. Not related to previous exercise.

    Another book says that some people have found vitamin B12 helpful.

    Restless Leg Syndrome is also known as Ekbom syndrome.

    Interesting isn't it :roll: I LOVE having something to do - makes ME feel less useless :wink:

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    Oh Trees, I do feel for you ...... it is truly [size=24:529b5197dc]awful[/size:529b5197dc]

    I don't get it as often as I used to thank goodness, but I have found that if I actually get out of bed and walk around (the last thing you feel like doing :roll: ) it does help a bit :?

    I see a Restless Leg Ad has just popped up :roll:

    Do hope your melatonin works tonight :zzz:

    Katie xx

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    thanks so much for the feedback :D you know i never thought about looking for the restless leg section on here :shock:

    will def try some of those things tonight - some paracetamol, keeping my legs cooler etc.

    thanks again you wonderful bunch :smooch: :D

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    was okish... tried to keep my legs outside of the duvet but it was so cold! :brr:

    i have been meditating for the last couple of days :zen: this always used to make feel better and i really should have started again long before now. it does make me feel much calmer, although im only doing it for ten mins at a time. smile

    hopefully will be able to work up - i used to do it in classes for an hour at a time.

    how are you feeling today julia? sounds like you've had bit of a rough patch :weird:

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    I found this on the RLS forum. I hope it is all right to copy it here, if not I apologise and (when Trees has read it) Katie can delete it.

    Type “restless legs” into eBay‘s search engine! Don’t stop reading and stop laughing (;o)

    It brought up something which is not presently listed but I can tell you that I bought some at the time and they work for me!

    Although the items listed their benefits for restless leg syndrome it was not in the title.

    However, the products, which I recommend you try wherever you can get hold of them are:-

    HAWTHORN COMPOUND (green buckwheat with garlic & hawthorn extract). Directions = 2 to 4 tablets 3 times a day


    RUTIVITE (Rutin) = Direction 1 or 2 tablets a day.

    As a “belt and braces” job I take both. However I am presently only taking 3 of the Hawthorn Compound and 1 of the Rutivite in the evening before bed!


    No more restless legs (confirmed by my partner). Test period? Four weeks now!

    Good luck. :wink:

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    Did anyone see loose women at Lunchtime, Jayne McDonald mentioned restless leg syndrome, the others just seemed to laugh. :roll:
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    I did, yes, but I missed that bit.

    I woke up last night with restless everything. It was about 2.30 am and I remember thinking about Katie's elephants and wondering if one had sat on me. I took some painkillers and went back to sleep only to have vivid dreams about enormous elephants coming in my house.

    I don't feel very rested this morning. :roll:

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    Apologies for my elephants ... they do seem to get around quite a bit these days :roll:

    Promise they are perfectly house trained though :D

    Love MD's new picture ..... he looks like a fluffy toy :lol:

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    I can relate, having it in my arms and hands is the worse! If you figure out how to stop it, please let me know! I'll do the same! I don't think you can truly appreciate what an awful condition this is unless you've been through it! It runs in my family. My dad, sister and I all have it, mine is much worse. My son started getting it when he was young, he is now almost 24. 😞
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