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So I'm now 3 months out from 5 injections for median lobe. 1 in the lobe and two on each side of my prostate (no clue why because my prostate was 31)

Anyway I have posted numerous times from day one regarding recovery, pain of the procedure, etc.

At 6 weeks I had a nice flow at least 50% better. Fully emptying, get up at night maybe once. Rare urgency. Almost to the day it all changed like something clogged me up. My flow is about 20% better than pre surgery. I haven't been tested a second time but when I am I suspect PVR will be much higher than the 6 week checkup. I kept hoping I'd urinate out a blockage but I haven't.

I was able to sit through an almost 3 hour movie twice before 6 weeks. Last movie I saw (last week) I had to get up twice - just like the old days. I get up at least twice a night and frequently go several times in a row to fully empty. Even though each time I feel empty. Starting isn't as bad as before but is markedly tougher than before the 6 week mark.

I'd say based on everything (pain of the procedure, difficult recovery, benefits 3 months out) I would NOT do it knowing what I know now and I would not recommend it to anyone. Just seems like a big waste of time. Too much luck of the draw involved as to whether it works. My Urologist has done hundreds so experience shouldn't have been a factor.

Since I'm a little better hopefully it buys me time for the next thing. Maybe the aquaablation once that is covered by insurance. If you are considering REZUM my input is think long and hard.

No need for anyone to get on me about how good REZUM works for them. I'm not disputing that. I'm just saying if someone asks me, I'd say look at something else. I think the sales pitch doesn't live up to the results.

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    Thank you sir for the information. I was really considering just biting the bullet and trying this procedure. I have tried 2 of the other less invasive procedures with no relief. I guess I will just hang in there and hope something better comes along.


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    Sorry to hear you're having problems. I know 3 months seems like a long time but it took about 6 months for my situation to stabilize after having 13 injections for a 91 gram prostate. I can now pee pretty well and no nasty side effects. Hang in there, it may still get better. PS Have you asked your doc about this??



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    I agree! It's a sales job!!

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    Here's my saga: I had the Rezum at Cedars in Los Angeles in September 2019

    and went well. Wore a catheter for 7 days and once removed had immediate relief

    and I thought: "what a great procedure"! For about 6-9 days I had the best relief

    imaginable. Then little creepy things started occurring. A split stream when I peed,

    pain in my urethra , frequency and urgency, out of nowhere. Called my Uro and he prescribed

    a very expensive pill called: Urogesic-Blue, which I take 3x daily. It smooths out the urethra

    and provides relief from the sting and irritation when I pee. I am going on 5 months on Feb 9,

    2020 and I can attest that my success is around 85% not 100%. Keep in mind that I had

    heavenly relief for a little over a week in late September 2019 and then things went south.

    I was told that it was the urethra healing and that it's slow because it's an "emotional" organ.

    After endless research and many questions to others that are Rezum alum, I still don't know

    what to expect. I have read reports that it can take up to 6 months for total relief. Any advice my dear friends and victims?

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    I don't think the Aqua-Ablation is different. Rezum uses vapor

    and Aqua uses high speed water. Same results but Aqua "vacuums"

    out the dead prostate tissue instead of leaving it behind to assimilate

    in your endocrine system!

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      We don't know for a fact. Perhaps with Aqua-Ablation

      there's no residual symptom because the dead tissue

      is vacuumed out leaving a smooth surface. But, we don't know

      that for a fact. I will have to ponder your premise, that the tissue

      left behind with Rezum might be causing this irritation.

      Interesting premise. Moreover, if you ask the Doc he will

      instinctually protect himself be sticking to his story and

      "expertise" Your thoughts. No everyone is honest in this trip!

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    I am six months out from Rezum. It's been an up and down journey post procedure but mostly up. I didn't get the results that I had hoped for but it has been an improvement for me. I still have a pretty weak stream and take a long time to void and feel a little burning. The positives are that I can sleep through the night around 60% of the time (prior to Rezum getting up 2-4X a night) but I think I am starting to get up more the last couple weeks and will have to see over the next few weeks what the trend is. I am able to empty my bladder completely and no longer dribble or leak after I am done urinating, which was a problem before the procedure. I am no taking medication and I am pleased with that. I would do it again but I would be more realistic about the potential outcomes. I am pretty sure I will need a procedure again in the next 2-4 years and like you I will look at any new options that become available. I think all the procedures are oversold because there is so much variability from person to person and regardless of clinical trial results you are going to get an outcome that depends on the skill of your doctor and your unique attributes. Good luck and hope you start to trend in a more positive direction. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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      The Rezum procedure is a complete mystery along with the mystery of the prostate. A doctor

      alluded to the prostate once as an "emotional" organ. I guess I can understand that being that it involves a lot of personal intimacy with your wife or girl friend. Sure, I can see the "emotional"

      component to the prostate. I also got the vibe that doctors over sell their "alleged" knowledge

      of the procedure. I had the good fortune to have Dr. Kia Michel @ Cedars in Los Angeles do mine

      in his office. Very knowledgeable cat and down to earth. There are a lot of doctors out there in the cities and towns posing as experts on Rezum. I have run into them and they lie through a very well rehearsed rejoinder, without squinting and lack any morals. Like used car salesmen.

      I am taking Eurogesic-Blue (blue pill) that alleviates the sting in the urethra when p*****g. You pee blue like King Neptune. Kinda cool to be blue. The pill cost $200 monthly, that's another story. In my predicament I will give it a 6-month cut off and then determine if it was indeed successful or otherwise. I can honestly say that after 5 months I would give it a 83% success.

      Some other guy in this forum said something very interesting. His take: That the dead prostate tissue left behind doesn't entirely assimilate into your endocrine system as touted by the brochures and seminars. Aqua-Ablation vacuums out the dead prostate tissue on the spot right there and then. Something to ponder. Keep in touch please you sound like a bird of a feather.

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      I got it from a reliable source at Boston Scientific owners of the Rezum gadget that recovery time is realistically between 4-6 months, not the 30-90 days that every one touts. It's a marketing ploy because guys would be reluctant to jump in with such a long recovery time. After all, it's about the dinero and how gullible we are as victims and consumers. Sad but true! God save us...

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