Right lower abdo pain

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Hi, I've been suffering recently from lower right sided abdominal pains that are also in my groin in the same side I have been in hospital to rule out appendicitis but the pain is still really bad does any one have any ideas what it could be? I have gastroparesis but my nausea and vomiting has been increased recently 

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    Have you had any tests done on your gallbladder since it is also on your right side?
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      I've had an ultrasound and my CT was rejected by the radiologist because my blood tests were normal. They said the pain is too low  and in an unusual place for gallbladder/kidney because it's down in the RIF

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      Medical terms can be confusing. Hope you can get answers.  Could it be referred pain?
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    It's the gallbladder tests at hospitals rely on numbers. If you feel pai get it out,please you will feel better.

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      I've had an ultrasound which was normal and all my bloods etc showed no inflammation and my pain is in the RIF so doctors said it's unusual 

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      When doctors say something is 'unusual' this means that they don't know the answer.  I have had doctors say that to me.

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    Welcome to our very restricted life due to gastroparesis and right lower sided abdominal intense pain (described as being worse than nausea and vomiting with gastroparesis and SMAS)

    - Appendix out - pain going on

    - sugar tests (I don't know why they repeat doing them as it is localised pain), celiac and all those mushy general tests  negative - pain going on

    - as a female of course the normal luteal phase cysts - taking continuous pill, no cysts repeatedly - pain going on

    for gall bladder and the likes, the pain sits far too low.

    I have no answer for you, but letting you know, my girl's life is impaired mainly by daily localised right sided abdominal cramping pain (10 -20 second intervals, 24/7) for 2 years, has colonic inertia as well.

    Help is TENS machine on that spot to overwrite the pain with another 'pain' sensation. She uses it 60min at a time, on off during the night to find some sleep between positional vomiting.

    Best of luck,

    if you find an answer, pls let us know, too.

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      Thank you! yeah like my last admission the doctors were so confused they just sent me home with painkillers which aren't helping I'm going to keep pushing for an answer because this doctor said gastroparesis shouldn't cause pain that far down apparently..

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      No it shouldn't. Gastroparesis (stomach related) should not cause RIF pain. Can't, doesn't make sense.

      For us the same, there is gastroparesis, SMAS, nausea and vomiting after food and when lying down (thanks SMAS, trying to 'fatten' up. Cottage cheese a life saver).

      But additionally (an my girl describes it even to be worse than vomiting constantly) this RIF pain, cramping, never ending, 10sec on, 10sec off.

      Is your pain cramping as well?

      But yet, my girl also has colonic inertia and the ascending colon constantly loaded even with daily bowel movements (thanks to Movicol, Magnesium, aloe, probiotics like LGG and Cl.butyricum as we did a full decal microbiological assessment missing eubacteria, rest fine),

      so one step is also to get a colonic transit study or images of that area to know if simply constant loading and stretching could be a reason. (nothing overstretched in our case)

      We also had a colonoscopy, to not overlook an ulcer or Crohn's in typical location.

      You might want to consider this too?

      Sometimes the horrid pain is 'just'a side effect due to mesenteric ischaemia. 

      Every test will come back negative, bloods, inflammation markers, appendix fine, colonoscopy normal, stool fine.....

      I tell you, it takes a lot of time and different angles to look at something, when it is not as clear as appendicitis, malabsorptions and the likes.

      We almost envy anyone who has a clear case and can act from there.

      I just wanted to let you know the most common issues, but then also the rarer ones like LPHS, ischaemia and functional problems.

      For my daughter only opioids muffle bit of the pain, with the problem: they can cause more constipation. Yet, that has not become more severe with modern opioids and preventative care. No buscopan and paracetamol or naprogesic and all those luhdiduh painkillers do anything, not a bit. Yet they are very restrictive with opioids and she is on a 12th of dose only, which allows her 2 hours of school daily, not more.

      My girl is unfortunately a teenager and got from the start put into the anorexia nervosa or 'school absenteeism ' psychological draw, what a load of rubbish.

      By now we have a few diagnosis (and no anti depressant would have helped) and am pushing on for the ischaemia side is it is often highly overlooked once usual reasons are more or less (sometimes there are mistakes) excluded.

      We tried acupuncture, the oh so raved diets or enzymes, and the likes with no help, of course, if it is a structural problem, those things can't help, even they help so much in others.

      You need to do the most of trial and error to find your individual reason.

      It is very frustrating, time consuming and.... costly.

      Best of luck!

      we also have hEDS, which makes arterial compressions actually very likely and functional disturbances in intestine. A deadly combo, life is without school, social life, but with ongoing pain and financial expenses.

      Hope you find a much easier reason! In our case the vomiting/nausea AND RIF pain started at one and the same time.

      Please keep us posted!

      Take care!

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      It is so strange that the doctors dont really know much about this condition or how to help us in any useful way.

      My pain sometimes gets crampy but its mostly like a general throbbing/constant pain that sometimes responds to dihydrocodeine but sometimes requires oramorph which doctors are reluctant to give, buscopan etc are rubbish.

      Ive had a normal colonoscopy and a previous CT showed free fluid in the RIF but no appendicitis at that stage either. My recent hospital admission was for faecal loading I was "cleared out" but it didnt ease the pain at all.

      It sounds like things are tough for your daugher especially being younger I hope she can get some relief at some point! I know how difficult it is missing classes and losing out on a social life because of this horrible illness its horrible but we arent alone theres a lot of us fighting the same battle

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      It is very frustrating.

      So true.

      Your case sounds similar, might be similar or a different issue.

      We shall see. I keep you posted too, but we have to wait another 3 months prior the arterial/vein doppler ultrasound session.

      We also tried acupuncture and the likes, naturopath, we are so desperate. But nothing helped.

      My daughter always had small free pelvic fluid in imaging, BUT when one has ovulations, this is considered normal, as it was sitting in the pouch of doublas.

      It was never considered as suspicious due to 'look' and amount.

      Depends how much amount fluid was.....apparently up to 20ml?

      Her free fluid was removed during diagnostic lap, the pain was the same.

      But she is on continuous bc pill now for a year,

      and the recent pelvic ultrasound showed: small amount of free pelvic fluid!

      Too little to be concerned,

      but here goes the CYST burst explanation, that you will always get as a female.


      I can't find another decent non-cyst small pelvic free fluid explanation, could you?

      As said, if you were menstruating, it will be brushed off quickly simply being female.

      But yours sit in RIF, not POD, right? I find that odd.

      How are your inflammation markers?

      Appendices can 'grumble' and look normal.

      I was very happy to have her appendix removed when 'going in' anyway.

      Usually it is only done if white blood cell count or CRP were elevated. (both normal in our case)

      But by statistic, 11% of patients, with even a microscopically/histological NORMAL appendix, feel better after removal. (unfortunately we belonged to 89% of simply not the cause of pain as a normal looking appendix), the so called on off grumbling appendix.

      The field for abdominal pains is overwhelming huge and I get so frustrated, that the new Prof we found for her condition, wants to start: with sugar breath tests again!

      She doesn't have overall bloating, it is one localised spot, no malabsorption does that.

      We had full fecal microbiological assessment, all kinds of parasite searches, it is all fine.

      We have to privately pay those tests including those breath tests and they were negative with the same existing symptoms. Even if a malabsorption has developed over those years by now, it is not the cause. uagh.


      All the best to you and that you find an answer and get rid of this pain.

      Gastroparesis alone is already hard to deal with! 


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      I have to say, that I found some other social media groups helpful, especially to find doc names in the area or other side of the world....

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