rough night

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hi ladies

just need to vent. having very scary rough night. took everything in me to keep from going to ER again.

had horrible dream, i was fainting in my dream and somerhing was telling me wake up wake up

i woke up and left arm numb. put me into fullblown anxiety attack. took a xanax, bath tried to relax. got hot flashes fell back asleep and an hr later up with that nauseous stomach ache i get, another hot flash leading to the chills. gonna be a long day after this horrible nite.

i want and need this to stop

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    Hi Kim

    i'm so sorry!! i had a horrible night also..everytime i lay down to go to sleep i got so dizzy and i couldn't sleep.. I got up and felt better i went like you to a full panic attack!! and took a xanax as well..i'm seating here on the  couch for the past 4 hours tired for not sleeping and feeling so misarable!! this is a nightmare!!

    i'm in NY city with my husband he left early in the morning to his meetings and i'm here scared that something will happen to me all alone!!! i was planning to go enjoy a walk and i'm seating here trying to calm myself!!! i'm getting my period sometime this week and every month beforit comes i'm getting this s dizziness and nausea and stomach ache. You are not alone, i'm writing this message and tears coming down my face from all the furstration and crazyness in my life in the past 3-4 years now!!! 

    I did gone to the dr and she said she cant put me on anything because still getting my period regular every month...


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      awe im sorry, i know how you feel and hope your feeling better now. i also get dizzy off balance feeling. i think its the worst symptom of all of them. and i get them all. its so hard. i pray we botj get thru this quickly and with more peace. hugs to you
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    kim, I really sympathise with you going through all this.  I have been there and it takes every fibre of your being to fight it and the feelings that it is more than it is.  Menopause is horrible, there is no getting around that fact.  But I had this exact same experience several times and thought I would not survive, not just the physical overall feelings of illness, but the horrible mental torture it causes.  Because lots of us have been through this horrible stage, (I think it is the stage where you've been in peri a while and then hit 'the wall' of menopause, the bad symptoms which all come flooding together) we can understand the desperation that comes with it, but it subsides, it really does.  Still lingers, but the bad bit does subside.  I would suggest that you sleep with your back propped up against a bunch of pillows and remain that way, not on your side, or not flat.  I found this really helped me sleep and you get used to it.  I used to wake, like you, with a feeling of numbness in my arm but discovered that I was lying on my arm, or that the tension I had before going to bed was causing me not to relax fully and I was flexing my muscles also.  The anxiety does not become so bad, if you still wake up but are in an upright position, I found this worked.   As for all the other stuff, it just takes its course and I feel for you, I've been there, but now a year and four months since it all kicked off, I am able to sleep without wakening, lying in a normal position and although it does happen from time to time, the anxiety at night, I am in a better frame of mind to deal with it.  I hope this helps you a bit.

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    Hi Kim, im so sorry that you had a rough night. I used to have horrible dreams as well. My little girl brought her dream catcher in my room and hung it by my side of the bed smile My sweet girl! I would get so frazzled before bed time so I started drinking warm helps me relax. I can sleep better now. Like metamorphed said it does get better, believe it. Try and nap as much as you can and try not to think to much about your bad dreams. They will go away. Take care and keep posting we will help you through this.

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    Hi Kim and also Maria, you are going through a stage which happens to

    most of us who suffer. It is absolutely horrifying. I used to have to get up

    and watch tv for a while to get my mind calm again. My husband would get

    up and comfort me and I would say don't go to work I need you here and

    although he did once or twice obviously he couldn't do it all the time so I

    had to learn to deal with it.

    When you do that it starts to subside and it will stop happening. Another

    symptom will probably come along then and take your mind off it!

    That is the harsh reality of it but you will learn to deal with things and of

    course you have us to help you through.

    Hope this stage ends for you soon and you get no further symptoms.

    All the best to you both??

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      Hi I remember asking my husband to stay home with me too! It was very scary and different times. You are right tou do learn to deal with it and it does get better. Im so thankful for each and every lady on this site. You are all a blessing! Hope you have a good day smile

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      Thank you sooo much!your words mean so much to me.

      Like mentioned to Kim before my husband tried to do something nice, he thought would be nice for me to go and see NY and I feel I'm letting him down..he is so good and understanding but I hate for him to see me like that...I just wish I could sleep for a few hours but every time I put my head on the pillow seems everything is spinning!! I had that last year for a few days and was gone but scary..

      I don't recognize myself anymore..I'm doing the vitamin thing the healthy foods no sugar coffee alcohol and I don't think works all the time..again thank you biggrin

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      That's funny, that happened to me once but I managed to correct it

      before I sent it!

      I used to txt mine all the time too when he first got a mobile phone

      he got so fed up he stopped using it lol😂

      But he had to start again because he is self employed😁😁

      I always wanted him at home too, I was quite needy then but I think

      that was the early days and you are a bit lost when they are not there.

      I still can't wait for him to come home though ( I am 56 now)! We spend

      nearly all our time together when he is at home. He is my very best

      friend and I don't know how I would have coped if not for him.

      It is nice to know there are some good husbands ??

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      Same here Kim. My friend she looks at me like i'm crazy when i try to explain to her how i feel!! she tries to tell me that is all in my head and i have to much time in my handsad

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