Round and round in circles 😡

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After 3 months on mirtazapine 45mg and at times feeling normal ish. Sleeping better and finally feeling better than I have in the last 7 months thinks have slowly gone down hill .

Anxiety has been slowly returning over the last few weeks. Last night the nightmares returned been awake from 4 am.

Feel like I'm back to square one. 😢.

So is it time to change med yet again ? Or maybe ask for another ad to add to the mirtazapine?

Finally started counselling . Been waiting 4 months for the nhs counselling still no appointment so now I'm paying privately grhh. Can't really afford the £160 a month but I'm getting desperate.

I can feel myself slipping back into deep depression 😣

Any advice would be appreciated

Many thanks Richie

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    This medication can cause more harm then good. I wouldnt recommend going to another tablet straight away, do not get off mirtaz suddenly. I have been thru this myself. Counselling will heal you the most. I was on 45mg then went to 30mg to now 15mg over a course a year and half each one, this tablet isnt one to be messed with.
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    Hi Richie,

    I think you should book a doc's appointment asap. Don't drop the Mirt without advice, because your depression will probably worsen, and you'll get WD on top of everything else. Keep on the 45mgs until you have seen a doc. It may be that they think another AD will help, and, if they do, they may suggest decreasing the Mirt. Wait and see what they say.

    It might be that the doc can speed up NHS counselling as well.

    Are there other things happening which could have ramped up the anxiety?

    I had my Mirtazapine increased from 15 mgs to 30 mgs three weeks ago - also on 20 mg Citalopram - and since then have been extremely anxious and not sleeping (waking up 1, 2, 3 am etc and not getting back to sleep). Have another doc appt booked.

    I know how it is, and my thoughts are with you.


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      Hi Thanks for your comments . Yes I won't stop taking the mirtazapine yet. I went cold turkey last year after stopping 40 mg of fluoxetine and felt great for a couple of weeks then crash... lesson learnt.

      There's been a few things that haven't helped with my anxiety, but really nothing more than other people have to deal with.

      Going to book another appointment with the gp later this week. I don't think they will be able to speed up the counselling . The gp referred me to a physciatrist ages ago . But they declined my referral and didn't even let me know. It's only when I enquired the gp told me it had been declined that's when he give me the number for counselling .

      I hope you get some much needed sleep soon x Richie x

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      Hi Richie,

      Well, first of all I think it's appalling that the Psychiatry team didn't even let you know that they declined your referral: that's grounds for complaint. If they decline your referral, then I would say that they're obliged to let you know why. i can't believe it!

      I used to be like you - I felt guilty about being anxious, because, hey, other people had much worse things to deal with - but I have come to the conclusion that some people are more anxious than others, and that's the end of it. Try not to feel guilty about it: we're all different. One person's stress is not another person's. If you feel anxious, then you feel anxious.

      Yes, I hope my sleep problems sort themselves out soon. I suspect it is to do with the increased dose of Mirtazapine, but I don't want to lower it without advice, because I don't want horrible WD symptoms.

      All the very best to you. xx


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    Hi Rich

    That waking and not being able to get back to sleep then sleep dep' adds up to anxiety - might this be whats happened?  Raising the dose of Mirt' can contribute considerably to anxiety and insomnia; when did you go to 45mg Rich???  

    I wonder if the lower dose i.e. 15 mg of Mirt' to help you sleep (as the lower dose is more sedating/the higher dose being for depression) and another compatible AD for depression is the answer for you ... BUT and its a big one, if and when the time comes that you may need to lower the dose of Mirt' be wise and kind to yourself and do it slowly, have an 'informed choice' and look at the advice within this forum here:

    then scroll down to:

    "Reducing ADs using 10% withdrawal method"

    Hope your therapy goes well for you.

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      Hello again 😊 hope you are well. Going to make an appointment later this week and discuss it with the gp. I've been on 45 mg for a while now 8 weeks maybe more.

      Just a bit reluctant to change meds again after the sertraline episode . I don't want to go through that again.

      Your right not been sleeping well lately probably doesn't help with my anxiety.

      Therapy tonight. So will see how that goes..

      Take care calmer

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      I hope it goes well with therapy, Rich, and Calmer is right.  I was only on mirt for 6 weeks before starting to taper (it pooped out on me probably because I was in WD from another AD) and still had WD effects with small cuts!  So, be warned that your doc may advise you to taper too fast in which case you should follow the info in the link Calmer gave and NOT listen to your doctor!  Getting off these drugs is one area doctors really DON'T know best!  This one is a bear to get off of.

      Mirt is very paradoxical.  It has several different receptors it works on, but at low concentrations it only works on certain ones, requiring a higher dose to affect others. This may be why the sleep benefit goes away and anxiety comes on at those higher doses.

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