Scared/Convinced I'll die young?

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Okay, so im 17 and I've had general anxiety since I was 9. Since January this year I've been diagnosed with health anxiety (hypochondria) as well. Since then I've been thinking I'll die young and I'm just curious if this is normal? Its terrifying me at this point because I have so many plans but now i feel I won't achieve them because I'm nearly COVINCED I'll die before I get to accomplish them. I've always been scared of death too, and am not too sure if me thinking I'll die young is just because I've been obsessing over it lately. I'm scared I'm one of those people who just knows they'll die younger than most. I've also had 5 ekgs and 1 echo cardiogram and have been to hospitals and doctors countless times. Everyone says I'm fine. Yet I'm still convinced I'll die young randomly or from some undiagnosed disease. Has anyone ever had this feeling but got through it and is it normal?

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    Hi,first of all,no one,unless actually diagnosed knows when they will die. you are so young,why waste your life obsessing about death? You likely have many years left on this earth. Im much older almosr 60,I will confess some of us at my age really begin thinking about our mortality,why,because we know our time is limited. I just urge you enjoy being young have fun,make memories, Id give anything to be your age again. Xx
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    Ok. I have same feelings as you do. I am a bit older (21) than you are and I have been to many doctors and everything they found out is very small problems with GERD. They told me many times that there is nothing seriously wrong with me.I have many symptoms that really concern me. I feel breathless, dizzy, I have feeling that I do not have balance, weak legs, faintness etc.

    I have been basically visiting different doctors almost once a week. Sometimes even one of the best doctors in my town. They found nothing. They proved my concerns wrong many many times. They showed me that my lungs are working, that my blood is getting oxygen, that my heart is working correctly, that I do have balance etc.

    I really know how it feels. I am convinced that im going to die in the next week for sure. It is this dark mind that is keep rolling in my head and im scared to death.

    BUT ! There is one thing for sure and we should both adopt it. We are both very young. This is the first thing. People are unlikely to die at the ages we have. Second thing is.... People usually don't just suddenly die if it is for the illness. Even if you had very serious illness you don't just die straight away. Your body will want to survive no matter how bad it gets and your body will fight to the last second. What I want to say is that usually you are dying for weeks or even months. Usually people dont just suddenly die unless they have car accident, serious wound, poison etc. I knew people that had very serious ilness and they did not die over night. They were weaker every single day until they died after weeks or months. And those people were a lot older than we are. Yeah there are things like heart attacks, but we are soooo young and after all doctors telling us we are fine it is soo unlikely that our heart will just stop. Our bodies are young and if we take care for it ( exercising, eating healthy etc.) it is even lower probability.

    What I want to say to kinda summarize is that your doctors would tell you if they were just a tiny bit concerned about your health. If they tell you that you are safe and that you can normally do sports then you are safe.

    Trust me that im scared to death that something is seriously wrong with me. I feel like my doctors "missed something out". Our minds can make us feel many symptoms. What we should both do is start working on our mental health. I hope you will start living your best years in your life as soon as possible. I wish you nothing but the best. There are many people like us that went through this.

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      I'm sorry you have to deal with this as well! It can really interfere with life and is sooo exhausting??. I'm glad I'm not alone in this, its scary to deal with. The constant thoughts and feelings are so hard to get rid of and deal with. I too have the same issues with dizziness, loss of balance, breathlessness etc. I actually just went to hospital Thursday and the nurse believes i have postural hypotension, but they found nothing else and did multiple tests. I go for a follow up with my primary Friday. She said it was very common and not dangerous. But I'm one of those people who looks up my symptoms, risks etc lol. I am definetly a major health freak. And since I worry so much about my heart and all around health my symptoms are even more inhanced.

      Thank you for putting my mind at ease. It means a lot to me because I struggle with this daily just like you. And you're right, I never take into consideration how young and strong our bodies actually are. I always assume the worst like so many people I know. I definitely will take your advice and start working on my mental health more. Thats always been a major issue for me. I want to get better so badly but don't have the will power to take action and MAKE myself better.

      Again, thank you and I wish you all the best as well. I hope you're doing good!

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      I wouldn't want this to my worst enemy. It feels like dying and like nobody cares. Few times when I was at emergency feeling like I will suffocate, very dizzy, they sent me home telling me that I am fine and I got feeling that they will just let me die... (thinking rationally they wouldn't let me home if there was anything seriously wrong with me)

      Well, I have a bit lower blood pressure too actually. When they took tests it wasn't too low so they said that it might be just the thing that I used to do a lot of sports and that I just normally have a bit lower blood pressure when not doing sports. They also told me that this is ok and that it common to healthy people who do a lot of sports.

       Is there any special way they can test postural hypotension or do they just take a look at your blood pressure ? I might want to test that out too.

      Since you have so similar symptoms... I will make sure to tell you if my doctors find anything out. Also, could you tell me if they find anything out too ?

      Thanks and good luck wink

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      I know exactly what you mean! I've always had lower blood pressure and heart rate too, I was a gymnast for ten years and cheerleader for 3. I never thought that could be why haha.

      When I was at the hospital the nurse tested it by taking my blood pressure three times. Once laying down, once sitting and once standing. She said my blood pressure elevated a little and my heart rate hit 125 when standing but that I leveled out fairly quick. Usually with postural hypotenstion you get dizzy when standing, feel faint, can sometimes pass out, hr goes up etc. Another way they test for it is a tilt table test. I'm not exactly sure what it is but I'm assuming its close to how I was tested.

      But definitely let me know and I'll let you know too! Good luck to you too!

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      I wonder why they never tested me out for this. Anyways,I checked it online how to do the measurements and tested myself just a couple of minutes ago. My blood pressure and heart rate increased by about 5 when going from lying position to sitting position. Also, about the same thing happened when going from sitting position to standing. My heart rate however increased by 15 when standing but it is probably just nervousness. One less thing to worry about smile


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      Hi there,

      I had the same issues you did when i was 25 .i felt dizzy, weak, tired and helpless . I did mri's, numerous blood work and tests and everything came back as normal. I finally aeena doctor who diagnosed me with anxiety and prescribed me meds . They did work. I was in them for about 2 years as I did gain alot of weight . I'm 40 now and I still have anxiety and have my bad days. I just have to think positively and things will be better. Life isn't easy but it's what you make it. I won't sugar coat it you have to work harder then the next person . Good luck.

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    Well, maybe you will, but the chances are you won't. Katelyn.

    Why are you scared of death?

    5 ekgs and an echo - at your age? That's ridiculous. I'm sixty and I've had one EKG my entire life. The nurse looked at the EKG and said, "Based on this, you don't need an echo." "Okay," I said, and forgot all about it.

    I've never heard of anyone having GAD at nine years old. Is there something in your family background that started thi off/

    My dad died aged 57 of a heart attack. He'd never had an EKG. He just died.

    No, it isn't normal to feel that you're going to die all the time.

    You should be enjoying your life, honey, not obsessing about when it will end.

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