Scleritis Relief, hope, possibly !?

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So for the last month i have been doing research like crazy, like I'm sure all of you have,

i did a lot of research of vitamins and other stuff, but the vitamins caught my attention Especially the Vitamin C research.

but i had an AH HA! moment 3 days ago!

About a week and a half ago my scleritis of a month, started to clear up, but 3 days later it returned and i couldn't figure out what the heck??

 it came to me that during the time that it was clearing up i had ran out of bottled instead of running out to the store feeling bad, i decided just to drink what was in the house....i had milk and OJ. with no intentions i ended up drinking the whole half gallon of orange juice  in the 2 days....

Now I'm thinking could it be that simple?!??

Vitamin C = Scleritis Gone?? no way! so i decided to google " vitamin c and Scleritis"

i got a couple of results of just the usual "these vitamins will help scleritits" but then i came across a doctor/ophthalmologist form Indiana that claims that he prescribes a High dosages of vitamin C to his patients along with other stuff and some of his patients have even felt relief with in a couple of hours!! 

Could it really be that simple??!!??

well I'm going to put it to the test and see if this theory test out! i would drink OJ for the rest of my life if it meant that i didn't have to deal with this pain!

I Started yesterday just drinking a small glass of OJ about every 1 hr and though its not gone i definitely can tell that it is starting to clear up....the redness is not gone but its not bright red anymore, the pain to the touch is not as bad and i have only had to take 2 NSAIDS today instead of the usual 6 for pain.

I looked up this doctor, unfortunately he passed away back in may 2017, at 90 something yrs old! The dosages he prescribes of vitamin c are really high...I'm not sure that im going to take the dosages that are that high but i will up my OJ game and see how it goes! i figure it cant hurt me to drink a little extra OJ!

But for what its worth, I wanted to put it out there, to help anyone....cause i know the info on this is limited... Hope this helps!

the link to the page is 


go look for your self and make your own choices!

heres hoping for relief for you all!

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    I have been doing research too... I have RA... so mine is associated with RA. I started taking tumeric.. bilberry.. vitaminD.. ginger... 600mg ibuprofen ...honey and cinnamon.. 3 months symptoms episcleritis has stopped... I don't take vitamin C but will start that too. I love how you are researching! I am not giving up!

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      Yes I'm with You! I will not let this beat me!! I'm so glad you have felt relief! I tested negative for RA and systemic Lupus...i have an apt in about a month to see a rumatologist to do further testing, but for now I'm going to focus on trying to heal the body and calm the inflammation in the body! Do/did you have to take any medications besides the ibprofen with the vitamins and home remedy?

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    Regarding your tests... check if your sed rate or CRP are elevated for many years they said no lupus no RA...but always had elevated inflammation markers.. just because those tests are negative... doesn't mean you don't have it 😐. I have been doing the ibuprofen and supplements about 4 months. I hope it stays away. I will not take the prednisone ... biologics .. too scared and they are very dangerous.. all natural for now.

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      Thanks for the heads up on the test! I am in the same boat with the steroids! I don't like them or the side effects and I too am scared....I had my GP visit today and we were talking about steroids and she flat out told me today, if it were her, she would not take steroids either...kinda made me feel good...all of my family is older  and older in their way of thinking and believe that if the doctor says to do it then i should do it...i have a more open mind on things and the old saying comes to mind "if it does not feel right, then its probably not" i felt really good after leaving her office today though, i told her about the vitamin c and she said to keep doing what im doing....NSAID and OJ! which does not "cure" or the underlying condition but it is taking the scleritis  away!!

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    UPDATE on OJ:

    So one day ago i posted this thread


    1day ago


    Deep pain: 0-10....5

    Pain to the touch: 0-10......3-4

    straining sensation:0-10....4

    Tonight 9:30pm

    Redness: Not bright red anymore, dull  red eye but i can tell the redness is receding and diminishing 

    Deep pain behind the eye : on a scale of 0-10... 1....not enough to take something for it

    Pain to the touch: 0-10.....1 not enough to take something for it

    Pain to the touch 0-10......1ish

    took 2 asprins early morning just as a precaution smile

    Ya'll I'm really starting to think this  there is something to this... and all i have been doing is drinking 4-5 swallows of oj  every hr or so....and asprin when need it..

    Now im not saying this is a "cure" to an underlying all means you should talk to a doc about that but this is helping so much with the scleritis and its effects.. 

    I will update in a couple of days and let ya'll know how its going....Im going to stick with it for at least a wk to test this out. and if it works then i will continue to enjoy the taste of OJ!!

    just out of curiosity if any one wants to know....I'm am drinking Florida's brand and Simply Orange brand

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    Up date:

    So 8 days ago I checked in and was still feeling some of the effects of the scleritis, but I'm here to tell you that the vitamin c thing works!! I have no pain, no redness, no strain feeling nothing!! All I did was drink 5-6 swallows of orange juice every 1hr -1 1/ a couple of asprin if I felt pain. That's it! I'm so glad that I put two and two together and did some research and that the pain is gone! It took a couple of days but after a month of hurting and pain, it's such a relief!! The pain went away shortly after starting to drink the oj , and the redness has been gone about 6 days Now! I even got to put some makeup on and go out to dinner!! I hope this info helps some one, cause I would not wish this on any one! Good luck to you and if you want to ask me any questions I am open to answer anything about this ya want to know! Sending everyone good thoughts!

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    After reading your success story, I decided to include C along with all the other supplements I was using. I started a super dose of C last Tuesday. In about 4 days I saw a great difference in the redness. I'll keep doing it for another month or so to be sure. Thanks for posting your success story!

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      I'm so glad it's helping! I really believe there is something to it! I'm glad that the info is helping you...i would have given my left pinky toe to stop the pain! I really hate the idea of all the steroidal medication the doctors were wanting me to take.

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    I just found this group today. I will definitely try the vitamin C. I've had scleritis for many years but am having the worst flare up ever. I'm curious - how long is a typical flare up for everyone else? 

    Now I'm going to go get some OJ!


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      I have episcleritis so it may be different from yours.  Mine never lasted more than a week but I treated it with Lotemax.  My last flare up started in December and it still hasn't fully gone away.  Yesterday after posting the message, I ate food which was cross contaminated with gluten and my eyes went back to being red.  Back on super doses of Vitamin C  biggrin

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      Please let me know how it works for you, I would really like to know the out come! I've had my scleritis last on average of a month.

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    I was diagnosed with Scleritis last week.  Dr. Prescribed ibuprofen three times a day along with a Prilosec.   I cannot tolerate the ibuprofen and I know that much is horrible for your kidneys.  I'll try the OJ every hour and lots of Vitamin C.   Wish me luck and I'd appreciate any future tips.

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    Hi Misty,

    I have suffered with episleritis for about 10 years, since I turned 40. My episodes have worsened and lengthened. My current episode has lasted almost 9 months in my right eye. I have had all the blood tests going for underlying health issues and nothing has shown up. I have been managing it with Pred Forte drops and Acular (Acular has not been effective for me at all so I stopped using it). I recently saw a top opthamologist at great expense and even he could not give me any answers as to what causes my eye issue and what to do to stop it happening. I simply have to manage it with Pred Forte, which as other people on here have said, is sickening after a while and I hate using it but without it my eye just goes wild, bright red, watery and the pulling straining pain in my head is terrible.. .All very depressing, undermining my self esteem and generally making me so frustrated every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. So....having read your suggestion about orange juice and vitamin C, I was ready to give it a go. Now don't get me wrong, I was seriously sceptical. This condition gets you down and the lack of answers make you feel hopeless. However, here I am 1 week on and my eye is virtually clear, just the last remnants of a pink shadow that you get when you come to the end of an episode. I am seriously so happy as for me, there is definitely something in your theory with the Vitamin C. So, I started with drinking lots of o.j. then realised the sugar content and thought I may go over to taking high strength vitamin C capsules instead. I read the contraindications of taking a lot of vit C (diarrhea) but have not suffered from this however, I was prepared to go through this to see if my eye improved. I have eaten lots of oranges too. I take 2 x 1000mg vit C capsules a day. I eat 2 oranges a day and drink o.j. mixed with water as often as possible. I started to see an improvement after 3 days. When I saw the eye specialist earlier this year, I asked him if there was an allergy, deficiency etc and he pretty much laughed at me and said there was no link. Well, I am pretty sure the deficiency has been vit C but you have to take a large dose to get this thing started on the road to improvement. Thank you for the great tip. If this continues to work I will post again. I will update my progress because if this is the answer and not just a fluke, it's pretty amazing for everyone out there with this debilitating condition. Fingers crossed here!

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    Hi- I have been struggling with Posterior Scleritis since June. I have been on prednisone since then but have not experienced a full remission. Now I am on Methotrexate since January. No big improvement so far. The thing I am grateful for is the fact that I have no pain at all and it is only in one eye.

    I do have a high sed rate but no other link to RA or lupus.

    Anyway, I am very intrigued by the use of vitamin C. I will start on the OJ ASAP. I am wondering if anyone out there has had success with Posterior Scleritis and vitamin C.

    I also saw someone in this discussion mention gluten. Is there a connection?

    Thank you everyone!

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