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Hi All,

Does anyone with scoliosis/kyphoscoliosis know anything about, or tried, the non-surgical treatment for scoliosis and postural correction at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic in London?  I'm giving this some serious consideration but it's expensive and is a huge commitment.  Just thought it would be useful if there was anyone out there who had knowledge of it/tried it.


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    I have scoliosis (I'm 45) and spent a month at the Scoliosis SOS clinic when it was still in Suffolk in 2008

    The education that you receive about your scoliosis and how to protect it is invaluable.

    The exercises did improve the appearance of my back and my posture but I found them painful - I persevered for 6 months going the exercises everyday but still in pain and eventually I tore an intercostal and had to stop.

    The equipment does take up a lot of suave so you need to be aware of that as you need wall bars at home.

    I would say if you're younger and have a not too severe scoliosis then this is a must step to try if you can afford it. Some primary care trusts will fund your treatment, but mine did not.

    You need to commit financially, time wise and space wise but if you can it is beneficial and can help.


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      Hi all, my daughter is diagnosied with 32 degree. exploring options for non surgical treatment in UK. Can you pl suggest which one is good...scoliosis SOS is it good..any other options advise
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      There are other options in London and kingston for schroth therapy. just do a Google search
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      Hi, my daughter is diagnosied with a 14 degress scoliosis and I'm going to the first consultation at the sos clinic next week. Can i ask is it worth the time & money to have the 4 weeks treatment at the SOS clinic?

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      I visited for my daughter there..after 4 weeka, reduced 8 degree..i suggest go there..can bring down from 14 to 7..act quickly

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      Hi. My daughter is 9 and had about 15 degree curve last year. We went to Schroth clinic in Kingston. After 8 month the curve slighty improved. She has excercises which she needs to do at home. We also visits the clinic for follow ups. It is definitely cheaper option. With SOS you may also get good results but you need to remember that for scoliosis there is no quick fix. You have to stick to the excercise regime regardless if you do through SOS or Schroth clinic. I would suggest you to go for initial consultation with some Schroth therapist before you decide to spend £££ for SOS. I wish your daughter all the best!

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    Hi Zoey,

    Thank you for your reply.  It's very informative.  No one mentioned equipment when I was speaking with them!  I'm guessing that will be another financial outlay as well as the course itself and then accommodation while staying in London?  Can you sell the equipment back to them on on to someone else?

    I'm 64 but am assured they can still help even though I now have osteoporosis as well which is what has made my kyphoscoliosis so much worse recently.  

    I've also been in touch with an osteopath in Tetbury who teaches the Scroth method as well.  He hasn't mentioned equipment yet either but I guess he will when I see him.   Not sure what I'm going to do yet but feel I need to take some control before it controls me! 

    Take care and thanks again for the reply.


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      If I remember correctly the SOS clinic price included the equipment.

      They teach you how to protect your back, things to avoid doing and exercises to do after something asymmetrical like hoovering etc. to counter the effect on the spine.

      It's a lot of postural corrections if you like I can send you my before and after photos.

      As I say though you need to commit to exercises everyday forever to keep up the benefits/ corrections. I was given a 30 minute a day programme to follow.

      Good luck.


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    That's really helpful Zoey, thanks.  

    Photos would be brilliant or just the change in degree of the curves from "before" and "after" to give me an idea of what I might be able to achieve, although i appreciate we're all different, I'm considerably older and it will depend on how much effort I put in!  i have recently gone from an evenly balanced 40 degree on both upper and lower curves to 60 on the upper and 70 on the lower.  Not good!!

    How are you now that you're not doing the exercises?



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      Email me and i'll send you the photos.

      I am far better able to protect myself because of the knowledge I gained. I still maintain better posture and try to avoid bending, lifting (even a kettle) and twisting which does seem to help. I am sure my curve will progress with age, but at the moment I'm unable to work and my choices is total spinal fusion or see how I go.

      Before the SOS clinic I was in a terrible state - so much pain. It is more bearable now.

      I wouldn't go back, but I'm glad I went!

      The corrections are not necessarily of the spine more postural at our later stage I think if we'd gine as teenagers it would have been far better. But didn't have a UK clinic then. It's all based on the Schroth method.

      If you can get your primary care trust to fund it or if you can afford it I'd recommend it. 


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      Hi, in exactly lime you . My curve has become 60 and 70 plus two mild discs. Heard about sos however not very sure . Can you please let me know how it was
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      Hi art76286

      I opted for seeing someone in Tetbury rather that the SOS Clinic in London.  It was considerably cheaper, less time consuming and there are follow ups which I think is important as it is very easy to get into bad habits or think you're doing the exercises correctly when you're not.  There are no follow ups with the SOS Clinic.

      I've been going for over 18months now and have benefited hugely from this.  There's been little change in my curves but at my age that's to be expected but I have far less pain now, and am able to do so much more in an average day than I could before.  I'd definitely recommend seeing an osteopath locally who teaches Schroth.  You do have to commit to doing the exercises though or it will be a total waste of time and money.


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      Hi Curvey

      ?My daughters just been diagnosed with Scoloisis We are are looking at Londons SOS Clinic. Can I ask the contact details for the TETBURY place please? Live in Solihull, West Midlands so Tetbury is easier to get to. Thank yuou. David

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      Check your PM's David.  Have left you a message there.


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      Hi zoey,

      I was wondering how i might go about getting my primary care trust to fund my treatment or asking them about it??

      Kind regards,


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