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Scoliosis and Kyphosis

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  • sridzi96826 2
  • eileen64  UK 6


    Hi I'm new to this board  but not to the forum. Been on lots of other boards . ​This question is about scoliosis. I'm 71 and my shoulders dip at one side. ​This means that unless my clothes   are completely round neck the top slips of one side and looks dreadful. I cant be the...

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  • patty52946 2

    Charley horse pain in back

    I had scoliosis surgery in 1979.  Over the last 10 years, I have slowly developed a "charley horse" type pain in the right side of my back, where it sticks out like a hump.  The pain makes me stop in my tracks and it usually goes away after about 15-30 seconds.  It is so strange...

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  • valory 2

    Scoliosis SOS Clinic

    Hi All, Does anyone with scoliosis/kyphoscoliosis know anything about, or tried, the non-surgical treatment for scoliosis and postural correction at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic in London?  I'm giving this some serious consideration but it's expensive and is a huge commitment.  Just thought...

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  • kendall71458 2

    Mild scoliosis but it doesn't feel mild.

    I just got the word from my doctor I have mild scoliosis. I have constant neck pain and it feels like the bones in my spine are rubbing together. I have drove a truck for years ever since I was 21 and I am now 42 years old. I was lifting weights before my doctor said I had scoliosis and he told me to...

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  • rocketrr 1

    Schuermann kyphosis in desperate need of advices

    Hello, I am male, 27 years old, I was identified with Schuermann's disease when I was a late teenager; the advice back then was to undergo medical gymnastics and swimming with brace not being an option anymore as the doctor said that I was already done growing. My parrents were not very supportive...

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  • elizabeth142 4

    Scoliosis and sacrolititis

    Has anyone got these conditions together? I have degenerative diseased facets aswell. My gp referred me to my local gym for exercises. I find some days it's good for my back and other days it's not! So as soon as my back starts hurting I can't go to the gym to do my exercises. I do a combination...

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  • steve83568 3

    Chiropractors - will it help ?

    I have had scolioscis for 20 years and my GP accepted that a Chiropactor may be able to help me - not on NHS of course I saw a Chiropractor last week who told me that he "MAY" be able to help me - no guarantees though ! I was wondering whether 20 years is too long to fix a major problem like...

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  • jessica03203 1

    Scoliosis surgery 3 years ago, now excruciating pain

    Okay so I am 19 years old & I had scoliosis surgery when I was 16. They fused my spine & put 2 rods & 10 screws in. Since then, I have hurt. All the time. However, the past 3 weeks, I've been in almost unbearable pain, I can't stand for a long time, I can't sit for a long time,...

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  • luciekitty04 1

    Scoliosis with rods

    I have had scoliosis for about 15 years. In 2005, I had surgery to fuse titanuim rods leaving a small lower portion of my spine unfused. The doctor told me that I eventually might need that lower portion fused if it gets worse, which recently it has. I am wondering if anybody else is experiencing this...

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  • susan 0812 1

    Adult scoliosis

    hi im due to have an operation on 30th march.  I have two curves on my spine. I am having screws and cages but to be honest that's as much as I know.  The surgeon has explained everything but to be honest I don't seems to be able to take it all in. I am trying to be optimistic but...

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  • edwardo69 1

    Rib cage pain,30 degree curve 52yrs old

    Have had been diagnosed with scholiosis 2014 just recently I have been having rib cage pain like something pressing against my lung.Orthopedic sugeon appointment on 3/24/17 for newer imagery. Been seeing a chiropractor and physical therapy,helped with muscle spasms but initial pain is still there.

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  • thornesaab 1

    is my father right? did i worsen scoliosis, is it my fault?

    My father just told me I got scoliosis because i almost starved myself. I had little, almost no muscle, and probably little magnesium/calcium. And to be honest.. i think hes right. The spine couldnt bear the weight. That would be the only logical explanation. 52 kg at 16 years is not healthy!! I cant...

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  • lucie47312 3

    Scoliosis and leg length

    ever since I had my hip replacement 8 years ago I have developed worsening spine scoliosis. I'm getting to the point where my world is getting smaller and smaller. I can only just stand the pain, I feel like my spine is twisting and turning round. I have lost 3" in height and I don't have...

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  • david121212 2

    3D Bracing help!!

    Hey I'm 21 years old and as most have heard bracing is not effective, allthough there is a fairly recent 3D bracing to possibly stop pain and get your posture to the best it can ever be well as far as your spine would allow it, im getting one very soon and my doctor says it's a 60-40 chance it...

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  • karen150965 2
  • sandra52476 1

    Muscle spasms after scoliosis surgery

    i had scoliosis surgery in 1998 and 1999. I have had muscle spasms in the upper backsince and now they are getting worse. They make me dizzy. Does anyone else have this problem? My back is numb, so they are not painful but very miserable.

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  • phoenixlee 1
  • janet68145 2

    Syringomyelia - anyone else?

    Hi all, I was born with Kyposis, never had surgery or treatment, apart from physio. Live in constant pain. Am on high doses of painkillers. 3 Years ago I was diagnosed with Syringomeliar. I was wondering if there was anybody else that has either Scoliosis/Kyphoidosis AND Syringomeliar, and would like...

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  • david121212 2

    Kyphosis help please

    Hi guys I'm 21 years old and have had around 60-65 degree kyphosis have been to many physio's and nothing seems to work I'm in so much pain all the time I have a big pain threshold and even the specialist said I don't need surgery and should be fine ? It's been 6 years and I can't...

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  • david121212 2


    Hey guys I've had kyphosis structurely for a long time and the specialists are thinking surgery either fusion or disc replacement and my question is will a disc replacement slightly or Greatly fix my posture aswel as pain as fusion would or would it not make a difference on how my spine would look...

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  • dawn57104 6

    Severe back pain getting worse

    Back pain getting worse than ever, gp referred to physio waited so long in agony i have seen an osteopath about 3 weeks ago now. Pain had eased after seeing her, but now i am getting spasms and pain in my lower back. I also have scolosis too. Thinking about seeing another gp to see if i can get a scan...

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  • Alannastewart82 1

    Needing advise and maybe info....

    In 1996 (I was 14) I had my first surgery In Dallas,Tx. I had problems with shooting pain going up and down my spin, well they did another surgery in 1998 (I was 16) and took out 1/2 of my rods and they told my parents that my back would stay fused how it should. In 2000 (age 18) I still had problems...

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  • KEC82 2

    My 5 year old Daughter - idiopathic Scoliosis advice.

    Hi, my Daughter has recently been diagnosed with ?idiopathic Scoliosis. She had an x ray 6 months ago lying down and measured 17° and had a standing x ray 3 weeks ago measuring 27°. She has to have an MRI to rule out intraspinal pathology. I have no idea what this means, can anyone else explain...

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  • JohnIsCooper 2

    Scoliosis & Cervical Kyphosis

    A recent X-Ray I had showed that I had both Cervical Kyphosis and Scoliosis to the left. I was wondering if having both at the same time makes a difference.

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  • JohnIsCooper 2

    Both Scoliosis and Straightened Cervical Lordosis

    I've been hearing cracking in my neck for almost a year even while sleeping and whenever I look downwards and twist my head left or right I hear a crack when I keep my hand on my neck while doing it I feel it moving. I got an X-Ray less than a week ago and it showed that I have both Scoliosis to...

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  • nick94844 1

    80 degrees khyphosis

    First of all sorry for my poor english... I'm not from the UK or US so... I'm 16.11 years old and I have pretty severe khyphosis (my last x ray- 10 months ago was 75 degrees, but I think it grown to 80-85) The specialist told me (10 months ago) that they usually do the surgery only to 90+ degrees....

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  • david121212 2

    Kyphosis, help please

    Hey I've posted before and I can't seem to get any answers I have scheruman disease kyphosis and it's only 14 degree abnormal and specliast won't do surgery and can't tell me why I feel so much pain, is there a chance I've pinched a nerve or somthing ? I'm in pain everyday

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  • emma50975 2

    Have mild scoliosis and now going through the menopause!!!

    Hi all was diagnosed 5 months ago with mild scoliosis have been in pain with my back for at least 5 years before hand everytime i did anything especially housework or lifting all my drs have offered me was to see a physio and they have done nothing but offer me back exercise classes that's it. Now...

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  • jeni 15435 1

    Scoliosis,second operation HELP !

    I'm 66 and 18months ago I had an operation a fusion from L5 to S1. sadley I'm still in a great deal of pain, after a facit joint injecion into which took away all he pain for 24hours,I was ecstatic, but sadley the pain returned. After another standing x ray it shows that I'm getting...

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  • stephanie54351 1

    Pain relief

    Hi everyone, Just curious as to what pain relief you use to help with scoliosis pain? Mine just doesn't seem to be helping anymore. I'm waiting on a call from doctor to see about changing it. Thanks

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  • ellie10 1

    scoliosis creaking after opp

    I had my scoliosis opp about a year ago, still in some pain from time to time, but I'm quite concerned about a lot of creaking and occasionally cracking in my back. just wondering if anybody has had this problem and can help me with it because it is getting very annoying and a bit scary at times....

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  • Normagray02 2
  • tony160251 1

    Long term back and neck pain

    Right from my early 20s I have suffered from bad back pain.  This would sometimes ease off, but always come back. My sport of cross country and road running didn't seem to affect it until about 1990 when I started having sciatic pain in my right leg.  After about a year of tests and physio...

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