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I was on income support with disabilty premium from 2005 which automatically changed over to income related esa support group in 2015.i am also on middle rate care and higher rate mobility dla since 2006., live alone and nobody has ever claimed care allowance for me On visiting cab this wk for help with filling in forms because my dla is finishing and i have to claim pip. What is sdp.. I have never heard of it. Thanks ks

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    SDP is Severe Disability Premium payable if your are in receipt of Income Related ESA and/or Income Support The claimant needs to be receipt of middle rate care or higher rate care DLA.

    Usually paid to people who live alone, do not claim Carer's Allowance. 

    It is paid along with ESA every 2 weeks the rate at the moment is £62.45 per week and may show up on your ESA letters page 3 as Income Guarantee

     With PIP... SDP is paid when you are in receipt of standard or enhanced Care Component.

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    I get £15+ disability income gaurantee.

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    SDP , severe disability premium is paid on top of ANY Income related benefit, providing you live alone, or are classed as living alone. No one claims Carers Allowance for you. The £15 you're talking about is called Enhanced  disability premium and is paid automatically for those in the Support Group for ESA. For those on the old WRAG rate it's paid to people claim Enhanced daily living PIP or high rate care DLA.

    With SDP you could be claiming this but not realise. How much ESA do you get weekly or fortnightly?


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    Denise is absolutely correct, the change over will not effect the amount you have been receiving as far as the SDP element is concerned.

    When you are reassessed for PIP you will continue to receive it as long as you receive a care award for PIP are classed as living alone and no-one claims Carers Allowance for you.

    SDP is not a benefit in it's own right but and addition to the total Income Support or ESA you receive and is a premium.

    Take care

    Wendy x

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    thats the whole point cab say I have been underpaid by the sdp amount. I get £125 esa per week.

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    They will be sending you a new form to look at the SDP it's an ESA10 if my memory serves me right.

    This is to verify that SDP is still appropriate because you've changed benefits, it's a legal requirement .

    When they get this back they will pay you any arrears you due.


    Wendy x

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    Hi Kim

    There have been a lot of people who have not received the SDP at the time of conversion/migration from the old Long Term Incapacity Benefit to ESA.

    It was an official error by the DWP and it happened to thousands of people.

    I have just been through the process of having Enhanced Disability Premium back dated 3years. 

    The are using an error in law(LH v SSWP) to limit the backdate to the 21 October 2014(the date of the Upper Tier Tribunal Lead Case)

    There are a lot of appeals against this decision happening at the moment and will be more to come.

    Hopefully CAB are sorting this out for you which involves you requesting and  filling in an ESA3 form.

    You will be paid arrears back to at least 21 October 2014.

    From first contact with ESA about this official error to me receiving backdated payment was just 12 weeks.

    Hope the helps


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      Hi maireen my income support didnt change to esa till june 2014. So is that the date it should be backdated to. Thanks kim xx
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    I've just re read your post Kim and I see now what's happened, I didn't register the date you converted to ESA.

    Maureen is right the forms for SDP within ESA should have been issued automatically by dept when you were converted over to ESA but many were not.

    Sounds like CAB are getting the form for you and you should get your arrears and payment corrected.

    That will be something to look forward too, as if you'd saved it up for over three years although it should've been paid when it was due 😖.

    All the best

    Wendy x

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    Thanks for info.. I rang dwp myself after visit to cab, the lady took details, i answered some questions and she said she would put the claim through there and then it would take 7 days for decision and i would gwt letter in due course. But she didnt say yay or nay and didnt give any info about what sdp was for or anything. So thanks again for info. Kimxxx
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      As Maureen said the longest you can be backdated is 21st October 2014, it can't be backdated any further than this.  If you were entitled to it from that date then it will be backdated.

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      Yes Denise I know, it was about 3am and I couldn't sleep and I mistyped . will October 2014 as you both said.

      😊 x

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      I wasn't getting at you Wendy. I was just advicing Kim when she could be back dated to.

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      No offence taken Denise, I'm not feeling too good today. Think I'm coming down with something 🤒 and my concentration is a bit shot to be honest.

      I can sleep but I'm shattered and if I do drop off for half an hour my dreams are very strange ..😂 hope it's not flu, I had the flu jab so fingers crossed x

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      Sorry to hear that Wendy. I haven't been feeling so good for a few weeks. My sleep has always been terrible. I know what yousuffer with daily with the fibro though, as i have that and many other conditions on top. Hope it's not the flu and hope you feel better soon.

      We're all human, and sometimes we don't always read correctly what's written. I've made mistakes doing that many times. x

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