Seemingly random episodes of extreme nausea, profuse sweating, racing heartbeat etc.

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Hello Everyone,

I am seeking some help diagnosing a strange issue that I’ve been having since I was about 10 (now 19). 

Basically, I experience roughly 5 minute long episodes of extreme nausea, dizziness, sweating, clammyness, racing heartbeat, and even sometimes impaired vision (blurry/black). I also tend to experience quite intense blocked wind after and muscle aches as well as strong fatigue. These seem to be completely random, I have had about 8-9 of them in my life and they have been at various times including during regular classes at school, after dropping something on my foot and most recently at a party whilst fairly intoxicated. There is no discernible pattern and that’s what sucks.

I know it doesn’t sound like a particularly bad problem and when they happen I remain very calm and in control of myself, but after several years i am more bothered by the constant fear of one happening during something important or embarrassing. Other than this I am a perfectly fit young man, exercising 3-4 times a week and maintaining a balanced Vegetarian diet. The only history of something remotely similar in my family is my mother’s IBS. So any help in diagnosing would be much appreciated. I have pretty much quashed any possibility of it being a panic/anxiety attack, hypoglycaemia, low blood sugar, heat stroke or dehydration.

Many Thanks,


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    haha.. welcome to my life.. I had this 3 times last week and went to the emergency room the last time since I thought I will get a heart attack.. but they checked me upside down and everything was ok.. I personally think it is a kind of IBS. I can just control it with avoiding certain food... I couldn't figure out the reason this time, but I think in this case it was either drinking alcohol, drinking almond milk, or maybe a too large fatty meal...

    And that was the only thing I changed over the last week.. usually I don't drink alcohol, coffee, sugary drinks etc...and in general I am not eating sugar since I had the feeling I am getting diabetes (I get really shaky after eating sugar.. not right away, but after a few hours) And when you read more about IBS this is all related..

    Haven't found the perfect solution yet, but I am working on it : ) I just know it has to do with the diet.

    And now that I see that you are a vegetarian... a vegetarian balanced diet is really hard to follow and especially with IBS dairy products are not recommended.. so this would make things really hard..... check on for help. Your body needs water, healthy carbohydrates, lipids, protein, vitamins and minerals every day in the right amount to function properly.. 

    Probiotics help me very much, maybe that is something you should look into if you are not taking it already.. 

    otherwise stay away from all those supplements other than maybe a good A-Z to fill the gaps..

    And maybe omega 3 since you are probably not eating fish.. 

    And some more tips.. stay away from sugar, drink enough water and try to get good sleep, eat small meals but 5x daily, eat clean (no processed food), eat cooked vegetables to make it easier on your GI tract etc. ..... at least 2/3 gallon/ day, don't eat too fatty meals.. so order pizza for example with light cheese ... 

    I hope this helps a little bit.. 


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      Thank you for your response. It sounds like everything is pointing a deficiency or lack of something in my diet, but I don’t know that it is to do with vegetarianism.

       I was raised as a veggie so it’s been a lifelong thing for me, during which time I have found a very balanced way of getting all of my nutrients and vitamins. I eat meat supplements which are made from fungi and provide the same nutrients as meat and fish, I also occasionally drink protein shake after working out and take an A-Z vitamin tablet everyday.

      I will review my intake however and see how it affects the situation, although they tend to be very rare (every 2 years or so) except the last two which were both in January. So perhaps i’ll think back to what I had missed on those days.

      Thank you again and I hope it clears up for you!

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    Don’t know why my other reply is being moderated, but I think it is IBS.. 
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    Hi Joe2018

    I think you should have your vit B12 checked because as a vegetarian you will not be taking in vit B12 into your body from dairy foods or meat where all our B12 is from..B12 deficiency causes the symptoms you describe especially dizziness and muscle aches..get your B12 checked....

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      Hi, thanks for your response. 

      B12 has been a worry for me in the past and while the symptoms check out, I don’t think I could be deficient in that. I take vitamin tablets and supplements to ensure that I am consuming the right amount of everything, and also try to get my daily intake of everything through the food itself. 

      Thank you again smile 

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    Hi Joe2018

    Ahh! you say you were raised as a vegetarian so this is why you may be B12 deficient. Having no dairy and meat in your diet from a young age...not good!...this is why you are presenting with symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and blurred vision etc., i advise you strongly to get a B12 blood test as if you get very deficient you will get very ill.....

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      Thank you for your response.

      While I see where you are coming from and understand that this is a stereotype of vegetarians, I do not agree that it is to do with my B12 levels. For a start as a vegetarian I do consume dairy, just not meat or fish, I believe you are thinking of vegans. My parents were also very careful when raising me to make sure that I was getting the right vitamins (including b12) and any nutrients that I might be missing with this diet. Also, on the last 2 occasions I had taken my vitamin tablets which contain plenty of everything that morning so it just can’t be that.

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    I think your symptoms sound more like a panic attack rather than IBS.
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    Panic attack symptoms typically include:

    Racing heart

    Feeling weak, faint, or dizzy

    Feeling sweaty

    IBS symptoms include:

    change of bowel habit



    Shifting abdominal pain

    food intolerance

    incomplete evacuation

    temporary relief of pain after a bowel movement.


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      I agree, from what i’ve found it does seem to be pointing to an anxiety/panic attack more than anything. However I do feel that when I have them I am not completely out of control and am relatively calm throughout, it’s just the physical signs. Could this still be a panic attack? Just completely un-provoked?
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      Hi, the thing is that GI issues result in panic attacks or kind of reactions from your body because something in your diet triggered it. It could alcohol, sugar or too heavy and fatty meals.. 

      So as I think about it, you should try to find the trigger.. 

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      I see, I didn’t consider that the two were related. It could well have been the alcohol on the past 2 occasions, but all of the other times I have been completely sober and well nourished/hydrated. Nonetheless I will have a think and watch out for a trigger, thank you for shedding some light on this for me! smile
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      Nausea, and vision disturbance such as flashing vision or tunnel vision can also happen with panic attacks.  Fear of losing control or experiencing another attack is common.   Maybe you feel calm throughout because you have had them for so long, you have become used to them. Sometimes they can happen randomly without you knowing why.   Do you ever have to run from the place where you are having an episode? 

      Do you suffer from anxiety or stress regularly or have you had a random stressful event?

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      That does seem more plausible, I don’t seem to feel like I need to get away from the place, perhaps only wanting to be outside for some fresh air but not out of panic. 

      I don’t suffer from anxiety or stress regularly, I stay fairly well emotionally balanced the majority of the time and I can’t say I’ve had a specific stressful event. I have had a few episodes which  have been caused by a sudden injury such as falling over as a child and dropping something on my foot, which  I can understand may set off a kind of panic attack. Although I am not an emotionally unstable person and find it fairly easy to remain calm under pressure or whilst in pain. 

      Your idea does seem to be on the right  track though, the signs certainly point to it being an attack of sorts.

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      Hi Joe2018

      I re-read one of yr posts and noticed you mentioned you exercise you do lengthy intense exercise which can cause adrenals to release high levels of cortisol hence tiredness and also high levels of cortisol can give you digestive problems. With regard to your digestive problems ie bloating do you get acid reflux...

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      Sometimes a childhood trauma gets into our subconscious and resurfaces later in life as a panic attack when a memory triggers it.  My boyfriend gets panic attacks in crowded and hot locations and has to go quickly outside for fresh air.
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      I would like to say that it is triggered by something like that but I am not sure. They never seem to be connected in any way like your boyfriend’s. I have them in completely random places and times.
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      I was reading that sometimes you can get random panic attacks when you are not anxious or reacting to a past trauma.  It can happen if you go to the gym and you are doing strenuous exercise which stimulates the autonomic nervous system and causes you to breathe heavier and raises your heart rate.
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      I think it is most likely a random panic attack like you say. I do go to the gym but am always careful to monitor my breathing and not over exert myself.
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      Have noticed anything that helps you through the panic attack?
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      Not really, I always get a glass of water as soon as I feel it coming on, that just cools me down a bit. But nothing that makes a physical difference.

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