Sertaline and quitipine for anxiety agitation suicidal thoughts

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Hi any advice would be kindly appreciated I've been suffering with severe anxiety and agitation since October which has led to depression or low mood as they like to call it! I've even on 100mg sertaline since December upped to 150 on Friday and quitipine about 3 weeks 50mg increased to 100! I'm getting pretty desperate now as I'm a single mum of 2 boys and the suicidal thoughts and feelings are so distressing I have a care plan in place and a crisis team to contact if it gets to much but would be lovely to speak to anyone sharing my experience as u know how lonely and isolating it can be thank u for taking the time to read this hope I get some positive feedbacks that there is light at the end xxx

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    Katie I was in the same place a few months ago as you are now. I tried several SSRI's but none worked well for me. The Quetiapine has helped alot, 12.5 and 25mg work best for me, and Im a 205lb 6ft tall guy. Sometimes the Quetiapine works better at lower doses for calming anxiety and depression. You will see this in online reading about taking it. It helps to raise my mood as well. 

    Anyway, just remember it will get has taken me 1 year to get through this, and its still day to day, but SO MUCH BETTER than it was before. It takes time for your mind to heal and get through this. Give yourself time, try to find peace and calm where you can. 

    Music has helped me as well, and is a welcome distraction for my thoughts. Frank sinatra, Jazz, classical...

    I hope this helps you, your not alone, so many of us out here dealing with the exact same thing. You can get through it smile

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      Thank u for replying Jeremy the intrusive negative thoughts really get me down it's like they are automatic in my brain now soon as I wake I do have days better than others but it's such a difficult journey I just want my life back and I suppose I'm very frustrated now hence lots of tears it's nice to know ur not alone as I think people are frustrated with me now also the crisis team and family I was admitted 3 times in December because I wasn't sleeping or eating thankfully that's a lot better now but still so very low and just get threw the day because I have too xx

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    I had experienced the same, though I have tried a vitamin called molly zinc which can be purchased from your local naturalpath. While I am on serequel lithium and resperidone, and have been on molly zinc with zinc for more than a year now my anxiety levels have reduced. Our bodies produce a copper over load which causes us to experience extreme anxiety. The molly zinc is to flush the access out. I noticed a my anxiety levels are not as high anymore to the point i could not function. From within the first 24 hours I had monitored the vitamin and noticed how extreme the anxiety was to the point I was able to function again. I still take it today and will need to be on it for a while but my serverity isnt not the same when I was off it. Obviously anxiety is also caused by many things including diet, stress and worries and unfortunately medication does not control it but merely acts like a bandaid. If you want more information you can contact me if you like.  
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      Thank u for taking the time to reply I will look into that I've suffered with anxiety for many years but not to this degree or for so long it's a horrible experience every nerve in my body feels on edge x

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      I took beta blockers once and they increased my anxiety, so I stopped them.

      I would just try sertraline and Quitiapine.

      My dose of Quitiapine was 150mg

      Ask your doctor if you can try increasing the dose of Quitiapine.

      After all else failed, Quitiapine seemed to be the answer for me.

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      Just to recap. I had Major Clinical depression for approx 8 months. Became totally anhedonic ie like a zombie. Major struggle to do everyday things like take a shower. Zero pleasure from anything except eating.

      225mg Venlafaxine and 150mg Quitiapine got me back to normal.

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      I feel so suicidal it's horrendous how low I am I even had my hair done today and that didn't cheer me up I'm so low like u said don't find pleasure in anything just existing threw the day as a mum and constantly reminding myself that I can't top myself because of them it's the hardest thing I've gone threw in my life the fight just to stay alive when all I feel is pain and sadnesssad xx

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      Yes i know how you must be feeling. i understand how you could be feeling sucidal. But there is help. Are you able to take time out by going to a private hospital.
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      Hi katie I hope you are okay. Around 4 months ago I had a serious mental breakdown which I'm still recovering from now. Racing thoughts, constant feeling on edge, depersonalisation, intense agitation and depression. It really is horrible but you will get through it. You are stronger than you think.

      I've wanted to give up everyday and give in to this suicidal urge which is with me from the moment I wake up. It feels like you won't get better but that's just the illness talking. Every day gets a little easier and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is there.

      Just know that you are strong and you will get through this!

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      Hi can u tell me please how much in the morning you take I was told to take 25mg I took n it put me back to sleep for a few hours I take 150 xr at night but just been give 25 for morning coming of valuim and feel horrible 😰

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      Hi Libby I take 25mg in morning and 75 at night! At first the morning dose would knock me out but eventually get used to it I find if I keep busy I don't feel so sleepy but they have definetly made me a little lazy I could sit down all day I just stopped the diazepam myself as I was only on 10mg a day now I only take it if I feel I really need too! U will be fine and get used to it I've been on it since February now all the best anxiety is an awful thing to have xx

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      Hi Kate do you take ir or we seregoul Hun long did it take for you to stop the Valium after u started really struggling ATM 😨

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    Hi Katie,

    I was wondering how you are doing?

    Are you feeling any better?


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      Hi Ian sorry for the late reply I'm doing ok still full of anxiety but I'm just getting on with it best I can xx hope ur well xx

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      No I'm struggling really bad . Thanks for caring

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