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Was anyone else kind of scared to start this medicine? This may sound baby-ish but I’m so nervous about the side effects. My doc said I could start with half a tablet for a week then move to the full tablet the 2nd week. Not really sure if that will make a difference. I know I won’t know until I try just seeing if anyone else struggled with starting this medicine. Thanks!

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    It's not baby-ish at all... It's very common to be afraid of the side effects. I am 2 years in SSRIs and I still worry about side effects (but they never happen) like what if I vomit after half an hour , should I take another one or not.:.

    Don't worry if there are side effects in the beginning it's perfectly natural... Give it them.

    Wish you the best !

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    Dont worry, Im in the same boat... Im currently on Day 16 of Sertraline... due to worrying about side effects, I also was also advised to start low at 25mg then increase to 50mg after the first week. (But I amended this to 25mg 1st week 1/2, then 37.5mg 2nd week 3/4... and now 50mg 3rd week Full Tablet) I can honestly say my side effects have been Headaches, not painful but more dull and annoying. So far I am yet to see any positive results, my anxiety is still at the same level as when I started, but Im going to see it out a while longer as Ive read most doses don't see positive effects  till at least the 4week mark.

    Good Luck!!

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      Hi UK-Rose,

      I'm not on Sertraline currently, but was for many years. I took what was considered the lowest beneficial dose of 50 mgs. Unfortunately, I don't remember how long they took to work, or at least until I felt they were working.

      Have you felt any benefits yet? I know it's early, and you're on a super small dose, but sometimes that's all that needed.

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      Hello Kim, hope your well... 👋🏼

      Ive been on my increasing dose for 16days so far (currently on my 2nd day at 50mg) but so far no benefits, actually I could say Im a little less irratable if that helps,  but thats about all really?? Anxiety levels still the same as when I started, but no worse, which Im glad about, as I know some people can struggle with this as a side effect in the beginning. I hoping that now Im finally at the 50mg stage week, I will hopefully see some glimmer of progress over the next week or so?? (Fingers Crossed)

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      Yeah, hopefully the next couple of weeks, at the 50mg dose, will give you some improvement. Make sure to give the med a good 4 to 6 weeks at the that dose to fully work.

      Have you had any increased anxiety or panic attacks?

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      I will do, thanks Kim

      my anxietys definitely there, doing it's usual tricks, it hasnt eased yet since Iv been on Sertraline but I'd say its no more higher than what Im already used to... 

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      That's the only side effect that's holding me back from taking it again. It's all so frustrating.

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      Morning Kim, hope ur well...

      I was the same initially, (had a bad experience with Citalopram a few years bk that sent my anxiety sky rocketing after 2tablets) avoided ADs ever since...!! I was so nervous to try them again, but all though it will take me longer to get to my therapeutic level, I was more than comfortable to take baby steps with my dose increases, and for me so far... even though I havnt seen much improvement as yet, I can say my side effects although annoying have been tolerable. 

      I hope this helps 🌹

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      Good morning, Rose,

      They way you started the meds is how I planned to start, if I ever got the nerve up. I was hoping to never have to go back on an antidepressant, so I've been fighting it for a couple years. Fighting it has only made things worse, and I just rely on xanax.

      In two years time there's been 3 deaths in my family, and I've had 2 surgeries, one of them was a ASAP situation, and I've had 2 minor procedures done as well. So, it all seems to be too much too soon, but I was hoping it would work itself out. lol

      Being predisposed to anxiety and depression certainly doesn't help when there's legit stressors going on. Now that I'm 46, hormones are also coming into play. I had a partial hysterectomy years ago, and supposedly that can cause menopause to start 5 years earlier then the so called norm. I get blood tests to determine where I am with all of that. Two years ago the FSH numbers were normal, but this last May the came back as 29.4, which is considered post menopausal. That's not a high number, so I consider it as being the start of a big ball of mess.

      One thing is for sure, women can take a lot of punches, and still come back swinging. 😁

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      Thats very true Kim, women are warriors!! lol

      So sorry to hear you've been threw so much the last few years, but your right...  its crazy how life gets on top of us at times, especially with the added hormone hell on top for extra bonus!! When all we really want is the chance to just breathe an catch up for a moment... lol

      All we can do is give ourselves the best possible fighting chance weve got... if that be educating ourselves, making lifestyle changes or taking medication... we can only try 🌹


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    I'm in the same boat as you. The medication has been sitting in a drawer for a while now, because I'm simply afraid to take them. The real kicker is that I was on sertraline for many years, and it worked well. Like so many others, I got to a point when I figured I no longer needed them. Big mistake! I've been off of them for 5 years or so, but in all honesty, they should have been started years back, or never stopped.

    Don't think you're being baby-ish about the meds, because there's many others that are afraid to start as well. 💜

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      Thank you! I hope that soon I’ll be able to push past the fear and take the medicine. 
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      You're most welcome. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to pluck up the courage to the same. 😁

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