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Hi everyone im a 31 year old male , so far been on sertraline for nearly 3 weeks , i was on mirtazapine for a while but all they did was make me eat and give me nightmares and before that i was on prozac which helped but messed my sex-life up , my question to anyone who reads this is has any other people that takes sertraline had a loss in libido such as no desire for sex , cant get a proper erection and/or cant orgasm/ejaculate or anything similar , if so i would like to hear from you , i would especially like to hear from anyone that has any information to correct this side effect , any information is desperately needed weather its herbal medication or conventional medication that will help me and others who read this get there sex-lifes back on track i would like to no if anyone has found anything that helps them to be able to get an erection and to be able to have sex and climax at the end , as i no these tablets are to blame because i was alright on mirtazapine as far as sex goes its just they never worked with my depression , i dont even want or think about sex on these tablets let alone be able to manage it in the first place and then being able to climax , please dont get me wrong i dont claim to ever being a stud or anything im just desperately in need of some helpful advise as my GP dont seem to have any answers for me and im scared my girlfriend of 3 years will leave me because of my insecurities and i feel inadequate , like i said any help and information is very welcomed even if its just tips or a medication you may no of that helps or even herbal products that help , and im sure im speaking on behalf of a lot of people here so advice would surely help a lot of people out , thanks everyone for reading , hope you all feel better soon xx

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    I'm a 29 yo male, been on sertraline for 5 weeks after being on Prozac for 11 months. I've got virtually no sexual function left, especially after upping my dose from 25mg to 50mg daily. It's a benefit for me though, as I don't have anyone to have sex with, and it stops me from trying to find someone. The constant rejections aren't good for the self-esteem... My arm muscles are wasting away though! :lol:

    Good luck finding a solution

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    lol ive got a woman of 4 years so its a serious problem for me as she now thinks im not keen on her which isnt the case im just desperate for a cure to this or at least some help as i no theres no real cure , theres got to be some medication or herbal or vitamin that helps this cuz i no that so many other people will suffer from this too , im just hopeing someone will post something encouraging that can help us suffer's .
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    wish there was a simple answer to this problem
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    Hi, I've recently started sertraline & I'm in a very similar situation to you re: sex-drive / ejaculation problems, which is annoying since I otherwise find sertraline useful.

    Luckily I used to sell supplements / herbal-remedies etc. - the things I'm about to suggest, I am also going to try myself, & from previous experience I think should work!

    The simplest is to go on ebay & buy 'Penis Enlargement Pills' (eg Erexor) .... althouh these probably wont make anything larger, they contain effective aphrodisiacs, which will help our situation (hopefully!).

    There are so many combo-products offering all-sorts, so I'll list the active ingredients that are actually useful to us, so you can research!

    Yohimbine, Tribulus, Maca, Saw Palmetto, Horny-Goat-Weed,

    Hope it works-out mate!

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      You can buy Horny Goat Weed from any health food shop. As a past user of this product I can advise people not to waste their money! Of course this was just me, it might work wonders for someone else
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      Hello. So the Horny Goat Weed will help with ejaculation? The sex drive is there, but we have tried nearly everything but with no climax.
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    I've just joined this site but am currently a 'guest'. I've been diagnosed with OCD and prescribed Sertraline. I am reluctant to take them as I am particularly worried about this side effect. I've read that taking 240mg a day of Gingko Biloba is meant to 'reverse' any sexual dysfunction side effects. Google it and it'll come up with lots of info.

    I've got all fingers and toes crossed that it will work for me should I need it. Let me know if you try it and how you get on.

    Also, does anyone know if this is a side effect that will diminish over time or is it just something you have to put up with while you're taking the tablets?



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      I've been taking sertraline 100mg for 2 and a half years now and I can say from personal experience, it is NOT a side effect that goes away over time. I am at my wits end trying to find something to bring my sex drive back,iit's really starting to affect my 4 year long relationship now and I love and fancy my partner as much as day 1
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    hi i replied to a similar thread and it gotmoved

    i wastaking sertraline as a pick me up

    but have foundout im suffering a nerve problem

    when first started sertraline it was a horrible burning sensation in the area where i experianced an injury at work and kept taking it . iwas suffering from chronic pain which brought on depression,anyway to answer the question i thought it was great for my sex life was wearing myself out felt like a porn star, and lasted for hours with no problem at all getting aroused.i stopped taking sertraline, and am now on amitriptyline for pain control will also be going onto gabapentin upto1000mg aday :evil: nerve pain sucks

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    just about to go onto Sertraline , now i am really concerned about this sexual dysfunction stuff , i already mentioned it to my doctor that it was difficult to impossible to get and maintain an erection, i'm currently on Fluoxetine (prozac) now i'm being put on something that might make it worse sad

    he did give me some free Cialis though , which i might try

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    Ive just gone onto sertraline and despite being able to maintain an erection. I am finding it impossible to ejaculate. Does this really have to be a consequence of social anxiety or something to put up with as a consequence or do i stop taking them and have a healthy sex life??

    I'm bewildered and my partner says she doesn't mind at the moment but I could lose her due to side effects of sertraline.

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    I'm a 41 yr old male and have been on 100mg sertraline for about 4 months. Libido was initially very reduced, but has returned to near normal levels during the period I have been taking the drug. I can get an erection but ejaculation is difficult, although it has been possible on several occasions, sometimes nothing happens.

    I have been married for 11 years and have spoken to my wife about how the sertraline is affecting me. She does find it difficult, but accepts it has nothing to do with her. We do still have sex, but I rarely orgasm. Fortunately because of the strength or our relationship this won't be a major problem, but it is obviously frustrating for both of us. Having said the above, when my depression was at it's worst I had no sex-drive anyway so in many respects the current situation is an improvement.

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      We are in the same boat! I've been with my husband for 20 years but his job is very stressful and he needed something to keep him on an even plane. Stroke a few months ago and high blood pressure along with occasional alcohol use limits the meds he could take safely. Now we have this. It's just very frustrating like you said, but our marriage is strong and where there is a will there is a way!

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    I think Barfly has the correct reply to this

    I am a 23 year old female been with my partner for 7 years - I am in my prime but these tablets completely made me lose all sex drive going. To the point I resented my partner for even suggesting it cos the thought of it made me want to cry!

    the best thing you can do is speak to your partner in depth? does he/she understand why you are these medications? its a not a decision that your or your gp have taken lightly, afterall most gps recomend counselling etc and everything else before putting you on meds these days!

    my sex drive hasnt come back completely. I am on 200mg a day but my mental health is feeling completely great and to me thats much better than being able to orgasm!!

    your partner will completely understand - after all why would the person you love want to see you miserable? once youve got that understanding in place you wont feel as useless/pressured etc and you will probably start enjoying sex again!


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