Sertraline - My 4week Update

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Hello All... This is just a quick update into my journey so far and my 1st month on sertraline... Its not the best yet, but Im still hanging in there and hoping im gradually getting passed the worst... (fingers crossed)

I was initially prescribed this med for anxiety  

So Im 4weeks in... (Day28)

my dosage has been as follows 

1st week - 25mg 

2nd week - 37.5mg

3rd week+ - 50mg

My side effects at various points have been... Dull headaches, hot flushes, sweating, hands shaking, jittery feeling, irritated, annoyed, low depressive moods, emotional & upset, withdrawn, quiet & Isolated, lack of motivation & interest

tierd, lack of energy as well as my usual normal range of anxiety symptoms on top  

Positives have been brief moments of feeling... relaxed, calmer, less negative, more interactive, sociable, present, less anxious, more rational thinking... 

Since I started this medication I have been logging my daily dosages & experiences and Ive just reviewed back and worked out overall how my 1st month has panned out in total... 

23 Days - Feeling either Negative, Depressive, Low, Irritated, Sad, unmotivated etc 

5 Days - Feeling either more hopeful, calmer, relaxed, social, focused, present and getting that glimmer of hope the med seems to be starting to work. 

Im currently in another “depressive” stage at the moment and looking back at those results, Ive found it quite disheartening to say the least... I do however want to try and stick it out... but those odds have made me think... is this actually working?? Or should I look into other options?? (Review next week)

Curious to know if any others are experiencing WAY more negative days in comparison to there positive?? 

And if it seems like I should continue with this med at my next review?? Am I passed the worst?? Or would  I be jumping ship too early if I stopped/ changed??

All responses greatly appreciated 🌹

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    Today is 4 weeks for me ...i have logged a bit geres how i did it.

    I had 3 days with no anxiety. 7 days where i needed a .25 of xanax. My anxiety has been heightened daily. I am still afraid to drive out if fear of a panic attack while drivi g.

    I have overall however, been more acvomplished at home, more present, less critical and am sleeping better.

    I'm discouraged too, but hopeful i have 3 friends on Zoloft. 2 are on 100 mg, 1 on 150mg. I am in 50...i Want this to work sooo badly.

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      Hello Kmom, thanks for your response... glad to here from someone whos at the same point in there journey as me lol.

      I think thats the problem when we have quiet a few rough days in row, it just really brings your confidence down in this med actually working, a few good days here and there really help to give you that boost to keep going... And this site is like a godsend for me on those bad days...!! lol

      My previous “hopeful” days started 5days after my initial increase to 50mg but now Im back to feeling low and depressed again... (which was never really an issue before starting the med) just want to curl up and shut myself away - Im so fed up, Ive also noticed this week I am so tierd... and could sleep all day if given half the chance!! Thinking that may be to do with feeling so low...?? 

      But I do want to push threw and for this med to work so badly, like

      you... I also have friends on this medication at various doses who started in a worser situation than me, and there going about there daily lives now without all these mental issues causing problems... 

      Apologies if this post seems abit low... these bloody meds are turning me into a right misery lol 😂

      Heres hoping  our good days are just round the corner!! 🌹

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    Perhaps give it more time since 50 mgs is considered the lowest therapeutic dose. For some people it can take 6 - 8 weeks at that dose before they notice any benefits. It's definitely a medication that takes its own sweet time. 💜

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      Morning Kim, thanks for the response, hope your well and the sinus infection has cleared.

      I just think im worrying abit about the doctor wanting me to change me to something else at my next review and having to start this all over again, as on the whole I don’t really have much positives in comparison to the negatives to report back... 😕

      And I do really want this med to work... especially if that “aha” moment is just round the corner... 

      And like you say, although its been a month,  technically Ive only been on the therapeutic level for 14days...??

      I hope it passes again, I can tolerate these moods, but it is just so frustrating feeling so low... 😕 

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      Yep, technically you've only been on the therapeutic dose for a very short time. That certainly needs time to settle in. From there, you and your doctor can decide if 50 mgs is enough, or if it needs to be higher. Patience is greatly needed when starting, and finding the right dose.

      Not everyone gets an "aha" moment, but notice a difference when looking back. That's probably because Zoloft is so slow and steady, and not the kind that smacks ya hard and fast.

      When you're tired, feeling low or both, try to nap or kick back and watch some shows that you enjoy. Just like any other illness, you're in the process of healing, and that can wear you out.

      Be kind to yourself, get comfy, have some soup, and cuddle in to watch television. 💜

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      Thanks Kim, always good advice... 

      The low mood frustrated me so much today I forced myself to do some housework and laundry lol... (actually got quite alot done considering...) and it did help distract me and take edge off abit.

      But definitely spending my evening curled up with a good movie... hopefully 2mrws a better day 🌹

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    Hi Rose I am nearly 4 weeks in also at 50mg. The first 2 weeks were hell on earth to be honest and if it wasn't for the feedback on this forum I could have given up. The last couple of days I have felt a lift in my mood and a bit more motivated to see people and leave my house ~ the first 2 weeks I was barely able to leave my bed. I would also say hang in there a couple weeks longer at least to see if you get any more improvement. It can take 6-8 weeks for a marked change in symptoms. Kind regards

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      Hello Maria, Thanks so much for you response... its appreciated, and glad to hear your seeing improvements 

      Ive read so many posts about peoples anxiety increasing as there going threw, but that wasnt a real issue with me... its was there, and it was high, but at a level I was used to and able to tolerate.

      But I haven’t read many posts of those who are experiencing the low mood and depression as a side effect so its good to hear of others who are experiencing or have gone threw the same, gives me hope to hang in there...

      Since starting this journey my mood has been as low as 1/10 (which is where its been most of this week)

      (10 =being high / 1 = low)

      and only as high as 4/10...  in my more hopeful days, which helps, but isnt really good either?? 

      If you don’t mind me asking, did you take 50mg from the get go?? And how did your  mood rate on scoring??

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      Hi Rose yes I started at 50mg 4 weeks ago today. I would say for the first 2 weeks my mood was as low as 1 or even 0! Week 3 I would say my mood lifted to 3 and as of today I would say I'm at 5 maybe even a sneaky 6 but I have been to a which was sad as it easy brotbers best friend.... anyway. Onwards and upwards x

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      Thanks Maria, deepest sympathies... couldnt of been easy for you today 💕

      And after reading your progress, Its really helped reassure me...

      I was panicking that I was the only one feeling such low moods, but hopeful now that once I hit the 3week mark of 50mg theres a chance it will lift... 

      Thanks again, will look out for your future progress 🌹

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      This is my 3rd week on 50 and I haven’t left my bed either until yesterday. I would have given up too but for these posts. Thank you
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      It's good that these posts helped others like they helped me, especially in the first 2 weeks. The reassurance that how I was feeling was probably going to improve was crucial. Today is 4 weeks exactly at 50mg and I would say my mood is a 4 or 5 out of 10. I am still having trouble sleeping but that could be due to not being active during the day or getting any fresh air. That will be my next goal. Sending warm wishes and hope x

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      Hi maria, 

      Just checking in to see how your getting on?? 

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      Hi Rose sorry for delay in replying. Have had a couple of quite low days and no idea why.... I was feeling sort of ok but I was so depressed before I guess I can't be too hopeful of a quick fix. Hope you are ok any sugfestions/advice always welcome x

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      Hey Maria,  I have had a couple of rough days as well.  I was reading that it is very common at this stage to have a rough week or so and that it’s nothing to worry about.  That it is our bodies still adjusting.  We need to keep sticking to it and see how we feel after the 8 week mark.  Hoping you feel better soon.  We’ve made it this far,  we are strong enough to keep on going. Keep us posted on how you are feeling.
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      Thanks so much Ashley it is comforting to know others are in the same boat. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. Kind regards, Maria

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      Hello Maria, sorry to hear your back in the dip... 😕

      I seem to have pepped up the last couple of days, actually managed to get my mood up to a 6!! Never thought I would see the day, having been so low the last 5wks!! 

      But I think ashleys right, last week I was all over the place... so although Im appreciating the better moments... I don’t expect them to last while were still settling in, just glad to see it seems to be heading in the right direction at least??

      (fingers crossed) 🤞🏼

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