Shaking and crying!

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Hi everyone

i have read so very many posts on re starting and sticking out on Citralopam and battling through the side effects and it has helped me to stay determined to try to just tough it out!

I started taking Citralopam 13 days ago .....10 mg for 5 days then went up to 20 mg.

Before this I had been on Dosulepin for around a month and a half....but as the GP thought this wasn't helping he changed me onto Cit.

I have only had a couple of times in my adult life where I have had episodes of depression/anxiety but they were easier to account for as to the cause/ reason.....this time everything seems to have come out of the blue and it's completely floored me!!

I have a loving husband of 35 years and two fabulous sons...and a family all of who are supportive and loving....I am one very lucky lady!

That's why it makes it so hard to understand where all these 'yukky' feelings have come from??!!

i am also trying CBT ...another first for me!

My question to you all is.....every morning I wake up around 5am feeling sick VERY shaky and VERY the point of sobbing for quite a while!

After the sobbing subsides the shaking continues to a lesser degree all's such a horrid disturbing feeling!

Has anyone else experienced the same? .....and better still can some one reassure me that after the 'magic' amount of weeks when the tabs start to kick in it will stop??

I am finding it so hard to cope with!

Thank you for listening to my rant.....any words of advice would be gratefully everyone else on here I just want 'me' back again and at the mo can't imagine getting there!


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    Dear pamela

    It will get better!!!! I know its rubbish suffering the way we do but I believe its because we are strong people! ! Remmber that!!

    Its because we've given everything to every one else!! Start being a bit selfish look after yourself go buy some bubble bath choccies flowers for you get pleasure from enjoying

    Keep going it will get better

    Be strong!!!

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      Oh my goodness....thank you so much for such a quick reply!wink

      I am really trying hard to stay strong .....I know I have to give it a chance to work but this constant crying and shaking is really taking it's toll on me!

      In the late afternoon I seem to be calmer and I'm managing to eat a little better now ......take my tab around 8 and bed around 10.30 and sleep ok till 5ish then ....BANG! we go again!

      Ive forgotten what a 'normal' wake up feels like 

      My legs are so weak with the shaking's all just pants!!

      My husband is an absolute rock.....I don't know what I would do without him others battle through this on their own I have no idea....or with little ones to care for?!

      I am the opposite of the real me at the mo.....I really do not recognise this self pitying miserable woman I seem to have turned into 

      Once again gill thanks for your kind words.....they are much appreciated and welcomed xxx

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      Your very welcome! Just take one day at a time and remember your ill at the moment so treat yourself like it!

      You can't stick a plaster on it

      My husband is also my rock we are very very lucky so remember that at 5 in the morning that your not on your own!!

      I don't think you can cure depression and anxiety but we can smack it right in the face and learn to live with it

      Keep in touch

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    Hello Pam

    I'm into week 5 of 20mg of cit, like you my depression 'sneaked' up on me and seemed to make my anxieties much worse. Although I've always been an anxious person it had often been in the back ground. I think the fact that we've reached out for help is the first step to recovery. 

    I too wake up early feeling sick and tingly legs it becomes a right pain getting motivated and out the door to work. My GP prescribed me something for the nausea and it does work a treat! I only take them when the nausea is bad, might be work speaking to your Dr. It's a good idea to speak to your GP about the other side effects you describe. 

    Remember Pam you WILL get better - it's just time you need. Citalopram is very effective in treating anxiety and depression, but the nature of this type of anti D means it takes a while to level out in our body and to feel its full effect. 

    Push through it Pam, breath through the anxious times and sleep when your body tells you! Staypositive and remember this is just a small part of your life where you need help to feel healthy. You sound blessed to have an amazing family and yes, it's time you were spoilt by them!!! 


    Liz xx

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      This is my first time on any sort of forum .....and how fabulous to receive such support SO quickly....just amazing!!

      through reading ENDLESS posts trying to find hope/comfort I don't know whether I have done myself more harm than good....there are so many conflicting accounts and some quite scary!

      With all this being so alien to me I just wanted to research it a little...but then got 'hooked' to the point of near obsession rolleyes

      I understand that I have to give it time but it's so hard when all you want to do and be like is how you were before isn't it.....I just don't understand why?

      Yes....I am very lucky to be loved so much and I count my blessings every day!.....they are the BEST!

      My main concern is that of all the posts I've read there's not much written about shaking or crying...both of which seem to be the worst symptom for me....horrid!

      thanks Elizabeth for the support and positive words....I won't give up!

      Warm best wishes to you

      pamela xxx


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      This forum has got me through some dark times over the last month or so!! Everyone is amazing on here and showed me such kindness. It was all new to me too but boy I've found it so useful. It's do nice to heAr from people much further on in their journey and hear stories of recovery it helps me stay positive! 

      Keep checking in and sharing your concerns. 

      Keep smiling :-) 

      Liz xx

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    Hi Pamela

    Yes anxiety/depression is awful. It also sneaked up on me with seemingly no reason this time round. I have been taking Citalopram 10mg to start then 20 and am in my 4th week now. The shaking you describe is anxiety I think, and quite a common thing when really anxious or panicky, have had it in the past. The Citalopram increases your anxiety in the short term. The crying thing I have also had as a side effect of the anxiety and the Cit, especially first thing in the morning. I think it's just plain old fear of what the day holds.

    In the last week or so I have really started to see a change in myself, I'm not saying I'm not anxious anymore but it has definitely started to lessen and not be a 24/7 thing, my appetite has returned. The most notable change for me is I feel ok making plans agian for the weekend, a few weeks ago I just could not for fear of how I would feel. Like Elizabeth says, the nature of this tablet is that it can take a few months to level out but you WILL get there I promise you, just hang in there and take one day at a time.

    Louise xxx

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      Hi Louise

      more! Just brilliant thank you smile

      It is very early days especially on the 20mg I know....but I suppose like everyone feels I'm just impatient to feel some kind of relief from these dreadful feelings and return to my old self!

      it will be easier I'm sure as the days go by but at the moment each day just feels like a trial that has to be got through!

      i hate this moaning's the polar opposite of how I usually am

      I get cross at myself but realise that it's futile and only feeds the negativity

      Staying positive when you're feeling so horrid is easier said than done eh?!

      I have so much to be grateful for in my life and feel almost ashamed to moan about this when I see others who are going through so very much worse things......hubby says to stop beating myself up,it's just a glip and we WILL get through it...isn't he just brill !

      Well I'll just have to keep taking the tablets as the saying goes and soldier on......climb that hill back to the top...and this time make sure I don't slip off!frown

      Thanks again for your good wishes

      hope you are well on your way up......back to your feel good place!



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      Yes it's very frustrating when you're stuck in what appears to be in the middle of a nightmare, cos that is how it feels when you appear to have lost all control. I beat myself up to alot about how I feel, every time I have a panic or a bad day I get so frustrated and upset and down. Your husband is right though it's a blip, not like we planned all this. I am usually very positive and upbeat myself and like you I try to constantly remind myself of people going through worse things. Doesnt' work though does it? I'm trying therapy this time round to see if I can get to the bottom of all this to prevent it happening again in the future. We shall see!!!!

      Your'e one day nearer being back to your old self, keep telling yourself that.

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    A beta blocker can be good to have on standby for the moments you feel shaky and anxious while adapting to the Cit.

    I needed them to get through the shaky start to them and did help

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      Hi reasoning!

      i was given propranolol by my GP before the Cit but after only taking them for a couple of days convinced myself that they were making me feel kind of strange?!....I now think it was all part of the anxiety taking hold and making me feel like I did and not the Beta's....but I've never had them before and so don't quite know what their effect was meant to feel like wink

      I sort of wish I had given them longer now as I have read that they do have a positive effect on shaking?

      Medication is not something I'm used too at all and I'm finding it all very baffling and scary....what to take what not to's all a mystery to me?!

      All I can hope is that before long the Cit will start to have an effect.....a positive one and get rid of this dithering shaking sobbing female I've turned into redface

      Thanks for the reply 

      Warm wishes

      Pamela x


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    Hi just a thought ask your doctor about sertreline. When I was on citalopram it done the same. I had really nasty side effects. That morning feeling I hated. Lucky enough the sertreline gave me my life back. There's so many meds out there. But like all pills do take time. And everyone are different meaning not all meds work. Take care
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