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Just wanted to make a place for us (sorry if it's already been done, I'm just a new regular so still figuring my way around these boards) to share the symptoms you have experienced at some point in your life due to mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, etc. I think it's really helpful, especially for me, to discover someone else who's going through similar things. I generally constantly have some form of anxiety symptom going on, so I've listed them below. Please let me know if you've had anything similar or share yours too so I can have a look!


Nausea (frequently, and often for NO reason)

Lack of appetite (my current symptom, along with nausea which was triggered by my recent flu due to hypochondria)


Numb feeling in face

Shaky breathing


General aches

Constant stomach pain for 7 months

Bowel problems

Sensation of constantly having to move some part of my body to reassure myself that I'm alright

Eyebrow twitching

Feeling faint





Extreme exhaustion

Chest pains

I know it's easy to pass everything off as anxiety symptoms and often difficult to tell them apart from real health problems however these have all been unexplained, and so, all because of my lovely brain.


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    All I can say is snap, I experience all the symptoms that you do. With the addition of pins and needles in my hands and feet sometimes.

    Everyone gets annoyed at my persistent tapping or leg shaking, I don't even realise I'm doing it. Heh.

    It's awful, a constant struggle. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It's been over a year since this bout of anxiety started and I just wish it would end.

    I wish you all the best, sending positive vibes your way!

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    I have nausea, headaches, number feeling in my face, muscle aches, bowel problams, bloating, gas, shaking and chest pains. My doctor insists it's my anxiety! I hate living like this!

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    I sent you a PM
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    I've been on this forum for a little while. I can surely write the symptoms I had while I had anxiety and panic disorder.

    -I had a butterfly feeling in my stomach constantly.

    -There was a point in time where I was nauseous for a week or two.

    -Had a loss of appetite but was hungry at the same time


    -I was also shaky sometimes

    -Maximum nervousness and anxiety everyday


    --numb feelings in the face. I'd even pull and rub my face to make sure I can still feel it.


    -twitching in my arms and legs. Twitching in my face too.



    -irritability and anger




    -panic attacks

    -strange vision problems

    -neck pain

    -tightness in the chest


    -stomach pains

    -leg cramps

    -Balance problems

    -high blood pressure

    -forced to sit at home

    -bouts of sadness

    -tightness in the throat

    -dry coughing

    -lump in throat

    That's about as much as I can remember at the moment. Those panic attacks I had really did me in. I had my first panic attack in April and things haven't felt the same since then. I feel better than before and not experiencing so many symptoms anymore but I still get a couple of them from time to time. My face still twitches in random places so that hasn't changed all too much, but 98% of my symptoms have disappeared.

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      How long for you until you were 98% I've been on medication for 5 weeks now and I had one good week then right back to hell again, my symptoms are a carbon copy of what you have listed there and the lump in throat is what derailed me this time, I felt it and was like oh well it's anxiety but then it didn't go away and I'm one like day 6 of feeling it and 2 or 3 days ago the anxiety took over and now got all my symptoms back from the start, just wondering how long and what you took? Also for how long you took it if you don't mind me asking?

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      I didn't take anything. That's the kicker. I have prescriptions but haven't taken them. I took an anti anxiety medication for about a week and that stopped my panic attacks. Haven't had one since. Once I was home, air started eating and drinking properly. Completely cut caffeine out of my diet. I started drinking fruit drinks from the store that were loaded with vitamins. I took extra care to focus on B vitamins since they help with anxiety. I also started looking for magnesium as well. After about a week of getting proper vitamin nutrition, I started to feel better. Of course it didn't get better over night. It took several weeks to a couple of months, but as of now, it's a vast improvement than what I was before.

      At this moment, I'm dealing with some kind of sinus infection so It's left me feeling a little down, but I'm keeping my head up.

      Another thing I did was stopped stressing out about everything. Easier said than done is true, but I came to a point where I realized that I couldn't live that hectic lifestyle of constantly worrying and in fear. Had to move on. I'm only 23 but it was eating my life away and I found that out. I had to look at the positives in my life and the positives around me. I also saw that I getting out and exercising some during the day really helped me. Not heavy lifting workouts, but cardio and stuff like that. It helps get rid of the stress and really makes things feel better. Gets rid of that excess adrenaline that builds up in your body. I play drums so it gives me a good sweat. I also started doing things that make me happy and I listen to a lot more calm music nowadays. Everytime I feel something wrong with my body, I always tell myself that it's just my head playing tricks and that there's nothing wrong with me. It usually straightens me out.

      These are the things I've done. They've helped me tremendously. I never thought I would get out of that hellhole but I did. My head has finally peaked over the hole, now I'm just trying to reach my leg out of the hole to pull myself up.

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      that's beautiful.  

      My ND said when I was having a sinuse infection to stop all the sugar drinks and drink filtered water with 40.000 electrolites and no diary.  


      "if it has a label, do't eat it" 😀

      It's great that you are feeling better, I could almost feel your peacefulness. 

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      Am experiencing all these stuffs on the list. It's really scaring. Am constantly checking my pulse. My heart is really racing. it's six months now. No sign that things will change.

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    so many of you here have symptoms of Celiac disease, do any of you know if you have been tested? 
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      The symptoms of that don't match mine very well and I also had blood tests done and was good, I just researched that and only about 30% match me personally also the fact that it comes and goes and it's different when. It comes until when it comes again the physical symptoms that is, I appreciate your suggestion as I'm too the point I'll call it anyway anything as long as there's a treatment for it that is and it can summed up quickly lol

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    I use to have all those symptoms but over time they started to vanish now I just deal with a daily feeling of adrenaline , and daily derealization and slight depression . Sometimes shortness of breathe or clammy hands but it's most the slight feeling of anxiousness and derealization . Horrible rolleyes

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