Should i have gallbladder out ?

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Hi , ive had what appears to be 3 gallbladder attacks in 1 month scans show i have gallstones .

My attacks are severe back pain come on approx 2 am in the mornings , i have no stomach pain been taken to emergency 3 times and ive been given surgery date for 22 jan 2018. Things have settled down but sometimes i have very little energy and feel slightly unwell . Im wondering should i postpone the opp see if things settle ?

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    Hi, The trouble with gallstones is they just get worse .

    I had mine out almost 6 weeks ago and the burning side pain has gone .

    If you leave it you risk becoming more unwell with awful bouts of sickness and diarhea.

    Also it can get infected . I would go ahead with the operation.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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      I had gallstones for years with no symptoms . I started getting severe acid reflux

      upper back and front rib pain , Being sick with diarhea .

      If your symptoms are just back pain you need to be absolutely certain it's your

      gallbladder causing it . Get ultrasound scan , if that's clear have an Hida scan

      to see if your gallbladder is working properly . Be certain it's your gallbladder.

      Are you in the UK ?

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      Thanks no im in australia .

      Ultrasound shows a lot of gallstones they said but cannot tell size and how many i thought they said so many causing shadows on the scan ?

      I have no thickening or inflamation on the gallbladder walls reports says .

      To me the pain was the same as kidney stones i had 20 years ago very severe back pain lasting several hours reducing after morphine .

      No kidney stones present .

      Thanks i will ask for hyda scan .

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    well that’s a good question?

    i can give you my ten pence worth only as follows.

    i had a terrible attack 3 years ago in my tummy my chest and in my back ,the upper middle back pain was horrific.

    i was then duagnosed with gallstones told have it out but because my bloods were normal etc told I can wait.

    i did , the next 3 years has as good as ruined my life with not be able to eat what I know as normal food , go anywhere as ended up a nervous wreck having anxiety and panic attacks waiting for the next attack , no holidays for fear and paranoia, my poor family having to indure my mood swings anxiety’s ect ect etc the list goes on my friend !!

    with I would say the worst being what it’s done to my mental health!!

    ive spent a small fortune on various tests ect

    thought I had cancer of pancreas gallbladder liver and some drove myself insane with worry .

    became half an expert on the gallbladder , the tests , the treatments etc.

    spent probably 3 hours a day studying and researching etc.

    only to end up so confused that I actually would have been better off dead if I’m honest.

    to end up having no choice but to have it out 13 weeks ago in a kinda emergency situation as I was so ill and could feel I was actually going to die.

    i had it out privately with a top general surgeon in London as I felt I couldn’t trust the idiots within the nhs.

    cut to the chase I  ended up with a puss filled gangrenous gallbladder with a stone stuck in the cystic duct , gallbladder neck.

    and all to be put under at 6.30pm to wake up singing ant 8pm and leave the hospital the very next day extremely lucky to be alive and only thanks to my amazing surgeon as far as I’m concerned.

    i still have pain and issues and worry’s and still feel unsure if I will be ok or not and still am the most unhappy miserable sod going to be honest!!

    thats about ten percent of what’ my life’s been like and hell makes it sound like heaven!!

    now you decide what you think you should do ?

    i wish you well and hope you will be ok.

    regardsto you.

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    Yes your are having gall attacks. Have it removed. It will not get better. Get the op. I did now I can live again. No vomiting or nausea. Your gallbladder is making you have digestive problems too. So please don't suffer get it out. Good Luck to you😎.

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      Ok thanks .

      I dont have any digestive problems apart from slight feeling unwell and lack of energy sometimes . I have no bowel problems either .it was just 3 massive attacks i n my back .

      I suspose i wanting to know that slight feeling unwell and tiedness is related to the gallbladder you think ?

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    Many people have gallstones but have no symptoms at all. If you have had painful attacks then you are having symptoms, and they don’t tend to get better in their own. In fact things only tend to get worse. I had painful attacks for several years, and could hardly eat anything without getting painful bloating, nausea, extreme tiredness and feeling unwell. I had my gallbladder removed in July and i made a full recovery. I have no pain and can eat pretty much anything now. So I would recommend getting it out! 
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      Yes back pain has gone but just tired sometimes and feel a bit unwell , thats not like me the feeling unwell bit .

      Im quite fit exersize a lot and vegeterian but im 57 yo .

      Might get more scans to make sure .

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      So none of the gallbladder flushes work or too dangerous ?

      The drugs used for trying to disolve gallstones also no good or take too long i see maybe the problem ?

      Regards toohp

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    It is up to you on how long you wait to get your gallbladder out, but from what you describe, please don't wait to get your gall bladder out.  You do not want the gallbladder to perforate or you will be in extreme pain.  Discuss this with your surgeon, your feelings.  Let them know your feelings about this... They might be able to reassure you on this, and to let you know that it would be better to get it out ASAP than to wait.

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      So basicly once you have a lot of stones there s no choice ?

      Just a matter of time .

      I want to travel SE asia but surgeon said no ! till i have it out 😢


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      I had lots of stones. I waited to have gallbladder removed before

      I started having symptoms then I couldn't wait to have it removed.

      I'd get it out sooner rather than later before the digestive symptoms start.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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    You might consider going ahead and having it taken out, you will probably only continue to develop more stones. I wish there was a way they could remove the stones without removing the gall bladder, as to the complications such as diarrhea, that comes along,  after having your gall bladder removed. My sister kept putting it off until she had a huge amount of stones and her surgery was much more complicated as to removing all the stones and one having to be crushed to get it out of the bile duct. Also, I had two attacks,kept putting it off and developed a severe case of pancreatitis, which was not good. i would recommend taking it out, so wish only the stones could be removed.
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      Hi ,

      Ive started getting new symptoms i think ?

      Just feeling unwell in the gut having slight pain not much right side under ribcage but mostly feeling a bit crap comes and go 's .

      I lie down rest come good then comes on later not real bad just enough to feel a ordinary .

      That s the gallbladder acting up ?

      Cheers toohp

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