Should I use ibuprofen for my eyes?

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Hi just a little advice,

I have had pink eye for over 6 months now with nearly no irritation at all. I have read that a few people took ibuprofen for something else but cleared their eyes up aswell. Can i try this safely even though i have no aches etc just purely for my eyes?

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    I doubt if it was the ibuprofen that cured their eyes, and it is not safe to take too many of those especially for no reason as they are painkillers! I had pink eyes for over 3 weeks but the best thing is steroid drops from the eye specialist, so  have you been to an eye clinic? if not you need to go and get proper advice!
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      I am just really getting impatient with everything, I hate going out, I isolate myself from everyone because of the appearance of my eyes. It has been this way for nearly 7 months. I have been to a eye clinic he did not do any tests at all and just told me to use a vaconstricter for the redness. I have asked for a second opinion. The opticians told me they think I have blepharitis. Should i mention the steroid drops in my next apointment? I am very cautious with what i put in my eyes but i need a cure for my glazy pink eyes!
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      I was given steroid drops because I have had shingles, but the eye dr might suggest something different depending what is wrong, it could be dry eye, the only way to find out is to make an appointment!
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      I was diagnosed with shingles 14 weeks ago which is when my eye  went pink, and it was sore, and i had the rash, itching etc so it was very obvious to the dr ,You would have pain elsewhere   and discomfort with shingles and you  would certainly know things were not right, and it would not just be in your eye! I had it on my head. forehead and eye. The redness did go but away  but the itching of the eye  started after the shingles, as I had the complications after it  unfortunately, which includes  itching which never seems to go!  The eye went pink again a few weeks ago, You  must see a specialist  at the eye clinic asap!
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      No problem.

      ​Je wheeabouts was the rash? My eyes have been bothering me for nearly two weeks and the other day I started with headaches, cold feelig and sight watering in the right eye bu has now spread to the left eye.

      I think that I may take my own advice and get myself off to the eye hospital!!

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    Is this the only sign and symptom Dank?

    Anyway my professional advice is the same.

    Please do not use anything especially Ibuprofen or any other NSAID .

    How do you know what you are treating anyway?

    Please go to an eye doctor asap please..

    ?Alternatively go to an eye hospital casualy department or A and E.

    Personally I thin u are far far asafer going to an OPTOMETRIST or preferbly to Casualtty department of an eye hhospitla. Pink eyes can be due to a number of causes . Without an eye examination it is impossible to say what is causing let let alone what the treatment is.

    Personally I would not mess around with my eyes. I would not put anything in them or take any medication unless under medical supervision preferably an eye specialist.

    ?Always remember that your eyes are precious. Your eyesight is precious.

    Please do not take any chances nby self treating especially when you do no know what it is you are 'treating'.


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      I have been to the optometrist who thought i have blepharitis. I do not have any other symptoms apart from the pinkish eyes. This has been going on for too long now and i am suffering every day with how low my self esteem is. I am awaiting for a second opinion at a eye clinic

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      Hi Dank

      ?I have PM this link to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. I really do think you should se an eye specialist asap. Opticians vary in their level of expertiise so an optometrist told me.

      I do urge you not to put anything in your  eye until you are seen by a qualified experienced eye specialist.

      I would urge u to go to an eye hosptal where they have an emergency

      walk in eye clinic  for emergencies. I don't understand why the eye specialist you saw failed to do an eye examination.

      What exactly did he or she do ?

      Was a vision test done at all?

      You cannot guess what wrong with your eyes. It is the job of the eye specialist to make a diagnosis.

      You do not mention if any test have been done for any possible autoimmune diseases . Have you heard of Sjorgrins disease or thyroid eye disease. Then there is the dry eyes syndrome, arteritis, etc, etc.

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      Dank, what country are you in?  

      To add to Delirious' comment, optometrists are not medically qualified but are trained to examine your eyes & are able to refer you to an Ophthalmology clinic.  Ophthalmologists are medically qualified doctors who specialise in eyes.

      As I said on another of your posts, when my eyes are red, it is usually because of a frlare up of uveiitis which is serious.

      You only have one pair of eyes, go to your GP & ask for a referral to an Ophthalmologist.

      Do you spend long periods of time staring at a screen?  That can cause dry eye syndrome which can manifest itself in red eyes.


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      Hi mrsmop,

      I am in the UK.

      I did get a referral to a eye doctor but he was no help at all which is why I have asked for a second opinion.

      There is clearly something wrong with my eyes and something irritating it but his answer was 'this can be normal' and recommened me to use a vaconstricter for the redness. He did absolutely no tests, only looked at them through a lamp. It is as though they do not care unless it affects your vision.

      I am so sad and emotional on a daily basis because of this which is why I am wanting to take things in my own hands and treat myself, I am losing patience, It has been going on too long for me to carry on hiding in my room sulking every day

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      Sorry to butt in but what kind of a lamp are you referring to?

      Are u quite sure that you did see an eye specialist?

      ?Are u near Manchester or London?

      Do you perhaps live in a semi rural area or seaside resort without full amenities to eye care.

      ?You can always ring the helpli of anye. There is a helpline at  Moorfields eye hospital, London . Also at St Thomas's where they have a walk in eye emergency clinic Mon to Firda.

      Manchester Royal Eye hospital lalso has a helpline.


      I think that u have to be very clear o exactly what the dr did do .

      ?Did you attend an eye hospital or the eye department of a general hospital? Perhaps you went to a walk in centre and reeived a quick exam by a GP ?

      Did anyone at the hospital put any eye drops into your eyes to dilate the pupils or to stain the eye (usually a yellow stain) to see if there were any

      abrasions anywhere or  if you had a corneal ulcer.

      ?Did the dr examine you eyes ing a lslit lamp. This is a machin that you rest your chin ion then the dr examines your eyes biut usually has already instilled eye drops into your eyes to s if any of the en you said the eye dr looked at your eye thru a lamp put  your ryes?

      what did u me? Were any dropo

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      Yes i am about 2 hours away from Manchester, however If i was to go there i would have to go private and pay quite a lot of money for maybe being disappointed again.

      Yes the eye doctor i saw was from a referral from a gp. He examined my eyes through a stilt lamp and put the drops in to dilate my pupils, he was not able to tell me the cause of the redness so related to me using vaconstricter which i know does not treat the underlying problem.

      The problem is the only thing different about my eyes since the redness started is my eyelids seem more oily, and the corners of my eye nearly all the time have white mucus in the corners. No itching no pain etc. I really do not know what is going on

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      MREH is an NHS hospital.

      Red eyes. could be due to an infection such as conjunctivitis.

      If you have a discharge from your eye, sticky eyes, green or yellow discharge especilly on awakening is suggestive of an infection. This needs to be taken seriously.

      The dr usually prescribes an antibiotic cream such s chloramphenicol.

      Did u tell the eye dr everything? Best to write everything down even if u feel it insignificant , show it to the dr.


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