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Been put on Mirtazapine 15mg 1 tablet for a week for depression, stress and anxiety. It has been Day 3 so far and then the dosage is to go upto 2 tablets (30mg) next week. Prior to this I was taking 3 tablets of Diazepam 2mg daily for 3 days.

Going to sleep has been relatively easy and my apetite has increased. I feel weak and drowsy all day. My mouth is dry all day and have been noticing a slight headache today. Concentration levels are not the best and in terms of emotions, I think I am a little numb right now, although, anger and frustration do creep in from time to time.

I am worried about the side effects if I am to continue with this medication and also about the withdrawl symptoms I can expect. 

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    The drowsiness will decrease every day you take mirtazapine. I am as alert as ever now. It took a few weeks to feel absolutely normal. Personally, I liked the way this drug levels your emotions. It doesn't stop you reacting when you really should do though, but I love the little barrier it puts in to protect you. It has also cured my IBS, my itchy skin, my nausea, my migraines and has helped me come off temazepam.

    However, I have to say I am dreading the day I have to come off it. I am hoping I can stay on it indeffinately. It makes me 'normal'. smile 

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      should read 'indefinitely'
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      Evergreen, what I am finding is that there is a sense of irratibility, frustration and perhaps sadness, however, I am in control to not show it on the outside. Since yesterday, I have been feeling a sort of "who cares" and "everything does not revolve around me" attitude. 
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    You should get on better on mirtazapine because it targets the depression as well as the anxiety. Diazepam is an effective drug in the short term as a tranquilliser. But it is early days for the mirtazapine, antidepressants can take up to 6 weeks to be fully effective, although it's encouraging that you're feeling some benefit at this stage. The side effects, such as dry mouth and drowsiness, should decrease as time goes on. I hope it works well for you, as it has for me. Pixie xx
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    Did the doctor have taper and stop the Diazepam before starting the Mirtazapine? As you probably know Diazepam is in a class of drugs known as Benzodyazipines or Benzo's.  They tend to be powerful drugs and can be a  difficult to come off. If you have any concerns about stopping the Diazepam there is an excellent UK site called benzo buddies, it's worth checking out.

    Recently I had major anxiety and took 2 mg of Diazapam & my usual 15 mg dose of Mirtzapine and it knocked me out for 5 hours - 

    I think that the Mirazapine can cause any number of an side effects  known to antidepressants, such as headache and dry mouth. Usually those symptoms go away. The drowniness is a symptom of Mirtazapine, my doctor prescribed it for sleep, I take it an hour before bed. 

    If you have to come off the Mirtazipine, it shouldn't be as difficult as the Diazapam

    (valium) - it's a different class of drug. As good pharmasist may be able to answer you questions on either of the drugs (they often have more experience than the docs)

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    karin65289 and pixie22 , thanks. No there was no tapering period for the Diazapam. I took the valium for 3 days (three tablets a day) and then immediately switched to Mirtazipine. The specialist told me not to keep taking the Diazapam once I start taking Mirtazipine. I am not feeling anxious or depressed as such, as of now, only numbness and quite often hunger.

    My day time job is quite demanding in terms of daily tasks requiring concentration. With current concentration levels I can see it becoming a problem if I am not able to be alert and focused.

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      When my doc gave me Valium he only allowed 14 days supply. He said if you took it longer there could be problems with withdrawal, so you were OK only having it for 3 days.
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    It sounds like things have been difficult for sure. You may want to read up on Diazapam (Valium) online and  then find out if some of the symptons you're experiencing are from coming off too fast. 

    The two side effects of Mirtazapine I notice are hunger and sleepiness. Let us know when you get your medication straightened out and the best of luck to you.

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    Sorry I hit the return key too soon. I meant to say, that the two drugs might have interacted. I don't remember the half-life of Diazapam, I'm thinking 100 hours, but look it up. Theoretically the Diazapam may have stayed in your system when the Mirtazapine was added. We are each unique as to have medication can effect us.
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      I am not entirely sure how to explain to people around me about the side effects I am experiencing. I understand that I am being encouraged to run, exercise to feel better, which is essential - I understand this. However, I feel that my legs are like jelly with no strength left. Am I am exaggerating symptoms or is it normal to feel this with such medication?
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      Hi noG. I am same as u on my 6 th day of15 mg mirt. Also comeing of venlafaxine. Stop it tomorrow. So will just be on mirt from sat. I see doc nxt Friday and think she may put up to 30 mg. I hav felt drowsy eyed but yesterday felt really perked up but today not as much. I'm hopeing the drowsy feeling goes like most of our forum friends say it does. Still feeling scared at thot of taking 30 mg ( unless am totally perked up before that). x
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      Cathy, hope it goes OK for you. For me I am struggling to adjust to Mirt at the moment. Mood changes and generally weakness in the body. Last night, again, I was able to go to sleep fairly easily but woke up early, feeling numb. Its almost like all my emotions have been sucked out of me. 
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      Hi noG how's it going now..? I am still drowsy eyed most of time..could keep sleeping in mornings but am still working putting face on which tires me out. Long lie tomorrow tho thank god!. I do wake up early but can get back to sleep the mirt makes u get to sleep but the drowsy eyes foggyhead in the day is yuk..
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      Hi cathy, in terms of feel drowsy and the general lethargy, today has been slightly better. Went out for a walk but the legs started feeling heavy after some time. Can’t complain about the sleep, not much of a problem falling asleep (long may it last!) but waking up early(ish) and the mornings are a bit rough. I haven’t raised my voice for the last 4-5 days; I am able to process not so pleasant news with numbness. I tend to overthink/analyse things so that aspect is still continuing. Personally, I want to get off swallowing any pills since this is not the way to continue I realise but for the time being to sleep and supress exaggerated emotions this seems to be doing the business. 
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      Oh I just saw your latest post! I am glad that it's getting a little better. Walking is great - no need to run a marathon right away!

      I personally agree with "not putting too many chemicals in my body"  but I also have to say that the drugs are getting me to a level where I can work with my psychotherapist on the underlying causes of the depression, hoping that eventually I can come off the medication and sleep on my own for 8 hours as before this episode. 

      So... maybe you can take it as it is right now. Accept that right now, you may need the meds, but there is always a way to taper them off once you feel better (together with your doc of course).

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      Same here day 6 on this. 15mg prescribed. Changef from paroxitine then sertraline. Phoned doctor on day 4 as had extremely fuzzy head and walking difficult. Legs felt like jelly all wobbly and felt disorientated. Reduced to half a tablet 15mg. Still feel the same whole body feels weird.

      First day zonked me out but since then sleeping too much.

      Hope to start feeling better soon

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