Sinclair Method Doesn't Exist

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I have just come back from an appointment with my new GP. I changed practices for several reasons, the main one being that my old GP dismissed the Sinclair method as 'American mumbo jumbo' despite me bringing evidence gto support my request and also referring to the NICE guidelines.

went to my new one for the first time, not alcohol related, and asked him what his view on the Sinclair Method was and did this practice prescribe it.

To say I was shocked by his reply was an understatement! He said it doesn't exist and is a figment of some excentric American millionaires imagination' I'd changed surgeries to find a GP worse than my old one. He'd never heard of selincro, nalmefeme or the newer version (can't remember the name) He told me not to waste my money on some old medicine man selling lotions and potions and started humming 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves'  It bothered and upset me for two reasons. One if he doesn't know about the  SM, what else doesn't he know about, and two he was studying my records on screen for a while, then smirked and said oh I see you have a long history of alcohol abuse.

I don't usually get emotional when comfronting someone, more the opposite. He picked his phone up and asked another partner to come in for a second opinion and totally agreed with him. The second one said I didn't appear to need detox, but suggested taking half or one 2mg diazapam and said ten would do the trick.

Neither of them asked how many units of alcohol I drunk per week, and worse still seemed to be totally unaware of the dangers of withdrawal of alcohol suddenly.

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    Wow - sounds like you've had a tough time!  I too find it very difficult to talk to my GP - I am trying to cut down myself until I'm at the point where 2mg will do the trick as Paul felt that it wouldn't have helped me much.  Wish it would though as cutting down is extremely hard!  Would rather just be able to stop.
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    My initial response to this would not be printable!! 

    If you can find the email address of your local MP, and provide me with the name/addresses of both your surgeries (the new one and the old one) I will be more than happy to contact your MP and ask for his intervention.  PM me if you wish to do this.

    As strange as it sounds, local government is responsible for for public health, including drug and alcohol treatment.

    In addition, google search NHS Choices complaints procedure and lodge a complaint.

    This is simply NOT acceptable!


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      I don't think your reply was pointless Joanna. VickyLou's experience with her GP is common and it is a scandal that people who go seeking help from a person whose job it is to be supportive and compassionate for patients with ANY medical issue get such ill-informed responses and the horrible attitude that goes with them.

      I'd still report him.

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      Whether or not I want the medication, is entirely up to me. I was originally told no from my old dr which I accepted. He had been our family dr for 30 years as I explained last year to you Joanna. Your advice when I wanted the medication was to change dr's. You suggested reporting my old dr but I didn't want  any hassle as my kids and oh are registered there.

      i was referred to ADS who told me I was not alcohol dependant and did not meet the criteria and didn't need the medication,

      i changed drs for other reasons, and as it was the first time I'd been I was nervous and I was trying to make conversation I suppose. Surely I am

      allowed to ask my dr questions which is what i did. As you suggested I change dr's I suppose I was testing the water to see if the new one was different.

      there were several points I was trying to get across in my post, the main

      one being the assumption that I needed a detox, I hadn't been drinking since Xmas.

      More worrying is that had I needed a detox, two middle aged GPs thought

      10 2mg diazapam tablets would 'do the trick', that amount wouldn't even touch the surface.

      The purpose of my post was to highlight the judgemental attitude from professional people, the very people who should be helping us. This kind of attitude would certainly stop me going and asking for help. What's the point.

      Joanna I thought your comment rather rude and unnecessary. I never said I wanted any medication. Why would I when I'd already been told I didn't meet the criteria. Just because I went to the dr's for a chest infection and mentioned the SM, doesn't mean I wanted any medication.

      I am sorry you think your post was pointless, I haven't even read it yet

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      I was laughing at myself for jumping in and offering to help!  That is why it was pointless.  It wasn't aimed at you, but at me, hence why I replied to myself on the thread.

      I hear the same from people all the time, people trying to help themselves and meeting the same attitudes that you did.  And it's sad.


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      Hi Joanna

      I obviously misread or misinterpreted your comments, for which I apologise.

      Yes it is sad and worrying that many people with alcohol problems, who have recognised and admitted that they have a problem (a huge achievement in its self) are treated this way.

      RHBG (apologies if I've got your initials wrong), was treated apaulingly following a recent detox (thread was about camprol). As far as I was aware, and having taken it myself for two years, it should be taken ASAP, providing LFT results are within a certain range. His GP wouldn't prescribe it, and he was supposed to wait 6 - 8 weeks for an appointment to get a prescription.

      Surely following detox, that period is where you are most vunerable, and IMO the camprol should have been started straightaway.

      I realise now you were trying to help me and many others in a similar situation, so again I am sorry for jumping in.


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    I've lost all faith with my gp practice.

    Although I was trying something much more controversial than you (Baclofen) when I told my gp he basically refused to treat me with anything because of the contraindications! I had no gp unless I came off it which I did and am now drinking again.I would get more help if I was a heroine addict!

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      Hi nicole

      ive calmed down now, but it really does wind me up hearing about all these wonderful treatment centres and schemes to help drug abuse and rehabilitate ex drug addicts. There doesn't seem to be a postcode lottery for people needing methodone!

      at the last GP practice I worked, there was a pharmacy attached to it. Every morning bang on 9am there would be the same people queuing for their daily dose under the watchful eyes of the pharmacy staff. It didn't open to the general public till 9.30am.

      I didn't even want the drug, selinco naltrexone or what ever, I went to my GP for a chest infection. I merely asked him about it and I made it perfectly clear to him that I wasn't asking for it, or wanting it even, I was merely asking his view on it, and was it something this practice offered,?

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      Hi NIcole,

      I read you have tried Baclofen.  What is helpful? 

      What did this GP thought the side effects were?  It must have been dreadfull to prevent you to stop drinking.

      I tried it with great success when I was in France (it is prescribed and reimbursed for alcool abuse by the French NHS). I had no side effects except feeling very relaxed and peaceful.  I was lucky though as I only needed a low dose (20mg) a day and not 200mg a day as my sister, whom had more side effects (ie drowsiness). From reading you I think I will go back to France....


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