Sinus and roof of mouth pain!!!

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Hi I wanted to find out if having sinus issues is commen with tn? I have a runny and congested nose that throbs and burns and stings..I also suffer the same sensations in the roof of my mouth...this is on top of right sided face and teeth pain...I suppose I'm not sure it's tn was looking in to vasculitis. I f anyone can please respond be very grateful thanks.

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    Yes it can cause nerve pain in the instance of an abscess from sinusitis compressing the nerve, however, once the abscess is treated the compression would resolve and the pain therefore would resolve too. In some cases of nerve pain cancer or some sort of growth compressing the nerve would also give rise to similar pain. In these cases it would most likely be referred to as Facial Neuropathy rather than TN. Sinus cancer is very, very rare.

    Vasculitis involving the sinuses would result in congestion and frequent infections and/or nose bleeds (epistaxis to give it the correct name but that's difficult to spell unless you're an ENT nurse!), and with deep-seated infection/abscesses and scar tissue it is likely there would be some degree of nerve compression giving rise to nerve pain, but again this would not be considered TN. If your pain responds to over the counter pain and anti-iflammatory medication it is highly unlikely to be TN. This is one of the diagnostic indicators.

    Have you seen your GP about this problem, if so go back and ask for a referral to an ENT specialist. In the meantime you could try steam inhalations with menthol based products added (a few drops in a bowl of hot water, lean over the bowl with a towel over your head to trap the steam and breathe deeply for a few minutes, careful with the bowl, mind you don't spill it and burn yourself (health and safety satisfied now!!), this will help to open the sinuses. Also, sterile saline solutions from a chemist will help to clean your sinuses. Blow your nose one nostril at a time, it makes it less painful than both nostrils together. Other than that speak to your GP.

    Good luck.


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      Hi Susan thank you for your reply, I don't no what to do I'm at my wits end the nerve pain is unbearable. Would compressions show on mri with gadolinium and ct scans of sinuses? There.always clear. When all this started I saw an ent guy he was awful..he did an endoscopy all clear plus scan nothing showed so he said..he told me that he doesn't no what's wrong but sounds like neuralgia go see a neurologist ?? my sinuses when in a flare get so swollen I can't breath which causes congestion and I have a constant clear mucus running from nose...I get burning tingling and throbbing all through nose and back of nose and roof of mouth along with severe pain sensitivity in front teeth along with right sided facial symptoms Im really scared! My doctor has referred me here there and everywhere and I'm just not getting any answers...I also suffer terrible migraines...I'm really worried that something serious is going on like intercranial venous sinus thrombosis. ..

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      In classic TN compression of the nerve is seen at the point at which the nerve enters the face and splits into the three branches, this compression is always due to an enlargement of the blood vessel(s) which lie over the nerve. And, yes this would show up on an MRI, this is in fact the diagnostic indicator for classic TN.

      In any other type of compression i.e. due to masses or infection/abscesses the compression would be visible to some extent, but I imagine this would depend on the size of the compressing body, it would also be classed as Atypical TN. In some cases of Atypical TN (i.e. not due to the enlarged blood vessels) the cause may never be identified. But, head injuries, dental work and sometimes viruses or other infections can damage the nerve sheath (the myelin coating) and this would give rise to nerve impulses causing pain just like with classic TN.

      It is possible that you have something like facial neuropathy related to sinus problems or your migraines. Medicine still doesn't fully understand everything about migraines!

      Keep up your spirits and persist with finding an answer.


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    Hi, I have not heard of or experienced sinus as a problem related to TN , however, I can tell you that in my case , post mvd surgery to fix TN the mri report showed that the sinuses were inflamed. I've had a lot of issues with moist nostril and runny eye on the side of my surgery and only post surgery. The radiologist , 3 of them said that since this wasn't there pre surgery, it was a side effect of something they did during the operation.

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    I have similar issues for about 2 years. Did you ever determine what was the cause of your pain?
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      Have you found any answers? I am currently suffering from severe pain in the left side of my nose, roof of mouth, and sometimes it rai dates to my left ear and eye. This has been going on for 2 months and nobody seems to know what it is. I am going to have a CT scan next week but from my understanding if it is nerve related then it will show nothing.

      I just want to understand what is going on inside my face/head! sad

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    I was recently diagnosed with Occipital neuropathy. I also have acute sinusitis & drug resistance to infections. TMJ, ON,'s never ending..I quit my job of 14 years when the symptoms were to much to deal with at work.

    Last night the pain & pressure in the roof of my mouth was intolerable.. I felt pained to even breathe. Every time I see my PCP they call it depression or sinusitis.

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      As an update now they have diagnosed me with TN also
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    Hi everyone sorry I haven't replied sooner I haven't logged here for a long time. I still have no answers but I'm waiting to see a new team of consultants in a specialised clinic I think one is dental another pain consultant and headache and facial pain consultant so I'm hoping to get a firm diagnosis. I've actually had a fairly good year pain at bearable level but unfortunately it's all flaring up again. I'm so frustrated with it all no answers and still suffering...have any of you guys had any answers yet? Please let us know ?

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      hello everyone.

      I'm so glad that I found this discussion. So much of what you say registers the same for me and the medics are just not able to pin it down. I'm at my wits end.

      Symptoms- ulceration on palate, severe facial pain, pain at back of eye, pain on bridge of nose,up to top of my head,out along my cheek and as far as my jaw. At its worst I can't touch my face. at it's best I can get along with my day but I've had one year recurring ulcers and facial pain for 5 months. Also tinnitus.

      I've been given 3 different diagnosis by consultants:

      1. GP: Shingles

      2. Pain consultant: Trigeminal autonomic cephalgia possibly caused by a virus like shingles

      3. Dental specialist: Migraine.

      They all want to put me on diff medications

      Funny thing is this - the only thing that shows up on brain scan was chronic sinusitus.

      So..... im wondering could there be a greater sinus issue not identified. Given that I never knew I had one single occurences of sinisitus and yet scan shows up chronic...

      Am I making sense?

      I will keenly follow to see what results you have from dental specialist. I hopersonally he doesn't tell you migraine.

      Sorry for long post.

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    I have a history of polyps and cysts in my sinus as well as clenching and abscesses that DO NOT show up on normal dental x-ray. I brush and floss every single day! But I did not have any fluoride treatments as a youngster and I loved my chocolate.

    I also have a history of resorption, where the tooth just dissolves - or rather the body absorbs the bone. So that resulted in an implant, which resulted in facial pain for about a year. When the tooth behind it needed a new crown, we found a slight superficial crack, but it was fixed and recrowned. Then I started having that same facial pain, which feels like it's shooting into the face - the cheek, the eye, the scalp. I also have ear and shoulder pain. Water behind eardrum, occipital pinching pain on that side and toothache of course. 

    The endodontist says it's all good, no problem - I have nerve issue. Yet when I had the crown done my face on that side swelled up and I subsequently CT scanned positive for multiple sinus infections (sphenoid, ethmoid). 

    Now the latest dental visit caused palatal swelling and pain with ear, face and shoulder pain - just from the oversized digital x-ray piece that stuck into my palate. Could it be an infection that flared due to the manipulation? What the heck is going on? It's absurd really to spend thousands of dollars and never get an answer, while living in awful pain. Really awful. Even my thyroid hurt (yes, I do have nodules and they did flare up). 


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    Hi Chantell ,

    I have exactly the same condition as you. Your problem is caused by nerve damage.

    Where are you at now with your pain ?

    My heart goes out to you , I know how much you suffer , I go through this too !

    Best regards ,


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    Hey! I have been experiencing migraine like pain and the roof of my mouth has been hurting when I eat or drink something... what could this be? I'm freaking out

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    Did you ever find out what is wrong? I am experiencing the same thing. I am so miserable. 

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