Sinus Problems Making Me Crazy!

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For a year, after a bad cold, I have suffered terribly. My face hurts, back of head pain when lying down, nose burning, nausea, tummy troubles, crippling fatigue, foggy head, ear pain, teeth hurt. I went on antiboiotics a few months ago, and the made a difference for a while, but now it is all back with a vengence. I called in sick to work today. I am soooo exhausted and feel terrible. All of my muscles ache too. Have an appetite on and off. Just feel like I've been run over by a big ole' truck and have all the symptoms of sinus problems. Can a sinus problem be this hard to cure AND make you feel THIS BAD? It's gotten to the point where I don't want to do anything and I am now experiencing anxiety and depression because of the fact I've felt so bad for so long.  I am working on irrigation and probiotics today.

Thanks for letting me vent. Anyone else feel this bad with sinus troubles? It's runing my life.


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    100% yes to a tee!

    The crippling fatigue is a definite. I am a healthy? 26 year old guy, I don't smoke, drink, eat right and exercise yet I can't shift the fatigue. I am congested 24/7, have neck pain, tooth pain and chest pain daily from shear tension. I constantly get periods of burning up, shakes, dizziness and had about 3 infections in the last 3 months. I am not allergic to anything I come into contact with and similarly it's been going on for a year straight. I producing so much mucus it's not possible! Nothing helps!! The ENT's just don't care!!

    I suffer bad anxiety and depression as a result of simply feeling like crap 24/7 and I know how you feel. I am close to getting sacked to through time off.

    My doctor suggested the anxiety could be driving the problems and has given me Sertraline to help. Haven't started yet as scared senseless but I can't carry on like this.

    Sleep is a major issue, I just just can't get a good night sleep at all which isn't helping the depression.

    So far what has helped is nasal sprays, stay awake from decongestants as although they help temporarily, it drives the problem more. A neti pot has worked the most.

    Probiotics should help but I am starting to think it's placebo as I haven't had any change after two months.

    No joy on steriods, antibiotics, flixonase, dymstia yet.

    No idea what to do! Sorry rambling on.

    Have you had a scan yet?

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      I am scheduled for a scan. My doc says I do have an infection, chronic, but is looking into it more. I started a rinse of baby shampoo, sea salt, and baking soda all in warm water today. A site, recommends it. I am also starting to drink apple cider vinegar three times a day and put coconut oil in my nostrils. I am doing hot showers and steam inhalation too. I am soooooo sad you feel like you do, It is really tought to feel this bad for this long. I too was healthy until this hit. I have read too much about it and read about too many people having it to think I am out of the ordinary. I think the depression and anxiety is an obvious reaction to this hell hole. Let's keep in touch and cheer each other on. Keep trying natural solutions is the way I'm going. I will report back on the scan when it's done.


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      What meds have you tried? Any natural remedies? I have your same symptoms and doc has dx me with a sinus infection. It keeps coming back. Dang! I posted a longer post and it's being reviewed. Let's stay in touch. I would love to find a cure for you...and me!

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      I haven't found any natural remedies that work yet sadly. What have you tried??


      Clarithromycin - X 6 weeks - no change

      Amoxicillin X 1 week - no change

      Doxycycline X 1 week - no change


      Prednisolone (30mg) - 7 days - worked amazing each time. Cleared my sinues and inflammation however I got sick after finishing the course each time as it suppresses you're immune.

      Dymista nasal spray- Worked ish but gave me panic attacks and migraines due to the steriods, also increased depression?

      Nasal sprays:

      Flixonase - Nothging noticable

      Mometasone - Nothing noticable



      I had a CT scan last month but getting the results next week. I am at a complete loss as to what to try next.

      Herbal - I take probiotic's everyday and drink vitamin drinks and use the netti pot twice a day but the problem persists still.

      Have you tried anything not on that list?

      I am asking about a test for silent reflux when I go to the ENT next. Part of me is starting to think if you have tried every nasal spray and antihistamine then surely it can't be allergies. Maybe reflux is causing the issue? No idea as I don't have indesigestion though rolleyes


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      I will have to try that rinse, see if it helps at all. Not sure on the baby shampoo though?

      Have you got a link to the site please?

      I couldn't agree with you more though about the depression and anxiety. The question is do you take meds for it?

      The doctor wants me to start Sertraline as I have had a few attacks (Mainly frustration triggeres out of feeling so crappy) but not sure on them at all rolleyes

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      I use ambien now to help me sleep- not happy about taking anything but I was so bad with anxiety/stress/on medicine like prednisone that I needed something once I was done with the prednisone. Now I sleep like a baby- it's crucial. But unfortunately still feel like crap sad

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      Baby shampoo is actually a legitimate solution. If you google NCBI baby shampoo sinus irrigation, there is plenty of scientific data on it.

      I have tried it myself a few days ago, but the smell/taste nearly killed me eeeek! I must have made a too strong solution , but I can't even look at bottle of baby shampoo anymore 🤢🤢🤢

      Good luck!

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      Try Xlear....I myself have ordered one recently after reading all the reviews. It is a bit expensive but but natural product.... All the positive reviews that I read made me hopeful.I have been struggling with respiratory infections for very long and have tried too many things including immunotherapy for controlling for allergies.
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    Have had same for months ! Am at a loss for what to do . Have tried everything - had Ct scan and still no relief !!

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      Have been on and off antibiotics for 3 months- also Flonase - Zyrtec and saline rinse .

      Am limited as to antibiotics due to AFIB and also cannot take decongestants.

      It's been a long haul even my teeth hurt!!!

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    Can totally feel your pain. Have had the very same problem now for coming up 8 weeks. Have tried almost every 'cure' I've found on the web and never found anything that really helps.  The fatigue is so bad I just have to go to bed early each night, and even then there's no let up, as I can't sleep very well.

    Seems like the only thing to do is let it run it's course. Horrible, nasty illness.

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      I am against getting a MRI for this - have had Ct sinus scan which showed nothing so I guess we let it play out - awful !!! We must all work on boosting immune systems so this doesn't happen AGAIN!!

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