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slow transit constipation

Hello Everyone,

I've had several discussions with you all and it's really comforting although nothing anyone had suggested has helped on a practical level. I'm really worried this time however as my usual large intake of stuff - copious senna and dulcoease - has produced no release at all and it's really uncomfortable. 

I'm thinking about fibre products like fybrogel which I've avoided cos I don't want to add to the clogging - fibre being a bulking agent. I've always understood that soluble fibre as in fruits for example is ok but with slow transit, steer clear of other, non soluble fibre, cos it adds bulk which compounds the problem. Any comments would be most welcome.

Also any help at all would be lovely. I'm really getting to the point where I am tearing my hair out in a way. I am having appointments with a good colorectal dept and surgery isn't really an option so I've been told. I don't want that anyway as going under the knife can open a can of worms - so to speak! It's hard to control my thoughts and to steer clear of concerns such as, have I reached the point where nothing is doing to work any more. Also colonics don't help any more either.

What's the point indeed.

Best wishes to everyone,


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  • pat35683

    Hi... i use peppermint capsules and good old Andrews Salts. Take 2 peppermint capsules with food .. works a treat also great for really bad heartburn indigestion wind and IBS. The andrews works similar again take after food. I tend to take them in the evening and they work overnight but you can take them anytime of day really.

    Exercise of some sort is also very important as this stimulates the bowel to move , and obviously a good varied diet avoiding processed carbs . 

    • littleme1969

      Thanks for your comments. I'll try both products although I'm not sure they will be strong enough as I have slow transit and basically I don't "go" unless heavily medicated. For my transit study I went six days with very little internal transit, Then I took my medication so heaven knows how long I would have gone beyond the six days if I'd taken nothing. Its's got a lot worse since then.  Thanks again,


  • pat35683

    Have you tried magnesium supplement. It works.

  • pat35683

    You poor thing.  This is the worst - so painful and makes you feel awful.  Also, nobody wants to discuss it - for some reason bowel problems are either taboo or the butt (no pun intended) of some joke.  Loads of water and large doses of vitamin C.  The water helps the transit and vitamin C loosens you up.  I have used Fybrogel in the past and found it helpful but this is a problem that needs constant attention.  Have you tried cutting out bread?  Obviously what goes in must come out and some things help while others don't.  With a terrible case of candida albicans I did a no yeast, no sugar and no processed food diet for about a month.  Seriously none of these things - if it was in the ingredients of any item, I did not eat.  At the same time I used a mega probiotic.  It totally cleared me out.  I mean completely clean - I felt really good.  I know this sounds drastic but having slow transit is devastating for your health and personally I would try anything.  Another thing to try is drinking warm water with a splash of lemon juice first thing every day.  And of course avoiding heavy, difficult to digest foods like red meat.  Since I stopped eating red meat I haven't been constipated and I actually had to go to hospital at one point for an impacted bowel.  I really hope you manage to get this sorted out and start to feel at least a little better.

    • Shreddie

      Hello Shreddie,

      Thanks for your detailed reply. I'm afraid you haven't mentioned anything I haven't tried except warm water and lemon juice which I will try. I also had a candida infection years ago and went on a prolonged restricted diet under a natural health practitioner- no yeast, sugar and processed foods etc. My infection cleared up well but it did nothing for my constipation! I took a probiotic then and now plus vitamins, omegas etc. I've

      also tried high doses of Vitamin C with no effect and I rarely eat red meat - I can't remember the last time. I was interested in what you say about Fybrogel as I understand fibre products like that shouldn't be taken with slow transit cos they add bulk which inhibits transit even more. Hence I'm hesitant about trying them as I don't want to worsen my condition. I eat little bread and drink plenty of water daily.

      Could you tell me which brand of probiotic you use? 

      Thanks again for your reply.


  • pat35683

    I take eight sachets of cosmocol  at the one time sometimes it takes a day to start working I also take lactulose to soften it but be aware that can give you a wind 

  • pat35683

     Hiya, I can see from your post that your body is used to heavy-duty laxatives,so to speak.But have you ever tried Panda licorice? I love the stuff, but can only eat half a bag ,otherwise they give me the trots.I get packets from the supermarket,and they're often sold at health food stores.Licorice is very good for the stomach and gut.It's a natural liner for the stomach  and it coats the lining of the gut.It's  a natural laxative.The other remedies are a little older maybe-liquid paraffin and syrup of figs.Have you tried these?They worked spectacularly well when I was little and had your problem.

    x Beth


    • beth97678

      Hello again Beth,

      I haven't tried licorice. I don't really like the stuff - "allsorts" anyway but I'll try it. I also took syrup of figs as a child - I'll try that too. I don't know about liquid paraffin but I'll try anything!

      Best wishes,



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