Slowly losing my mind over constant discomfort

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Hi, Anyone have any ideas what can cause constant upper left abdominal pain,its usually in my stomach area or at my breast bone like a burning feeling,I am also burping a lot more.

Been to the Docs and given merbervine and told to also take co coadmol for the pain which I have been doing,its not getting any better.

I was told I had IBS 10 yrs ago but apart form this bothering me occasionally over the years(usually after going out for a big meal etc)I have it under control.

This pain is different becasue its there all the time and isnt low down and crampy or relieved by a BM like my typical IBS symptoms.

I am so worried,I have been online and can narrow my symptoms down to perhaps chronic gastrisis or Stomach cancer nothing else seems to fit.

i AM now starting to go off food and have been constipated too(though I know co codamol can do this and with the pain and my anxitety I dont feel like eating) I can look at it that way but also I am just getting more scared that its just another symptom I now have for Stomach cancer.

I cry at least twice a day and am really scared.

I am having bloods taken tmrw and a ulrasound.

I have been back to the docs and asked for an endscope as I am so worried-he agreed so now again part of me thinks he must think its something serious too.

Please can anyone give me any reasurrance or stories.I just cannot cope with the not knowing and the constant ache reminds me everyday so I cant even try to forget or enjoy my family.

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    Sarah reading your  story is more or less word to word description of what ive had for nearly five weeks now. Really sore and cramping sensation, seems to be with all day long and like you keep belching but doenst seem to give more than a few seconds relief. 

    Ive had blood tests taken which have come back showing a kidney problem, i to am waiting for a scan as well. Dr put me on omeprazole and said to take for a month, if these dont help then a camera down the throat which i really dont want at all. Like you  it isnt low down but across my stomach, gallbladder. liver, pancreas area and with me all day long.

    I was feeling very nausiated as well whch has lessened slightly  since taking the omeprazole but doing nothing about the rest of the pain and discomfort. Yes im also getting constipated as well with this but not all the time.

    Like you id like some reasurrance as well. really worrying isnt.


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      It really is Susan. I have scared myself silly with looking online.

      I am a worrier anyway so this doesnt help.

      I sure hope mine does not last another 3 weeks I dont know how you have coped.

      Take care and anytime you want a quick moan please use on here and me,I will listen,I think my partner is sick of it all now and thinks I am being silly.

      If you want keep me updated on your progress I will ne interested to see how things go for you.I get my bloods back on Tues.its the waiting around that causes the most stress.


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      Hi Susan are you any closer to having this sorted out for you?
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      Hey Susan can u plz tell me exactly which test showed u have a kidney problem??
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    Your symptoms sound like IBS.  My IBS pain started as constant and I had change of bowel habit with constipation, loose stools and nausea.  I had appalling anxiety and panic which was caused by googling too much and all my tests being negative.  

    Now my pain is in remission and comes and goes. Don't worry IBS can change.  Mebeverine is a known stomach irritant and made me feel a lot worse.  Buscopan and Nurofen work better for me.  You may have to try several antispasmodics.  Also keep a food diary to see if you have become intolerant to certain foods.  Maybe try the Fodmap diet with the help of a dietician.  Worry will make your symptoms a lot worse.

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      Thank you Pippa,When you say constant do you mean every day you had symptoms? or that the pain never went? mine is there all the time and if I wake in the night I can still feel it.surely this cant be simply IBS!

      Did you also get indigestion?

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      In the beginning I had symptoms every day with the pain never going away completely.  The pain used to wake me up at night and would be sore to lie on.  During the day, the pain would vary in type and severity.  Anxiety of course was fuelling the symptoms.

      I do get indigestion but I have had this for years even before IBS.  The indigestion has got a lot better than it used to be.

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    Have you tested for H. Pylori? I had the same symptoms and the blood work came back positive. I was put on two different types of antibiotics and omeprazole for two weeks. I had to continue taking the omeprazole even after the two weeks because I was still experiencing the burning sensation in my upper stomach area. The pain was intense and radiated to my mid and lower back area. This was accompanied by painful bloating. Nothing I did seemed to alleviate the pain. It kept me up all night just literally rolling around from side to side in a fetal position.

    I took mastic gum because I read that it helps with stomach issues, but it did nothing for me. I took probiotics capsules too, but it seemed to make the pain worse. I then went back to my GP, thinking the initial dose of antibiotics did not work. I read that some people had to undergo two or more doses of antibiotics before eradicating the bacterial infection.

    I was tested for H. Pylori again, this time via stool sample. It came back negative. I also had an ultrasound done and the results were normal. The GP thought I might have an ulcer caused by the H. Pylori and referred me to a GI specialist. The GI specialist wanted to perform an endoscopy and take a biopsy of my stomach area. I later cancelled the appointment because I had never been under general anesthesia before and the thought scared me.

    I changed my eating habits and deleted sodas, spicy food, and other acid rich food from my diet. I don't drink or smoke and other than this stomach issue, I am pretty healthy. Changing what I ate had no effect on my stomach issues. I was still gassy, bloated, the burning stomach sensation and back pain persisted, tired from sleepless nights, and constipated from the effects of omeprazole. I had been taking 20 mg omeprazole about every other day and I was beginning to feel intermittent discomfort in my kidneys. I was also experiencing chronic constipation.

    I wanted to wean myself off the omeprazole, but I wasn't able to. I was dependent on it. The pain was just too great without it. I knew that omeprazole affected the body's ability to absorb certain nutrients and I was worried.  

    I lived with the pain and taking the proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole) for four years. I had resolved myself to living with this condition for life. I thought there was nothing more I could do other than pain management. I made sure I had rolls of antacid and bottles of omeprazole always within reach.

    About a month ago, I noticed that the symtoms I mentioned started to get less and less to the point where I was able to stop taking the omeprazole. I was able to finally sleep throughout the night and for the first time in many years, felt optimistic about the future. I was confused as to why I was better because my daily activities had remained unchanged. I had to know why after so many years of anxiety and suffering, it just seemed to dissipate.

    After much consideration, the only thing I could think of was that about a month ago, I started drinking green tea. I never drank tea before, but a friend gave me a cannister so I started to drink it. I liked it and drank about two cups (6 ounce cup) each day. Could this be the reason I was better? I went online and and did research. I found out that green tea contains a chemical compound called catechin that reduces inflammatory and inhibits H. Pylori.

    I believe green tea has helped me. I continue to drink at least two cups a day and haven't the need to take any medication for a month now. I don't know if green tea will help you, but it may help you as it did me. I never new something so cheap and simple to make could have such a huge impact on my life. Try it for a few weeks and see if it helps.

    I hope this post helps you.


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      When I had an endoscopy, general aneasthesia was not used.  I was given twlight sedation so I was awake for the procedure although it made me sleepy.  However,  I had a very bad reaction to the sedation so if I ever  need a stomach investigation again, I would choose a barium meal instead.

      Wonderful to know that green tea helped you.

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      Thank you Sally for your reply..I was tested via stool sample for H Pylori which came back neg and given Omperazole which I stopped taking after a while.(didnt feel it was helping)

      Strangly enough I was taking Green Tea Capsules along side the probiotics and stopped them both around the same time(thinking the green tea wasnt helping-but who knows maybe it was as I had defintiely less stomach issues when I was on the two capsules together.)

      This time around they have not re tested for H Pylori but are going to do an endoscope(and told me if its there they will spot it this way)

      I have got myself in the biggest state ever,I am not eating,cry most of the day and feel like I am waiting to be told the bad news(cancer)

      The GP is rushing my endoscope through,she said this is more to do with the fact I am very anxious,However she did say cancer is on her list of possible things it could be,just not at the top of her list,she never said wwhat these other things could be.

      I am terrified-I have a 9yr old and a 2yr old and cannot bear the thought of leaving them.

      I am even more anxious as my pain although still burns in my stomach area it as now moved around to the left lower side of my back and is quite painful-I could ignore the stomach pain mostly but this is more painful so my worry is greater as I can not stop thinking about it for even a second.(though I do see you suffered from back pain also!)

      If all this comes back with no findings I may try the green tea tablets again and see....


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      Hi Leigh.

      The Docs are leaning towards IBS-However they are still doing tests to rule things out!

      My stomach ache and back ache as gone now for the most part.

      Suffering from constipation at the moment-so I know a lot of the symptoms I am having are for IBS-This however does not stop the worry its something else.

      My endoscopy came back clear as did my Ultrasound.

      I am waiting for the results of a Stool Calprotectin test to rule out IBD.

      Plus booked in for a CT Scan at the end of the month.

      I still would like>ok, wrong word choice....but I want to have a Colonoscopy to really rule everything out and put my mind to rest.

      The Docs are seemingly reluctant to do this.

      How are you?

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    I have very similar symptoms to you. Started off as pain on right side of abdomen. It shifted to the left of my abdomen and has now stayed there for alimony 7 months. It always rumbles along but sometime ramps up for a week or so. Kind of hurts when I move my torso in different ways. I've had a ct, mrcp, loads of bloods and an endoscopy. Endoscopy was done just over a week ago. Doc said it shows mild gastritis and duodenitis. He has given omoperazole 40mg for a month. Due to see him again next week to go over the biopsy results. I have mentioned a colonoscopy and he seems open to do it. Need some closure to this as it's took over my life for 8 months. Do you feel drained and tired all the time?

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      Hi again,

      Yes I do and quite low in mood-which is mostly down to having constant aches and pains and not knowing what it is.

      I am still waiting to talk to Doc once my stool test results have finally come back, so I am going to ask for a colonoscopy.

      Have you been tested for H Pylori?

      Stool Calprotectin?

      Hopefully once you have been taking the PPI for a bit it should ease some of your symptoms!

      (How did you find your Endoscopy? I am just thankful it was over so quickly-horrid experience lol)

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      Hi. I didn't find the endoscopy too bad. It's not something I want to do again but it wouldn't bother me if I needed too. I have been tested for h pylori. Will get the results when I go back to see gastro. I think he has took samples to check for food intolerances too. Had faecal calprotecon done last July and it was fine. Hopefully get the colonoscopy done soon and be able to get a diagnosis.

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