Small blisters on penis shaft

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Hello, I have noticed a number of small blisters on my penis shaft. They have formed craters and scabbed over, although one is under my foreskin and is quite painful and slow healing due to the location. I have included a picture, could I get a diagnosis please. I cannot easily use a sexual health clinic as I am outside the UK and do not speak the local language.

I am sexually active although just with one partner and we have been monogamous for over a year and have both recently tested negative for chlyamidia, syphalliis, HIV etc. Along with a diagnosis, is there any home remedies/over the counter meds I could but to help until I am back in the UK where I will see a Doctor?


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    This appears to look like Follicilitis, which is a type of skin infection caused by inflammation of hair follicles. This is one of the most frequent causes of blisters on the penis and is typically treated with the use of antibiotics. Penile cancer is a relatively rare cause of penis blisters, although early detection is of the utmost importance. Symptoms may include redness or irritation on the penis as well as the presence of one or more blisters or sores.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. I will look it up
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    1. How old are you- I note that you state that you are sexually active and  herefore over the age of 18.

    2. When you say blisters, are these fluid filled either with an aqueous substance or something on the lines of an acne eruption which may carry blood as well as whte corpuscles.

    3. Do you have very greasy sking in the first place and in particular

        your face and back. Does this lead to acne?

    As Chris 2016 suggests, this could be to do with new pubic hair follicles forming either to releive the pressure on the other pubikc folicles and also to build a wall against infections. 

    I would imagine  that keeping the gential area very clean with a soap such as Phisohex ( a soap based on parafin with and antic-bacterial additive) or similar anticeptic soap to keep the are clear of infection may be one area.

    The other thing that comes to mind and that is: have you recently had any surgery that required that your pubic area needed to be shaved?

    If so, then that could be the hair follicles reforming to allow the hair to regrow. They will form bumps before the actual pore opens to allow the hair to erupt.  That inturn many casue a raised pore which looks like a "spot".

    Don't panic but if things do not improve, see a doctor.


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      1. I am 25 years old.

      2. I have nopt noticed them being fluid filled but this may be because they pop very quickly and scab over.

      3. I do not generally have a problem with acne, although I am currently in a tropical climate where I am sweating much more than I would in the UK, which has lead to some spots. I would not say I am very greasy though.

      Thanks for the advice, I will buy some soap like this today.

      I have not had any surgery requiring me to shave my pubic area - although as you can see from the picture the spots/blisters are on the shaft of my penis and away from the pubic area.

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    Hey anaon019283, Did you get a diagnosis? I have something that looks just like this and would appreciate some feedback on what it was.


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      Hey I've got something similar going on. A small raised bump appeared on my penis out of nowhere about 4 days ago. It was only 1 at first now I have a total of 6 on my shaft. 3 of them are sores I guess from it rubbing against my underwear from normal day to day activity. They itch somewhat and sting a little when soap gets on it or it rubs against my clothing. Please let me know any more information you come across. I use baby powder daily after my showers. I've never had this happen to me before so could the baby powder have something to do with it?

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      They start off ass small crater like bumps then turn into small crater like sores. I don't have any on my penis head nor my scrotom. I also haven't noticed any type of discharge from the bumps nor from the tip of my penis, unless the discharge from the bumps leaks in my underwear without me knowing.

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      I have this but I have at least 20 of the spots, can somebody please reassure me, I'm so worried, had no sexual contact with anybody, I'm thinking from what I've looked up, probably dry masterbation and too much of it?

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      Hey Julian, did you find jts solution? I jave exactly the same problem right now.
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    Did you find out what this was? I would appreciate some information I'm a little scared

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    anybody ever get anything on this. started getting the same spots and am looking for some kind of resolution to it. thanks. 
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      Hey! I had something that looked the same and I came to this forum for it a few months ago. Mine just went away and healed and once I moved to LA where I was close to a clinic I went in for testing and I was clean for HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, herpes, and Chlamydia. I am not a doctor so I'd just go to a clinic or doctor and check it out but it might just be ingrowns if you've shaved recently or idk what. For me it was nothing serious though!

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      Did you find out what you had? I am 7 craters, but no puss or boil.  No pain...
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      Hi Filmguy,

      I'm 99% sure it is herpes as I had the exact same as in the picture.

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