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So backed up!

I've had chronic constipation for over 10 yrs. I can only "go" with enemas or suppositories. And that works for me. I do enemas every 4 - 5 days.. My bowels haven't moved "on their own" in 5 yrs or more.

Anyways,the last 2 weeks have been brutal. I did enemas,and only got some liquid stool back. Had a real bad pain in my lower left side,and lower middle of my stomach. It was bad! Today I had a magnesium citrate drink, and nothing so far. My stomach feel bloated, but there's no feeling of a movement.. This is getting so frustrating! I think I have a blockage. But I'm not in any pain. I'd rather try to make my bowels move on my own at home, before I go to ER. Any suggestions?? I'm so tired of this.. Had colonoscopy done 6 months ago. No cancers, just a lot of inflammation..Help!!!

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  • patrick95146 patrick95146 denise619

    hi denise ,i have had chronic constipation for many years now too,it started when i was 14 years old,i was only able to go potty every 4 to 5 days,so my mom began to give me fleet saline enemas about once a week,from age 14 to took me to the doc,and he diagnosed me with mega colon,Told mom keep a diary of when i went potty,and if i didnt go by day 3 ,she was to give me an enema asap.

    i wound up not being able to go potty without enemas after a few months.,that went on every week for 7 years.

    i found a colonic irrigation clinic in san diego when i moved out ,the colonics definitly helped me go potty daily,istill get them to this day

    when i was 36,i got in a car accident and was bed ridden for  3 months,and i moved home with mom to heal,unfortunatly my constipation suggested trying a new type 

    • patrick95146 patrick95146

      of enema -mineral oil made by was a nurse,so i let her give it to me

      it was as thick as motor oil going in,mom told me to breath deeply and press on my tummy as it went in to help break up the hardened poop inside my belly.,it took like 5 to 6 minutes to completely go in me,and longer to come out but it worked better than saline enemas,and no cramps


  • dava53 dava53 denise619

    Don't know how old this is but take 4 doses of mira lax and in the morning use the old enema bag and put in 2 bags of plain water and you'll clean out. due to medications i've done this 2x week for 20 years

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