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denise619 denise619

So backed up!

I've had chronic constipation for over 10 yrs. I can only "go" with enemas or suppositories. And that works for me. I do enemas every 4 - 5 days.. My bowels haven't moved "on their own" in 5 yrs or more.

Anyways,the last 2 weeks have been brutal. I did enemas,and only got some liquid stool back. Had a real bad pain in my lower left side,and lower middle of my stomach. It was bad! Today I had a magnesium citrate drink, and nothing so far. My stomach feel bloated, but there's no feeling of a movement.. This is getting so frustrating! I think I have a blockage. But I'm not in any pain. I'd rather try to make my bowels move on my own at home, before I go to ER. Any suggestions?? I'm so tired of this.. Had colonoscopy done 6 months ago. No cancers, just a lot of inflammation..Help!!!

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  • patrick95146 denise619

    hi denise ,i have had chronic constipation for many years now too,it started when i was 14 years old,i was only able to go potty every 4 to 5 days,so my mom began to give me fleet saline enemas about once a week,from age 14 to took me to the doc,and he diagnosed me with mega colon,Told mom keep a diary of when i went potty,and if i didnt go by day 3 ,she was to give me an enema asap.

    i wound up not being able to go potty without enemas after a few months.,that went on every week for 7 years.

    i found a colonic irrigation clinic in san diego when i moved out ,the colonics definitly helped me go potty daily,istill get them to this day

    when i was 36,i got in a car accident and was bed ridden for  3 months,and i moved home with mom to heal,unfortunatly my constipation suggested trying a new type 

    • patrick95146

      of enema -mineral oil made by was a nurse,so i let her give it to me

      it was as thick as motor oil going in,mom told me to breath deeply and press on my tummy as it went in to help break up the hardened poop inside my belly.,it took like 5 to 6 minutes to completely go in me,and longer to come out but it worked better than saline enemas,and no cramps


  • dava53 denise619

    Don't know how old this is but take 4 doses of mira lax and in the morning use the old enema bag and put in 2 bags of plain water and you'll clean out. due to medications i've done this 2x week for 20 years

    • patindaytona dava53

      Hello Dava,

      I have chronic constipation also and recently was put on Gabapentin which causes constipation anyway, so it's super bad now and I haven't gone in such a long time. I just tried the enema and couldn't believe how much! I've tried the enema on and off over the years, but not in a long time. I just use what you're talking about also, simple bag with plain water and it works. I feel uncomfortable about using it though because seems kind of strange, but if it works....I see you've been using it a long time. Mira Lax might be good....i used to use it. Been using the Citracel every day, but even that doesn't work at all for me now. I'll try getting some more Mira Lax again.

    • dava53 patindaytona

      I don't know if you're on medication but 4 doses of mira lax the night before. In the morning put an enema, the old one, and hold as long as possible. after it comes out do it one more time and you'll have the cleanest colon on the blocksmile Save or not, I do it 2x a week because of medication. i'd rather do this than not go. i've read where people haven't gone for a whole month!!!!

      Good Luck patND

    • patindaytona dava53

      4 doses of Miralax? Is that safe to do? I think it said one capful a day, possibly two. Enema is ok at home. Just hope I'm never in a situation for a long period of time that i can't do that (away from home, hospital etc..)

    • patindaytona dava53

      I haven't gotten the Miralax yet....wife hasn't gone to the store for groceries.  But will try it. Isn't the enema alone enough? I just did it and man..............I'm empty!  I suppose it's safe to do regularly. 

    • dava53 patindaytona


    • patindaytona dava53

      Seems like the Miralax isn't working as expected for me. I can feel it inside me (crummy feeling), but no bowel movement. It looks like i'm going to have to depend on enema's like you maybe twice a week. I suppose their are alot of people in the world who do it often.

  • Althylove denise619

    I just finished posting about my constipation. I had it since 12 years  if nelly found the answer that solved it completely. Lol I’m not selling anything, trust me. You have to try Slippery Elm! Read my post about it “OMG, finally a cure for constipation” I explain how I came to find it, how I use it, etc. I swear to you, I have tried everything, nothing works like this does! Google Slippery Elm for Constipation. You will see, u have to try it. You could try Baking soda too, if your always constipatd without breaks, baking soda would work great for you. I explain that too on my post. One teaspoon of baking soda diluted in an 8oz glass of warm water, in the morning 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything except water ofc. After 30 go on with your life, wat, whatever. It helps to have a coffee after 30 min as coffee is a laxative too and will work with the baking soda. Read my post of u can, maybe you can search it through my I’d? I’m not sure, I’m new on here hehe


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