So many problems, so weak... Blood, digestion, lymph nodes

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I'm diagnosed with hypothyroidism- one week actually (smaller thyroid, tsh 6). And I have these weird health things:


- too long bleeding after tooth extraction- 2 times

- too slow wound healing- after one extraction 5 months sad


- food pieces in poop- mostly cooked vegetables

- I can't eat anything greasy- chips, pizza (cheese), fried food in general

- weird grumble 

Lymph nodes- 4 bigger ones on my neck.

Doc said they are fibrotic (don't know correct word, sorry)

My eyes- sometimes I have diplopia sad 

So- my question is: Is it possible, that it's because of hypothyroidism?

If not- do You have any other ideas?

Sorry for my english- I'm from Western Europe.


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    I could have written that about myself.

    I have three swollen glands on left side of neck which cause me bother. And a new one on right side. And a lot of neck pain.

    My digestive system is shocking. One day I'm constipated, the next I'm running to the loo and very loose. I don't know whether it's hypo, meds or food intolerances.

    I have also been having light headed seas and faintness and feeling extreme hungry.

    Also have had some bizarre funny turns. Still having tests done to make sure it's nothing else.

    So you are not alone

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      It sounds like me, too...

      And I'm also trying to exclude other possibilities rolleyes 

      I've checked glucose, coagulation, head ct, liver and pancreas parameters, h.pylori, today I had stomach ultrasonography, next week I'm having ultrasonography of these annoying glands, I'm sure, there was more of that, trying to figure it out since a few months.

      And I think, I will have to do colonoscopy, cause everything seems to be fine, but I'm still not rolleyes 

      I also have some periods, when I eat like a horse and really often have dizziness.

      And I'm soooooo tired of everything.


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    I get nausea every single time after I eat and also get swollen lymph nodes on the left side of neck.  I have hashimoto's with hypothyroidism.  My doctor said that the lymph nodes which are over 1 cm have nothing to do with either.   So.. not sure what causes the swollen lymph nodes.  They just come and go randomly for over a year now.    Can't comment on your other symptoms as I am not experiencing the others.  Best wishes.


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    Hello Marpow:

    My name is Shelly and  a a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease.

    Your clotting comes from Vit. K and Platelets in your blood.  They can run tests on you to see the levels and if necessary give you treatment if low.

    They can also run a test called a Clotting time.  They measure your clotting times and see if  they are abnormal.

    Lymph nodes swell when infections happen and also when the immune system is acting up due to hormones.  It should calm down as you build a proper thyroid level.  Take your thyroid med without food in your stomach.  If they stay swollen see the doctor.

    Bowel and stomach are effected by low thyroid.  Constipation is most common and also excess bile and gas forms if bowels and digestion are off.  Some get IBS and a back and forth between constipation and loose bowels.

    Eat good foods and avoid gluten and junk foods.  Drink lot of water. omus also get GERD or acid build up.  They have meds for it now.

    I hope this helps,


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      Hello Shelly smile

      It realy helps.

      I did some tests 3 months ago, because of teeth extractions:

      Platelets: 256 thousand (150-450)

      PT: 12 sec   

      Quick value: 94%  (80-120)

      INR: 1    (0,9-1,2)

      APTT: 29 sec   (26-43)

      Fibrinogen: 3,30  (2-4)

      I have this weird, blood problem only with teeth rolleyes any other place is healing fine.

      Do You think this mess with my health could have something to do with bowel?

      I will try to get referral to colonoscopy, but I guess, I will have to wait a few weeks, or even months.

      Thank You smile


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      Hi everyone,

      It's interesting to read all these discussions.

      In my own experience with hypothyroidism, I would like to add something positive.

      I have been diagnosed about 15 years ago and have been on medication since then.  I was told I will always need a maintenance medication.  

      I have a demanding job as a lecturer and sometimes I get home very tired. I attribute it to work pressures. I sleep then for about an hour or two and feel fine again. 

      As women, we all deal with multiple tasks.  I'm sure everything we experience in our total health scenario is not attributed to hypothyrodism. 

      There could be other underlying causes of health setbacks. 

      The important aspect of a balance life is to embrace and deal with it within the available resources in order to avoid becoming too absorb in the negative aspects.  

      Reading too many negative cases could have an effect of despondence on us.  

      My very best to all and good luck in finding the balance in medication and healthy living.

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      Hello Marpow:

      The mouth bleeds a lot because of lot's of blood vessels and capillaries in there.  Use Ice pads on cheek of bad side, rinse it with salt water after dental procedure.  Do also rinse with ice cold water as cold helps to stop bleeding.  Some meds can make you bleed more as they could contain ingredients that could make bleeding prolonged.

      Your above lab work s okay.  One extra testcould be a bleeding time test usually done on the arm and measured by second it takes to clott.  However it does not measure the mouth area.

      Do not take  Tylenol or paracetamol, or ibuprofen, or naproxen as they can make you bleed longer and should stopped a week before any dental work.  Get a blood glucose level also, because some people have long bleeding times when Diabetic and can have bowel problems also.

      Get a colonoscopy because it can see polyps and areas of any damage in the bowel.  Eat healthy foods and not ready made ones.  Sit up for 1 hour after eating for digestion.  Avoid Gluten productsas it bothers the bowels and thyroid and buy Gluten free items, many stores carry them.

      All systems in the body work together and the thyroid does effect the bowels.  Digestion problems can be from a lack of enzymes also and from gall bladder problems.  It is worth getting a colonoscopy done.

      Keep us posted on how you do good or bad.


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      Thank You smile

      My glucose level is 89, I didn't check a few hours after meal...

      Yesterday I removed gluten from my diet- for good.

      I'm trying to get referral to colonoscopy, but my doc is pretty stubborn rolleyes and thinks I'm hypochondriac.

      So, this long bleeding and healing can't be caused by hypothyroidism?

      I've got anemia too.

      My teeth removings were awful (and I have one root to remove- surgeon dentist) sad stitches, adrenaline and still bleeding- I spent 4 hours there- it wasn't really big bleeding, but dentist was concern. 

      I will check bleeding time...

      I'm soooooooooo tired of this, hope it will not be anything like cancer... 


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      Oh, I forgot- sorry for bothering You, but could You answer one more question?

      I'm thinking about parasites, or candida- do You think that could be the reason?

      I'm bipolar, schizotypal (weird diagnose), always pessimist, so this is killing me sad

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      Hello Marpow:

      The thyroid can be attacked by infections like Epstein-Barr or Mononucleosis.  This virus can bother the normally friendly antibodies and cause them to attack the thyroid gland.

      Candida is  a yeast infection and yeast can get into the mouth and cause Thrush.  It can make your throat sore and painful and cause lymph glands to swell and in turn make your thyroid upset.  They do have medication for yeast.   Yeast infections and hig blood glucose go together a lot.  Yeast is also part of the vagina and normally kept in check.  If underwear is nylon it may not allow air to circulate well which could be a cause.  It can be treated by meds. Eating yogurt helps both bowels and PH in the vagina.

      Parasites, can deplete the bowel causing loose bowels or greasy bowel movements and pain. Some people can see some worm like creature in their stools. It can be from food and there also is a Blasto Hominis one that lives in the stomach and causes problems with digestion and loose stools. Always wash fruit and vegetables well.  They can give antibiotics for it.

       Worm lke parasites that are left in the bowel the weight will drop and the parasite will eat away at the intestines and later on the body could be malnourised.  The temp could rise and the parasite could multiply also.  There is certain meds for this and you have to have a sample of your bowel movement so they can culture for the right parasite.

      As to bleeding, go over your meds and look each one up online under side effects, and  see if anything is in them that could prolong bleeding or cause dilation of any blood vessesls.  Many meds could dilate blood vessels and that alone could be a reason for extra long time in bleeding.  They can cauterized any vessel that will not clott.

      Any questions just ask,



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      Hello Marpow:

      Several conditions & meds could bring on long bleeding times.

      Hypothyrodism can make bleeding long when TSH is not normal.  Diabetes can also make bleeding times longer.  Also meds for the heart or to keep the blood thin such as Aspirin, Heparin, Warfarin, also  naproxen for arthritis, motrin, nitrates for the heart condition Angina, Certain beta blockers and ace inhibitors for the blood pressure.  Some other meds for other conditions could contain a ingredient that could make clotting problems. 

      You can ask a pharmacist about any meds you take and see if they contain any ingredient that could prolong bleeding.

      Low Vitamin K can also be a problem.   Anemia also can be a cause., as the levels of iron are low and that could mean a low amt. of Red Blood Cells.  So look into that.

      Cancer can cause bleeding but also shows other major blood abnormalities like low sodium, low RBC's, low platelets , iron, etc... I doubt this.

      I hope this helps,



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      Thank You so much, Shelly- You're the best! smile

      I will check vit K too. I've got anemia, but I'm also vegetarian...

      I will try to do these tests and write here. 


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