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Since yesterday my heart rate has been very erratic at rest. It mostly will not settle below 100 and is an average of 120. I am feeling pressure behind my eyes and quite dizzy. I keep getting different blood pressure readings. Normal high and too low. I had one yesterday that was 98/45 but today I've had some very high ones inbetween normal ones the highs ones have been

- 186/126 (109heart rate)

-168/146 (87heart rate)

-127/111 (144heart rate)

-138/113 (45heart rate)

-151/91 (140heart rate)

I'm a 21 year old female and don't exercise at all. All measurements have been done at rest. They're fluctuating and my heart rate just won't go below 100 no matter what.

I don't know what I'm suppose to do?

Thanks Molly

Bare in mind I was at rest and very relaxed when it was done. My head hurts and my eyes just feel very strange. I'm just wondering if anything like this has ever happened to anyone before? Thanks Molly

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    You really need to see a doctor as soon as possible. A raised pulse can be due to anxiety, but it's your BP that's worrying me more. Those readings of 168/146 and 186/126 are dangerously high for anyone, and especially for a young person of your age.

    You can't get diagnosed on a patient forum. You  need to get medical attention immediately. It may, of course be that there's just something wrong with the BP monitor you're using, and that anxiety about these readings is pushing your pulse up. However, you need to get your BP measured by a professional within the next few days to establish what it really is. If you can't get an early appointment with your GP/PCP, then you should go to A&E/ER.

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      I will list all of today's from over the past few hours:

      -86/64 - 101

      -108/58 - 114

      -93/55 - 115

      -186/126 - 109

      -118/73 - 103

      -168/146 - 87

      -127/111 - 144

      -114/77 - 125

      -132/92 - 113

      -111/72 - 119

      -142/74 - 91

      -109/78 - 113

      -150/76 - 111

      -129/71 - 114

      -127/65 - 111

      -121/70 - 103

      -117/70 - 116

      -118/73 - 103

      -168/146 - 87

      -138/113 - 45

      -151/91 - 140

      -132/92 - 140

      -145/85 - 134

      -163/107 - 89

      I'm so confused. I have back ache, eye ache, headache, dizzy and chest pain

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      Like the other poster in here, I wonder what you'd been doing immediately before you took each reading. Although everyone's BP varies widely throughout the day, it's not usual to get a huge variation like yours. That's what also makes me wonder whether there might be something wrong with your monitor.

      I'm also wondering whether you're obese (since you say you don't exercise at all). Home monitors normally come with a notification that they'll only work up to a certain upper arm circumference. If your arm is bigger than that, you'll need a specialised cuff. I'm assuming you are using a monitor that takes your BP on your upper arm, of course, and not one of the old ones you stick your finger into. Those are completely useless.

      Some of your pulse readings seem exceptionally high too. It is true that some people function quite happily on pulse rates of up to about 100, but anything over 120 is high for someone of your age, especially if you were at rest. Did you take your pulse yourself (counting the beats for 15 secs using a clock or watch with a second hand, then multiplying by 4) or are these the results you're getting from your monitor? Again, if the monitor is malfunctioning, it could be showing variable readings for pulse as well as BP.

      The symptoms you report could all be due to anxiety, but I still feel you need to see a doctor in the very near future, just to be on the safe side.

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      Hi Mol, that's 24 reading's in may be 8/12 hours, can I ask if you are on any meds and have you seen a Dr recently, you say that your readings and pulse have become unstable over the last couple of weeks, is this your BP monitor as its unusual for someone your age to own one or were you told to do readings by your Dr

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    Well, first things first.  When we say "at rest", that should mean you've been doing nothing more than sitting or walking around the room for the last ten minutes.  And you should not take it within thirty minutes of eating anything.

    Are you taking any other prescription drugs or vitamins and supplements?

    And, are you sure your BP meter is in good shape?

    There are people whose pulse rate just runs high their whole lives, I was working with one recently.  I wondered if he'd even discussed it with a doctor.  Most doctors assume that when they see you in the office you're just suffering from "white coat hypertension", and they tend to sneer at you when you say you've measured it at home.  But still, if you're going to read the Internet and worry about stuff, if it does worry you, see a doctor.  Keep a log for a couple of days, of your readings, of any other symptoms, etc


    I might also suggest, as a test, fasting for twenty-four hours, just water, and see if the BP doesn't smooth out and go down.  That at least gives you a base state that you can report from.

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      And also - are you able to just relax when you take the BP?  If you fight with the meter, the readings mean nothing.
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    I would take that written log and go to your doctor or an urgent care.
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    I am able to fully relax apart from my chest pains when doing my bp. Also I'm not obese either. My partner has no problems with the machine when doing he's blood pressure. It's just me. I don't know what's going on. Seem to be getting chest pain when breathing in and all the time anyway. I'm very tired and I'm lightheaded. My legs keep shaking too. I feel really cold yet my whole body is warm to the touch. I've got no idea what's going on tbh

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      Can you call a doctor or go to A&E/ER tonight? If not, I think you should do this tomorrow morning. It's quite likely to be due to anxiety, but I still think you should get yourself checked, especially if you're having chest pain when breathing in.

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      You say your not overweight, could you possibly be underweight, I suffered with anorexia when I was younger, this altered my BP and my pulse rate. You should in all honesty see someone regarding it, it could simply be you have virus, too many reasons to speculate.

      You haven't answered as to why u have started taking BP

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    I agree with everyone else.  It sounds like you may be freaking yourself out a bit.  What has prompted you to start taking your Bp readings?  Are you using an old-fashioned Bp cuff/monitor or are you using a SMART band?  Calm down and relax.  Are you in school?  Where are your parents/family?  Is there someone home that you can calm yourself with?  How about a friend?  I also wonder what time are you taking these readings?  Every 10 minutes or less?  Call your doctor and schedule an appointment.  Stop taking Bp readings until you see the doctor.  Good luck and stay calm until you see the doctor.  
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    I take my BP because everyone is recommended too. Otherwise they wouldn't be sold in shops. My GP always reccomends to regularly check and as I don't fancy sitting in a chemist I bought my own for whenever I feel like testing. I normally check it all the time and it's fine but these past couple of days it hasn't been right. I'm not anxious at all about it or I would be at the hospital I just thought I'd ask for people's opinions on it. It's a little bit worrying but I'm not overly bothered just the pains I keep getting are quite intense. An no I'm not underweight either I'm 5 ft 5 and 12 stone 2 so just the tiniest bit over weight. I haven't really ate a lot all day either. So no salt etc. I've done it a couple more times and my heart rate is still fast and my bp is still high. My normal bp is around 90/55 ish. So this is very unusual

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      Actually, you're more than "the tiniest bit" overweight. Your coordinates give a BMI of 28.3, which is in the upper half of the overweight range, though not obese, as you correctly say. But that's still better than being anorexic, as it can be addressed.

      Since you say you do no exercise at all, it might be a good idea to start, but only once you've been checked by a doctor. Lack of exercise is one of the major causes of hypertension at any stage in life.

      I note that you haven't responded to anyone's questions as to whether you've already seen a doctor or are on any medications. I'm sure you have your own reasons for that, and this forum isn't the place for anyone to press you to answer.

      I'm a little puzzled by the conflicting statements you're making, but again, this is your business and no one else's. I'm not here to interrogate you and I'm sure the other posters in here feel the same way. However, you've stated in your most recent post: "I'm not overly bothered just the pains I keep getting are quite intense". Well, if I was getting intense chest pains I certainly would be bothered, and would consider seeing a doctor sooner rather than later!

      I think you need to stop taking your BP for now. You've established that it's varying from normal to very high, so there's no point in continuing. This will only make your anxiety worse in any case. Your only options right now are to try and get a good night's sleep if it's night-time where you are (it's 1am here, but I'm working the night shift) or to call a doctor or go to a hospital immediately. You can post on the forum again tomorrow, but I think we've all of us, including you, gone about as far as we can with this one right now.

      I hope you can get some sleep, or at least some rest if it's still daytime where you are, and that you'll feel a bit calmer after that.

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