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justme67 justme67

Sore achy legs


I've suffered numbness and tingly pins/needles in my legs for past few years, had MRI 3 years ago, looked fine.

But now if I'm going short walks i.e. Around the house etc I'm fine , but once I start walking i.e. To work or the shops etc I get a pain in my calf and leg/knee and it's so painful I have to stop a few times on the way.

I'm also starting to get pain in my lower back at same time.

I'm still getting the numbness and tingly feet and leg

Saw go two weeks ago she gave me exercises for knee pain?

Anyone else had same?

Bit worrying now ... thanks

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  • Peonygirl1 Peonygirl1 justme67

    Hi justme, I have same issues and they are caused from nerve damage, herniated discs etc. I ncourage you to get a nerve conduction test it will determine if your issues are resulting fro spine, discs, compressed nerves etc. Also, this group has many people who have these same issues but for way different reasons then mine. The internet is a good resource for finding possible reasons for the symptoms you have. Look for medical websites that have symptoms and possible conditions that might cause them. I know some medicines can be the culprits, statins for heart problems cause terrible pain in muscles etc.! I think it would be smart to ask your Dr. About the exercises as depending on cause they can aggravate and might cause further damage. Diabetes can cause pin/needle sensations, nerve damage etc. I encourage you to be persistent in finding your answers as so many health issues can and will progress,not fun to deal with! Best of luck and remember if you feel it it is! Don't let your medical advisors suggest it might be in your head. Neurologist Drs will most likely be your best resources. Hope this helps you (justme). Sending a hug your way! 🍀☘️🕊

  • taneshia45137 taneshia45137 justme67

    This is happening to me as well its been happening for about 2 and a half months. Some days when i walk i get a little bit of pain and a lot of tightness, other days its all pain. Its hard to explain how it feels, its like an electric ache if that makes sense. And i have problems with my knee and hip as well but mostly my knee. My knee hurts and feels tight and it crack/pops a lot. I also have noticed if im sitting in a postion for about 10 minutes or so it acts up as well, so i have to keep moving postions, but laying down is usually when i have the least pain. My doctor thinks its nerve pain but not completely sure because im still waiting to get an mri.

  • donald12062 donald12062 justme67

    I've had neuropathy pain in my both feet and toes for about 4 years !

    2 months ago, I had surgery on my leg, foot and toes !

    The surgeon decompressed the nerves and now my pain is about 50 % better !

  • sumner2q sumner2q justme67

    I have been having this same problem I was injured at work 2yr ago one of my coworker ran into the back of my legs and pinned me up against a machine. I had surgery on one of my knees but even before the surgery to remove my mensicus I have been having this constant pain on the side of my leg at the knee and calf mucle and it gets worst the longer I walk and if I go up long flights stairs. I went to the doctor complaining about the pain at the knee because it was hurting for about a week and my calf muscle was getting fatigue more frequent then before. I don't know what to do I had a mri but that showed nothing and now I think my doctor don't beleive.( this is my thrid primary care doctor because the other two left my town) I was on gabapentin but it made me have horrible side effects and wasn't working for my pain but the muscle fatigue is causeing me to be off work for almost 2 months because of my restrictions I don't know what else to do physical therapy was hit and miss the first time around I really don't want to pay the money for it. I think I am going to loose my job.

    • Peonygirl1 Peonygirl1 sumner2q

      Hi sumner, I encourage you to go to a pain clinic and a neurologist. This group of Drs can you the best diagnose. A nerve conduction test can help you to pinpoint the heart of your issues. I encourage you to peruse the Drs that deal with these kind of pain issues, their knowledge is a better source for understanding your issues. Be persistent in your search as some conditions can and will affect the quaility of your life on-going! It takes persistence and determination to solve these kinds of medical health  situations! Remember if you feel it it is! It is not in your imagination etc. and do not let anyone tell you different. Best of luck and I just thought to tell you that the internet has medical sites that can suggest possible health issues based on the symptoms you share! 🍀☘️🕊

    • sumner2q sumner2q

      Well today I got into my girlfriend car after seeing the doctor and and tried to stretch my calf muscle thru the pain by putting my heal to the floor and bending big mistake now I am in grave pain all around my knee and I feel like I am going to fall over the messed up thing is this is one of the exercises I was given by a neurologist over a year ago I don't think I'm going to be able to return to work with pain in every step I don't have the resources that others might have I really wish the doctor would have never released me to go back to work because I just wasn't physically ready they keep saying its nothing wrong so I'm going to request physical therapy for my knee and see if that helps

  • justme67 justme67


    I have an MRI on July 3rd


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