Sore on my Clitorus

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Hi, I have this sore on my Clitorus that hurts to touch and gets tender when I walk. I had a similar sore right next to it on my labia sort of like a pimple (that would be the third time that appeared on my labia in just over a year) that healed but now I have this one. Which I never had. What could it be? I thought the first sore might be folicitis and spread to there. Please help. image

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    have you had unprotected sex lately ?

    with a bf or a one night stand?

    if so you can message me if you like .

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    i dont think its caused by the hair follicles not on the hood of the clit if it has been and come back over a year 3 times it could be herpes if u have been sexually active a blood test would rule that out

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    I'm no doctor but I know herpes and I think it is herpes .

    you need to check your sex history.

    herpes can appear anywhere and if you've reoccurring blisters all signs point to herpes.

    if you need any advice inbox me.

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    you wouldnt know who gave u it for sure because sometimes when u get it u dont get blisters for years sometimes ppl never get them so they could have it and not know they have it its one of them things and is hard to pin point when u got it unless u have only slept with one person in that case u could say was him that gave u it

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    folliculitis dont spread u get them were there is hair follicles from shaving or from bacteria there are not hair follicles on the clit

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      my ex had herpes and I never knew what herpes was back then 2009 infact I was very naive I didn't think it was serious I thought antibiotics and it would go .

      I was my ex 2 years and I never caught it .

      I caught it 4 years later from one night stand in holiday I picked it up because I was very very ill .

      ironic I slept with my ex 1,000 times yet I catch it for 5 mins of sex .

      if your immune system is low you will pick it up this is what happened to me unfortunately.

      I spoke to my ex when I caught it and he said if you've sex and caught herpes then within 5 days you will get blisters .

      if you dont get blisters it may lie dormant.

      but my ex didn't believe it could lay dormant he had it since he was 16 he was 32 when I contacted him for advice .

      I'd say its definitely herpes its upsetting to see a thread like this for me I hope I'm wrong .

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      I only get hsv1 if im ill or run down i think iv had 3 outbreaks in my life and iv been poorly when iv had all 3 other than that i dont even know i have it can lay dormant u may never get an outbreak an others get it reoccuring all the time

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      I must of missed this replies .

      sorry girls .

      so Kim you've herpes also ?.

      I know theres 2 kinds mine is the genital type.

      before this most my life I've suffered cold sores I get them on holiday or I'm down .

      I was diagnosed 2013 I have about 1 or 2 outbreaks a year and I only ever get on blister not multiple blisters and I usually get them on my bikini line or towards my rear .

      I'm lucky I suppose my ex had out breaks every few months and he really suffered.

      sores are suppose to get better of time ..least breakouts etc .

      sometimes I forget I have the virus.

      I couldn't tell a man I feel dirty .

      the fact I caught it was low immune and being mentally unfit to say no .

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    File size is too bigFile size is too bigimagethanks this another pic. Which is why I thought it was folicitis. Also can u get herpes in one single blister as a break out. I thought herpes appears more around the vaginal opening

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    File size is too bigFile size is too bigimagethanks this another pic. Which is why I thought it was folicitis. Also can u get herpes in one single blister as a break out. I thought herpes appears more around the vaginal opening

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      herpes can appear anywhere on or near genitals .

      my first outbreak I had 1 and it stung like hell but the sore was on my bikini line it wouldn't stop stinging I went to my gum clinic they tested the sore and I was given herpes 2 the worst out of the 2 versions .

      I get mine by my bikini line or between my hole and my bum .

      it's been 6 years now and I've had about 6 outbreaks

      I've had it only once where I had more than 1 it was next outbreak after the first outbreak .

      so yes one sore can be a outbreak .

      how many have you had ?

      you need to go to a gum clinic because they can give you tablets to help they're tablet versions of the cold sore cream we use on our mouth.

      the tablets dont cure herpes nothing can but tablets make them go faster a little .

      make sure you trace who gave it to you because like myself they had sores they knew they had open yet they slept with us it happened to me that way .

      I'd never sleep with my past boyfriend if I had even a little sniff blisters were due .

      also before any break out you'll get funny symptoms tell take signs an outbreak is coming .

      its sharp pains in your bum cheeks or boobs or your vagina I can't explain but they hot sharp pains .

      your not alone .

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      No that's healed and gone now, the one on my Clit looks almost healed but a little sore. Now im pretty sure it is what is. I was looking at the pictures I took in January when it happened. I always thought herpes was blisters covering the whole region down there. After lots of research how wrong I was. When and if it happens again I'll see my doc. Thanks for the info

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      if you need to talk please ask me anything .

      I only get 1 sore each time I have a break out.

      my ex his ex and his wife and me all went on to meet new partners .

      apparently I was told by a sexual health doctor that herpes is most common std and theres alot of the population who has it .

      its crap but we cant change it now.

      I should of insisted on condom with my one night stand but i didn't so its half my fault .

      dont beat yourself up though .

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    imagethis was the start of my break out in January as u can see same spot. I wish i had my pics from June 2018 that first time it happened. It lookes like that but worst on both sides so painful. I thought maybe I had a staph infection. It makes mw wonder where I got from because I didn't have sex around the time when I first got it. Thought it waa an infection from dry shaving. So naive

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      my ex had herpes but I didn't catch it from him .

      but when I did catch it on holiday I asked my ex for advice as he had it for 15 years.

      my ex told me that if you catch it ,it will appear within 5 days after catching it .

      I could of caught from my ex and when I was ill on holiday I slept with a turk and the first sore appeared 5 days after sex .

      I often wonder if I caught if my ex but I had no sores but then when I got ill and my immune was low maybe they showed then from my ex .

      but when I told my ex my thoughts he said there was no way I could of caught it off him because it would of appeared 2 years before .

      but because of that one night stand on holiday I'm more inclined to think it was the turk bloke that give it me .

      strange you had your first sore when you wasnt sexually active .

      maybe this thing does lie dormant.

      you've caught it from your last partner before the sores appeared is my guess .

      so you've had 3 outbreaks so far ?

      I know they're so painful and they're a constant reminder when they come up..

      apparently here the UK has a vaccination they give to teenagers so they are immune from the virus .

      I haven't had a sore for ages I can go a year .

      I found after my first 2 years I hardly have outbreaks .

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