Spotting - possibly perimenopause but could it be related to exercsise. So scared!

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Hi all,

?This is my first post on here and I'm so glad I found this site.

?I am 45 this week and have recently started experiencing weird symptoms which are scaring me. I am of healthy weight and exercise regularly now (never used to when I was younger). I run 3 times a week and also go to the gym and feel fitter than I've ever been. However, maybe 4 months ago I noticed that my periods would take longer to stop. They are still very regular (every 25 days), painless and quite heavy but for the past few months I'd get brown/sometimes red discharge for another 4-5 days after. Sometimes I'd spot at other times of my cycle too, especially at ovulation. I also think that it is somehow related to streneous exercise or running as it can happen straight after a long run for example. I have done a lot of research and this problem has been reported by many female runners but I still don't think it's normal. I had my overdue smear which came back normal and I saw my GP who immediately suggested I am nearing perimenopause. I had blood tests done which I've just seen online (seeing the same gp in 2 days) and everything seems fine, apart from my TSH (thyroid) being right at the low end of normal.

The spotting scares me sooooo much, especially since one of my older running friends just got diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment.

?My periods have always been quite heavy, especially on days 3 and 4 but this month was horrendous and I've been up all night. It then went normal the next few days and stopped properly. I was so happy that it didn't drag on as it had been in the past few months but yesterday I walked around town all day, then went to the gym and today the spotting has returned. It's mainly brown but I can see pink sometimes too. 

?Please tell me if this sounds like peri. I am so scared. I have been getting palputations too, especially in the days before I'm due but think running has really helped with this.

?Looking forward to your replies girls!

Many thanks smile 

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    Yep this is peri.  Everything you have described is quite normal within the box of perimeno weird cycles. Clotting and heavy periods always seems to indicate a lack of progesterone, which means you are just having some cycles where you aren't ovualting and producing a decent level of progesterone.  

    Just track your cycle, and get your yearly exams.  This eventually will stop. But be careful what you wish for, cause the meno thng isn't all that much fun.  Things really change.  

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    It sounds a lot like mine. I am 45 and all

    this started about 18 months ago.

    Sometimes my periods are lasting 10

    days which is mostly spotting days 6-10. And sometimes they have been up to

    10 days late , which never happened


    Mine are becoming very painful some

    months. I do have cysts occasionally

    though that come and go with ovulation

    When all this started, I was spotting at

    the beginning of my period too. I have

    heard of people spotting during

    ovulation. Maybe someone else will

    comment on that. I also have really bad health anxiety and from my experience,

    increases whenever I hear about

    someone be diagnosed with a serious

    illness.. that includes commercials on tv and Posts on fb. I know it is not rational, but the anxiety is very real!

    Sounds like you are at the beginning.

    You have found the right forum. Everyone here is super supportive and some are very knowledgeable. It has been a god send to me. Just to know I am not the only one helps a lot. I hope this give you a little peace of mind and I'm sure other people will comment too. ((Hugs))

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    I don't know why my former post is all spaced out. Sorry about that. I also use a menopause app on my phone to keep track of symptoms. It helps whenever I notice certain symptoms happen at the same time during my cycles. Then I feel like it is probably hormone related and not something bad

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      Wow! I thought I was the only one who anxiety increased from seeing or hearing of someone bring diagnoise of something.

      My sister just called to tell me about a relative passed. I had to quickly hang up the phone.

      I felt the anxiety coming on but I can say that it has gotten much better.

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      This is horrible, I totally understand the anxiety thing. I always think the worse. One of my running friends (in her 60s) just had an operation and started treatment for ovarian (I think) cancer. She is still running with us and is so positive and I trully admire this amazing lady. I have been telling her about my issues but now feel bad talking about it when she's got much more serious stuff to worry about. I admire people who can hold it togehter like this and we fall apart at the smallest worry.

      I hope you are feeling better soon xxx

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      Hi Mary,reminds me of myself anybody mentions death to me sometimes it effects me gives me palpations and I feel funny as ever not as bad though as I's not only your one, just tell yourself it hormones doing it to us and that it will passed with time,hope you feel better soon.

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      I am right there with you and Mary!!  And I have learned to do the same thing you said.  Tell myself it's just hormones.  I had to end up taking antidepressants unfortunately.  The anxiety was so bad I could barely function.  I was tired and beat down from all the stress and worry.  I will say they have helped tremendously.

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    Oh wow, thank you sooooo much for all the replies!

    ?to gailannie - yes, I do have cloths too, some months more than others. And very heavy flow for a few hours or a night which is a nightmare. I am a teacher and I'm mortified of it happening while I'm in class so I wear a tampon and a pad, just in case. 

    ?I have also signed up for half a marathon in November. I know I can do it as I've already covered the distance but I'm so worried in case I am on my period as there is no way I can run for 2 hours without at least checking. 

    ?to 2chr2015 - I am with you on the health anxiety too. I've gotten myself in a right stage from other things before. 

    At least you recognise it as a problem and perhaps can tell yourself that it's very unlikely to be something more serious.

    ?Again, I am so glad I've found this forum girls, thanks again for the replies. 

    ?I am seeing my GP in 2 days for a pelvic examination which also scares me. I am also worried that she might find something that needs investigating and that's a few days  before we go on holiday. I hate all this stress. I feel moody and keep snapping at people at home. If they told me it's peri or menopause or just hormonal imbalance I will be fine but I'm just scared as I don't know what it is and spend my days obsessing about it and waiting for it to happen again, constantly checking.

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    I have the same problem now.

    After a few years of short cycles (26 to 21) days with heavy period with clots, since last fall my periods are more "normal" and the cycle prolonged to 40-50 days, I experience new symptomy.

    After the period end there is spotting for a couple of days, together with very low mood, health anxiety, self-pity, feeling of guilt, etc., all really awful.

    Then everything improves, and the weeks before my next period I felt strong, confident, almost happy.

    I also started with exercises, after years long pause. I seem enjoy exercises more than in my young days.

    However, those strange periods and low mood after are not pleasant.

    I have tests done last sommer, and I have an appointment for September. I also do not like the stressful thoughts and waiting.

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      I hope you are ok!

      Yes, the anxiety, low mood and waiting are worse than the actual symptoms. If they told me it's just my hormons or peri or anything like that I'd be fine and just get on with it.

      Keep on exercising as I find this helps so much. Even when I don't feel like leaving the house, after I've been for a run I feel happy and normal.

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    Dear jo

    Some years before meno I had spotting around ovalation. After checks nothing was found and I put it down to hormones. I continued to occasionally have this mid cycle spotting. Running up to menopause I remember it happening after I had been swimming. As I entered menopause after brief heavy periods I got the constant spotting and not proper periods which stressed me out. For peace of mind I just got things checked out. I was told that I had some ovarian simple cysts, whether this was the cause im not sure, my advice is to get it checked out but like I said , I did have alot of this mid cycle spotting x

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      Thank you for your reply. I feel so much better today for two reasons. The spotting hasn't happened since my period finished on Sun Sunday even though I went for a run yesterday. Plus, I found this forum um and the support on here is amazing. It is so good to hear from others who have been throught are going through a similar thing .

      ?I hope everyone is feeling better soon. We shouldn't let it get to us and affect our lives so much. Easier said than done, I know, but we can do it! 

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      Dear Jo

      Glad you are feeling better in yourself yes this site has been a God saver, Unfortunately on this meno journey you may get niggly worries again (believe me!, I have had so many) but always come back on here when I need to xx

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    Don't worry . Check with you doctor but I've been having spotting for 6 weeks and everything was ok I'm just on perimenopause.

    It's better to check but don't worry.

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      Thank you!!

      ?Seeing my GP tomorrow and it's all stopped now so part of me thinks I don't want her poking around examining me, just in case. Also want to go for a run tomorrow but scared this would set it off again. Hate all of this. 

      ?I was thinking perhaps it didn't shed properly the last couple of months which could have caused the spotting. This last period was super heavy although totally painless so perhaps it shed properly this time and, fingers crossed, is back to normal. Could be talking rubbish though. See what she says tomorrow.

      ?Thanks again smile 

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