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Hi I posted a couple of days ago regarding side effects of levthyroxine. I read the reply and took it on board. However my GP insisted I started it as she said my thyroid wouldn't get better. I was already taking Vitamins daily and was slowly feeling better. 

Now Ive started this 50mg stuff I feel quite bad again. Very tired and no motivation and generally feeling rubbish . Im taking it at 7AM I only started it yesterday and feel worse for it. Does it get any better or is this it? Im not depressed but I feel this medicine must be having a negative effect.


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    As I said 50mcg is a starter dose. When you feel better or your TSH is at 1. It takes about a week to get into your system. If you’re still undermedicated you’ll not feel well. Some people are on up to 300mcg T4. Others a combo, NDT or T3 only. It will take a while to get to your personal dose. It’s not a pain medication and doesn’t work instantly. It’s trial and error so you need to be patient. 

    Your thyroid will not get better, this is why you take hormones to replace the ones that no longer are being made naturally. 

    What vitamins are you taking? And are they top quality vitamins in adequate quantities to your needs. No multi vitamins. And non with iodine. Are you Hashis and are you gluten free?

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      I take

      Vitamin B complex Holland and Barrett

      Vitamin C 1000mg Holland Barrett

      Seven seas cod liver oil plus multivitamin.

      Vitamin D

      And an iron tablet

      I used to take them in morning. Now at lunch time. If there's any on there I should remove let me know.

      Oh and a propranolol beta blocker taken in the evening 10mg dosage

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      Those are very low quality. And I can’t stress enough about Selenium. 

      If you get your vitamin test results you’ll probably well under the recommended range. 

      Do you have Hashimotos?

      Do you take your T4 first hing in the morning an hour before food or drink (except) with all full glass of water. Three - four hours before your vitamins and supplements? Food, drink and vits and supps interfere with absorption so you may also be additional under medicated. Are you in England?

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      Propranolol can cause hair loss, weakness, tiredness. My mother was on this stuff and when I weaned her off, her overall health was much better. It caused depression and loss of appetite, as well as confusion. I take her to acupuncture. And it helps a lot.

      Looking at your b- vitamins, I don’t know which formula you’re on, but I looked at the b complex and it contains holy basil. Holy basil is a fantastic herb that is often contained in herbal thyroid formulas.  Just be aware that it’s in there because if that’s the one you’re taking and you change, the holy basil could make a difference. 

      As for the  Bs, there is some literature out about coblimated B6 and B12. There are certain genetic makeup’s that can not convert regular B vitamins so these people need the coblimated. I don’t know if this is in regards to manufactured Bs or natural or both. HOWEVER, your source appears to be very high quality natural B sources, which should be metabolized easily. So if you feel they’re working, stick with them.  I use Thorne because they have the coblimated.  I’ve found B12 injections to be very helpful in the past. I like your source and I may try them for myself. Thanks!

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    Hi Jelly, I think you need to follow your gut feeling. Is this medication helping or hurting you? If you don’t feel like like reading my explanation, skip to the last paragraph. Just ask your doc to prescribe a Natural Dessicated Thyroid medication (NDT).

    Every person on this site has been through the traditional medicine machine, and yet here we are. Thousands of posts here. Thousands. Why? Because we’re still sick. We followed doctor’s recommendations and were still sick.  Period. If we weren’t sick and struggling, we’d be out living our lives instead of needing a thyroid support group. 

    The standard thyroid treatment protocol is not effective for many people. If you read the side effects of levothyroxin, it can cause fibromialgya and other autoimmune diseases. 

    Doctors give you the “solution” they have, which is a standard protocol.  Besides it being an issue for thyroid disease, a one size fits all approach to personal care is just useless. 

    You’ll get the same answer from me as before. I wish I’d never taken this drug. I was on the same boat as you, only worse. I called the doc and they were like, we don’t want to hear from you for at least three weeks. And I’m like, but I can’t get out of bed and I’ve got a headache so bad, I’m afraid I may have seizures or a stroke. It took me a week and a half before I could drive enough to get to the doc. Instead of putting back on the NDT which worked better, they just spent two years trying to get the dose right. IT DIDNT WORK FROM YHE START!

    Now, in addition to the still unsolved and yes, worsened thyroid disease, I also have severe bone loss, foot problems, arthritis, fibromialgya and other conditions. I tried to get the dose right for over two years, but it didn’t work, and caused my thyroid cyst to grow like crazy. I feel like this drug accelerated my thyroid disease, and caused additional advanced autoimmune disease that I will never recover from.

    I know it’s hard. You feel crappy either way and there’s a lot of pressure because you go to the doctor and they’re like, I can’t help you if you won’t take this medicine.

    There are alternatives. NDT (brand names Armour, Naturethroid, WP, NP, also others). The Natural Dessicate Thyroid meds don’t have the huge side effects that the Levo has.  FIND A DOCTOR who will prescribe NDT for you.

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    Yep I'm from England. The propranolol is for anxiety. In the summer I got glandular fever and it's just been bad from then on. The drs kept me having blood tests every few weeks. Saying my thyroid readings were not ok. But never putting me on meds. Until on Friday when they decided I had waited long enough. The vitamins I take were helping me. But they said you need this medication otherwise your thyroid will go completely under active. So I take that at 7 am then vitamins at lunch then propranolol in the evening. It's so frustrating because the Dr was so insistent on me having this. Plus my mum's friends daughter has the same issue she's on 25 mg I'm on double that. She said she had no side effects. The only side effects were feeling better than before. As for propranolol I did feel crappy on it at the start but now I just take it out of habit. I might try to come off but I've heard bad things can happen if you stop suddenly. Which in actual fact my DR told me to do. She said just stop them the dose is so small. But then you read on the packet do not stop suddenly. Just so confused. Sorry for rambling

    I'm from Leicester England by the way I'm 24

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      Jelly, they’re giving you the propriolol for anxiety. Low thyroid can cause anxiety. 

      What we’re your thyroid numbers when you started the propriolol?

      Also, if you’re going on thyroid medication, that should solve the anxiety. Except, mid you’re so freaked out from messing around with all this, it’s hard to tell what’s what.

      Might be worth looking at the interactions between thyroid medications and beta blockers.

      More likely, both drop your BP. So, what’s your BP doing before and after adding each of the meds?

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      Thyroidism is a life long illness if you’ve been diagnosed properly then you will be on it for life.  25-50mcg is a starter dose. Other hypos take up to 300mcg. Get your last blood results from your Gp. Your blood test should be done at the earliest available appointment time. Fast overnight - just water. 

      If they have diagnosed you with hypothyroidism. They are neglect with your health and need to be reported to the practice manager. Your TSH should be 1.0. And your ft3&4 middle to top of the range. 

      It’s a confusing illness because gp training is so minimal. 

      50mcg is not going to make much difference, if slowly reduce your meds. But I’d also do research.  I’m going to try an email you with the email button. But I find this site confusing. Ebony 

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    Not sure of my thyroid numbers. Hopefully the medication relieves the anxiety then I can come of propranolol. I've been on propranolol since august. Also does thyroid make you feel unsteady or dizzy. That's my main problem

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      You need to get your numbers and  ranges if you’d like me to help you. It does get better but I can’t tell you what’s going on if I don’t have a guideline. You can get a copy from your Gp surgery. You are legally entitled to it. They may charge - but no more than the cost of ink and paper - 50p a sheet. You should have a blood test booked in for 6-8 weeks to see how you are doing. This is willbtake a while. Your body is trying to function without its main ingredient, so reintroducing it slowly will take time and patience. Levo is not a quick fix like a headache tablet. 
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      A lot of people complain of dizziness or lightheadedness on levothyroxin. There are many posts from people asking about this symptom while on Levo.

      Many people also complain of flu symptoms when starting Levo.  

      I believe these symptoms are because the Levo triggers the immune system and or production in third world countries results in contaminants.

      Either way, immune system trigger,  You get swollen glands on the neck, which limits proper fluid drainage in the inner ear... dizziness.

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    Feeling chronically ill I think leads to a lot of "depressed feelings" by people not depression. Your doctor works for you not the reverse, but you would never know it. Your doctor in the USA makes money with every test, referral, and prescription he/she writes from his/her employer, the INSURANCE COMPANY. Remember they are selling a product and the more product they sell the more the more  INCOME coming in! Doctors have become BULLIES promoting things they know very well promotes illness, pain , and disability. Perhaps not helpful to you Jelly93, but doctors have become people behaving VERY BADLY.. I know I have been a victim and you can read these threads and see people suffering and being told be patient or it is all in their heads! I have always been a descent steward of my health, but I fell victim. As I have been struggling this year I got a call from the hospital/insurance group my doctor works for reminding me I was due for tests  that I HAVE NEVER had out of choice. When I said I don't do that the response was Oh we will let Dr===== know. My doctor knows unless he is a morin and he isn't. See my insurance covers these tests at least in part and as the year is running out all they can see is revenue they are loosing. They call the activity "good cop, bad cop" the doctor hasn't been successful in the past selling these procedures in my case, so if they gang up on me maybe they can break me down. We have a bad situation in the USA plenty of people paying for crap tests and lab work they don't need and having no coverage for what they may need leading to plenty of suffering and dying! People need to stop trusting doctors like they were God and start trusting themselves. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, USE YOUR HEAD, TRUST YOUR SELF. YOU WANT TO FEEL WELL, DOCTORS WANT TO STAY EMPLOYED.! I have had a front row seat to all this for decades now. I don't have a lot of answers, but seeing people abused by people they should be able to trust is stomach churning. 

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      I have to agree with Cathy that  docs are little more than sales people for drug companies. Unless your doc is in private practice, the protocold  and treatments are basically set by profit building goals.

      It’s I up to you to be a good consumer.  ost of what they push is designed to get you hooked into a never ending stream of doctor visits and tests.  

      Most of it does more harm than good.


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