Started Orlistat today and confused

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Hi! I have just started Orlistat today and have been trying to find a sample plan or menu for the last couple of weeks without success. I know that I shouldn't have anything that is more than 5g fat per 100g however when it comes to exactly what to eat I don't have a clue, I normally eat Quorn, Turkey, Chicken, and fish and eat potatoes, rice, pasta and quinoa. Do I eat like normal but watching my portion size.

I am a huge crisp, chocolate, and biscuit person so would also appreciate help on healthier snacks. I had my first gym session this morning first of many, need to lose 5 stone 11lbs to be my goal weight of 10stone 10lbs. I would like to be half way there on actually there in 6 months would love if it was faster but don't want to put pressure on myself.

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    There is an Orlistat Healthy Eating Guide on this site here:

    This is also linked at the bottom right of every page in these discussions. You can post this link in replies if it helps and it will not go for moderation as an inhouse link.

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      Hello, sure hope you can help. I lost about 70 pounds three plus years ago.

      Just recently gained back 22 . I started a hormone replacement therapy and the craving started. I maintain under 2000 calories a day. Looking over some things here. I am ready! I purchased the Alli and have will and total determination. I drink zero calorie beverages. I eat nothing but Turkey products. Also sugar free puddings for sweets. I have a great handle on caloric intake because I believe in calorie counting. I use nothing but almond milk and eats lots of potatoes (thank God I love them ...they have zero fat.) So now after reading and rereading, let me get this straight. If I am already OK with my calories and sweets are my problem, does the only thing I really need to focus on is trying to eat as little fat as possible in my diet? Cause based on everything I am seeing, if I keep a good count on calories and try to avoid fats... This product is pretty much going to assist someone like me. From what I am seeing based on everything this may be tailor made for someone who is already disciplined in eating. Just need to alter fat intake for alli to work.

      I think this may be exactly what I've been searching for. If I am understanding this?

      Any comment would be greatly appreciated. I'll be your biggest cheerleader if it assists. I only want to lose 30 at the most.


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    Hi! I started taking Orlistat on Friday and I have 10 stone to lose!

    Like yourself i am finding it hard to find a meal plan, at the moment I'm just eating regular meals just small portions. I haven't eaten bread, chocolate, crisps, buiscuits, cheese, butter, chips etc and am only having the 1% fat milk on my breakfast.

    Have you found any meal plans and have you found some healthier snacks apart from fruit that you like?

    Any info would be much appreciated and good luck with your weight loss

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      hey emmberlina, im also hoping to loose around 10 stone been on orlistat for around 10 weeks and i have lost 2 stone maybe a little bit more got a weigh in next week, im finding it very difficult at the moment with the kids been off school and with them having sweets etc its making me want them haa but iv been good and not had none, just woundered if you fancied been weight loss buddies and keep each other updated on progress as your wanting to loose the same amount of weight as me smile x

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      Hi Emmberlina

      I too have 10 stone to lose. I have just started orlistat (4days) so still finding my feet as I have had a few slip ups but no side effects as yet.

      How is yours going?


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      Hi, I too have just started taking orlistat, be great to keep each other posted on progress, ups and downs, I take it due to a spinal injury that has stopped me from any high impact exercise, long gone are the 9 stone days, I live on my own and do find it difficult to keep motivated.. hope your doing well
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      Hi emmberlina,

      Thank you for answering my post , I look forward to sharing ideas with you, I spend most of last night looking at health meals on slimming world magazines, I will get organised,eventually, 

      I was trying out different things over the past few weeks to see if I liked them , like alpro coconut milk dairy free and it is quite pleasant I have had it with Rice Krispies and on its own , I have bought a few quorn items last week but I have only tried the sausages they were okay , I have the mince ,chicken fillets well qorn fillets , and beef strips I think it was a 3 for 5.00 offer so I thought I would try them when I able to cook sometimes with my health problems I don't have the energy to cook , that's why I need to be organised so I don't just grab at crisps and sandwiches for quickness, my partner is okay with microwave ready meals but I don't like them , 

      I look forward to sharing ideas once I get organised, 

      good luck 


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      Hi Lorraine, 

      instead of quorn, why don't you try meat free range from Tesco, all the time, they do sausage, mince, burgers, chicken, meatballs,  I use them most of the time without telling the family and had no complaints so far. 

      I too am inactive, due to having my hip removed last year, so I can't stand around for too long preparing meals. 

      i know you said you don't really like microwave meals, neither did my hubby and me until we tried some slimming world ready meals from Iceland,they are so tasty and filling. I've not tried the sauces or gravy yet, the sausages are so tasty compared to the quorn. Give them a try, if you buy three meals you get a six pack of muller light free. 

      Good luck with your weight loss journey.


      cath x

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      Hi Cathy, I have seen my daughter sometimes buy a sw meal from Iceland , I need to empty my freezer first , I bought the quorn last week, I'm going to try and makes sapagettie Bol with the quoin mince see if the family notice and I will freeze some for when I'm not able to cook, I done my online shopping for delivery tomorrow so I will have plenty of fruit,salad and veg, I also got a weight watchers meal last week from Tesco and it was really nice only thing was the portion was a bit small , I will have a look at the Tesco meat free range, I'm not vegetarian I was just looking for low fat things and bought some quorn to try, I also bought some dairy free things as they were lower in fat , I like the alpro coconut milk, it was really nice, I have ordered a lot of prepared vegetables for convenience for making soup it means I can have the ingredients in the soup maker with in a few minutes switch it on and it's ready in about 25min, and goes on to keep warm until you are ready to eat it , only thing is I normally have a lot of bread with it, lol, I'm sure I will get there  it just takes time to get organised with what to eat , 

      good luck to you both and thank you for you help


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    I asked for Orlistat from my nurse and I started on Orlistat on 1st February and after a long discussion with my nurse it was advised that I joined a slimming group. I was advised that the Orlistat is only given so that you can learn to monitor and maintain your own weight when you are taken off the Orlistat.

    I too was unable to find any meal plan to go with the Orlistat tablets but was warned very strongly that the tablets will make you ill if you do eat anything with more than 5g of fat per 100g.

    I started back at slimming world as I know this is a health eating plan not a diet and reduced down to 3 square meals a day without snacking in between, If I am hungry and need something I stick to fruit only. Slimming world allows you to eat chocolates and crisps etc.. but NOT whilst you are taking Orlistat....

    I was also advised to take vitamin supplements as the tablets also stop you absorbing vital vitamins. The best one I have found is ABC Plus from Holland & Barrett. I also take Raspberry Ketones which is a natural fat blocker.

    You have to be in the right frame of mind and want to lose weight. You need to want to change your life around.

    Do you homework and look on the internet. You will find loads of recipes that can help. I even managed to have a Chinese in a restaurant last night. Steamed King prawns with Garlic and spring onion and King prawn Fu Yung.

    Fry light is fantastic. It's the 1 cal spray to replace oil for frying. They have now brought out a salad dressing range and a BBQ meat marinade spray. If you would like any recipes let me know and I would be happy to share.

    Good luck

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      Hi, my daughter is on SlimmingWorld , I used to go years ago when it was the red or green days , I liked it and lost a lot of weight on it , it mainly healthy eating, I have some recipes that I was looking at yesterday, I'm trying to make sure that I have food in so I don't go and eat just anything quick and easy , as I do almost al of my shopping online I'm trying to plan a weeks meal plan , or I will try a few days and make sure I have lots of fruit and veg for snacking on and making soup it main meals I'm struggling with, 

      good luck


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