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I really am in a dark place and quite tearful and worried from time to time. Since about Christmas time I cannot sleep until it comes time for the alarm to go off and then I want to sleep. I now live on my own which I am still ajusting to and really feel now what is the point. I previously took lustral 150mg I was crying and thought they didnt help at all so weaned myself off but felt worse post Christmas. I am due to start taking mirtazipine tonight, Do they actually help on their own and does anyone actually like or reccommend them. Im off work sick for a few weeks hopefully they will help by then. After reading all the posts I am reluctant to start, also im already overweight, a lot, Do they always make u eat more? At this stage I really feel I need to try them but am reluctant after reading posts any advice please?

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    Hi xandra i have been taking 30mg mirtazapine for 2 weeks now, they are working really well for me. I was changed to them from citalopram, to help with insomnia. They help me get to sleep quicklu every night, when before whilst taking citalopram i would be awake til 4/5 in the morning almost every night. Tonight i am having a little trouble falling to sleep though, but this is because i let myself have a lie in which i shouldn't have done really. They are definately calming me down a lot too. I am snapping at people a lot less. I hope they work for you smile.
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    Thanx 4 getting back 2 me "snapping" would b my main problem, road rage, shop assistants or ne1 that annoys me or even loved 1s that dont so thats reassurring to know they help that. With luck u r sleeping, Im in the wide awake club debating whether or not 2 take my 1st tablet or not cry
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    Hey xandra,

    Did you try the mirtazapine? You've probably read all the horror stories on here from the bad experiences people have had with it, I made the mistake of doing that too before starting taking it, but the need for sleep won over. Obviously it affects everyone in different ways, I haven't had any undesirable side-effects yet, just tiredness during the daytime, but it's not every day and it's managable. I think it's going quite well for me.

    Yeah definately less "snapping" smile it's those close to me who got the worst of it, just someone walking around the house in high heels would annoy the hell out of me, don't get me wrong it's still annoying but I have enough patience not to bite their head off now!

    What dose of mirtazapine are you taking?

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    I've been on Mirtazapine (with no other drug) for almost a year. I had been having anxiety and panic attacks for months before going on it. It HAS helped me. I still have some jittery/anxious feelings at times but I have also taught myself relaxation and breathing which helps me.

    I DID gain 20lbs. My GP explained to me that you won't gain weight just by taking Mirt. It increases your appetite and you gain the weight when you overeat trying to satisfy that hunger. Maybe if you make yourself aware of this you may be able to resist or remove all the unhealthy things from your home and replace with fresh fruit/veggies. My downfall was chocolate. I've never really been one for chocolate but let me tell you there were times I ate chocolate icing right from the container!! The crazy hunger side effect (for me) lasted about 2 months.

    I also found that I'm better off at the 15mg dose than a higher dose. When I went up to 30mg at night I found I was waking up feeling like I never slept. My psychiatrist explained to me that Mirtazapine at 7mg and 15mg is more sedating but as you get up to 30mg and 45mg it has the opposite effect and doesn't allow our brain to get into a deep sleep which in turns makes us feel tired in the morning.

    I've compared the list of Mirtazapine side effects with other similar drug's side effects and Mirtazapines list is much shorter! So, for me, I'll stick with it as long as it works. I know getting off it's not without withdrawl but I'll deal with that when it comes around!

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    I wouldn't be concerned Xandra as all drugs no matter what they are can effect different people in different ways, mirtazipine worked amazingly well for me,I was prescribed 30mg 8months ago and last week started to reduce, you will definately gain weight as it's also an appetite stimulant, and you'll eat much more, well I do anyways,, don't be put off by the comments, tbh this sight is excellent as it's a good thing to share experiences, but you should try for yourself then judge it,, you'll know within a week if it's for you or not, I'm down to 7.5mg and, not sleeping till 4am after 14 hours working,and it's actually not so bad, (touch wood)

    Did you start your mirt?

    Take care


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    Guys Thanx 4 all ur comments theyre all v encouraging. Its 15mg and no I didnt take ne yet. I feel more positive 2d and 2nite, a relation thinks I can do it myself with a more positive lifestyle. I think i def need something atm so i will try them, it also seems logical that tabs cant make u put on weight unless u eat so I will try even for a while, maybe start on Saturday now an c how I go at t w,end. Its gd 2 talk 2 someone even on a computer an I went 2 a social and feel much better. I did hear some1 say once theres no such thing as depression u just need a friend, what do u think? Off 2 bed now 4 toss and turn vigil. Thanx again all.

    Sweet Dreams every1

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    Hi Xandra

    I have found with them that I do get cravings for all the bad stuff like chocolate and biscuits, but I haven't been continuosly eating excessively. Yeah I agree that it is good to talk to someone, there are lots of people here willing to share their experiences and try to help, it has definately helped me. Hope the mirtazapine works out for your sleeping smile.

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    Hi Xandra,

    I think the person that said there is no such thing as depression has never suffered from depression,because it very much exists and I think that person doesn't have a clue about the illness,

    Anyways that's my opinion, how you getting on?

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    hey guys and girls, my names Damien, im new here and today i bit the bullet and saw my GP about my low self esteem etc, nd needless to say, im depressed.

    now obviously I'm not happy, but hey, the world goes on without us right?

    So ive been given these meds, mirtazapine 15mg...

    all i want is a decent sleep

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    Hi damien, mirtazapine should help you sleep, they have a sedating effect, it has helped me get a full nights sleep every night since day 1, been taking them for nearly 3 weeks now.
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    hum that personwas a professional so prob doesnt have a clue but i just think sometimes if you have someone 2 talk 2 it helps. I dont really have ne friends as I find it hard 2 trust ppl an dont wanna get hurt so Im not sure if they help depression or not |? Hence the mirtazipine which im wary of 2 i cant seem to maintain my mood so im gonna try them 2m. Nite all an sleep well, I feel tired but have a notion when my head hits the pillow il be in the wide awake club.
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    I took one last night but accidentally took an amitriptyline too earlier on


    End result of a 15mg was struggling to fet to sleep but once asleep pretty solid and incredibly drowsy. Tonight I hope is better.

    Im glad I found this place. Hopefully some good friends to be made

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    i set them out beside my bed but still didnt take any
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    Hi Xandra, what are your concerns about taking the mirtazapine? I was very reluctant to take any medication in the beginning aswell.
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    Hi damien,

    No need to feel alone and down,we've all be there, the way i see it this: a diabetic takes their insulin,if you have an infection you'll take antibiotics,if you are asthmatic you'll use an inhaler,right??,so being depressed we need to take medicine that helps us feel better..i know at time you feel so low and you think all the worst,,but the doctor has given you a great medicine with mirtazapine,, and give it time to work and it should work quite quickly when you start your course,,it's nothing to feel even more down because we need to take meds.'

    at first i felt like a freak and i was the only one...but their are millions of people like us..cheer up buddy,things will get better,,yes we all have bad days but that is life,,

    Hi Xandra,,if you don't want to take mirt,then you will probably feel the same about any med the dr gives you,,like i said, you'll know very quickly if it's for you or not,but only you can decide,,it's probably going to get harder the longer you wait,,i read all the negative comments about this medicine and thought OMG what have i started here,,the thing was these where people trying to stop mirt, not starting it..i reduced now down to 7.5mg from 30mg and was terrified to reduce but things have been so far ok..'

    take care

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