Starting naltrexone today

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Hi. Haven't had a drink for 10 days but really depressed today. And know I need a drink. This is why acamprosate would have been useful, essential really, as I've no willpower when the addictive head comes again. 

So I took my 1st tablet at 1. Going to let you all know how I get on with it. I've tried it twice before. The first while I was at Cygnet Hospital Harrogate, 15 months ago. It was prescribed to take everyday for a year to prevent cravings and relapse. I stopped taking it after 3 months as I felt like a zombie. Since then I've learned from Paul that, I wasn't taking it correctly.

The 2nd time I tried it was last June but it made me so ill( worse than a hangover, if that's possible!!) . Stopped taking it after a week as couldn't cope with the side effects.

So here goes, fingers crossed..

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    You can get acamprosate, but generally you have to get it from abroad and it will set you back £116 for a month's supply.

    Good luck with naltrexone.

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      Good luck with you're ongoing saga with addaction. You gave me a few chuckles in your post about taking cider and acamprosate to your meeting lol!
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      Hey Vicky,

      Was it you that got some Phenibut for help?

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      no definitely not me, think it was paper fairy.

      I had never heard of it till I just googled it and read about it. It sounds similar to baclofen which I've only heard about on this forum.

      Going by what I've just read, it seems highly and quickly addictive and can have quite lasting withdrawals. Also shouldn't be taken with alcohol. It also seems to have interactions with many prescription drugs.

      Not for me, though if people have found it helpful, then great.

      When is your next appointment at addaction and does the outcome depend on when you start your acamprosate ?

      Good luck!

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      My next appointment with them is Thursday 18th next week, it should have been tomorrow - i,e, with the doctor, not just with a case worker.

      In answer to your last question, yes, very much so. No meds, I walk and wish them a goodbye. I'll use my own and buy some more if two months isn't enough. I'll be six weeks sober next week (not even half a glass of wine) and you're meant to take Campral as soon as you become abstinate.

      Meanwhile, the whole lot of them (I'll probably visit A&E, not that I expect them to help, but it is another tick off the list) can answer to the local health athourity and the chief executive, my GP, Addaction, area prescribing committee, GMC and A&E, where the resonsibilty lies and where the failure was, because I've written to all of them and I think I have exhausted every avenue.

      So, here's fingers crossed for next week.

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      Let's hope so!

      You've done really well so should be very proud and I hope you get your tablets.

      Its disgusting the way you've been treated. You'd have cost the NHS thousands more than a prescription had you relapsed, overdosed, used a & e etc, etc. Plus you should have started acamprosate six weeks ago. Someone must be responsible and you've explored every avenue possible, with documented evidence.

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    Hi good to hear from you.

    let us know who you get on this afternoon and if you still get the side effects. It's a shame you couldn't get acamprosate as I found it worked really well.

    good luck and take care xx

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    Hope all goes well for you x

    If you wish to chat or need some support generally, please just get in touch and we can talk on the phone or skype.  If I can help you in any way, I would love to do so.

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    I've never used acamprosate, is it to stop cravings? You have to quit entirely to take it? What are side effects like?


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      Yes Emma it's used to stop cravings and no, you don't drink whilst taking it.

      i had liver tests done and no alcohol for 5 days before starting it it's also known as campral, acamprosate is the generic name. I took two tablets three times a day and had no side effects.

      if you follow the posts from RHGB you will see how difficult it is to get a prescription for it. He ended up having to buy it online.

      For some reason, my GP prescribed it easily for me, although he had never heard of the Sinclair method and I was unable to get that.

      I found it excellent and after a few weeks it was amazing how I never thought about alcohol at all.

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      There are not meant to be any real side effects, it is one of those drugs that doesn't have much impact. Having said that, there are always medications out there that won't agree with someone or other.

      The idea is that you take it when you come off alcohol, and it stops you wanting a drink, you know, you've been really good, you're sitting at home in the evening and that bottle of wine in the kitchen starts calling you. It's meant to stop the calling.

      Drugs like naltrexone and nalmefine are for people who want to carry on drinking, but want something to put the brakes on and stop them having more than two or three. The only downside, is, that although it allows you to carry on drinking in safe amounts, it does dull the senses to everything else as well. But you only have to take it on the days you know your're going for a drink.

      Acamprosate is taken for three to twelve months and allows your body to adjust to life without alcohol. Just because you detox and come off alcohol, it doesn't mean your body or mind has forgotten it that easily.

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      Do also be aware that the reduction in drinking from using either naltrexone or nalmefene can be reduced to whatever level of drinking you wish.

      Some will reduce to below safe limits, others will reduce to zero except for the odd occasional social drink or two.... and yet others will reduce to zero and remain completely abstinent.


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      I have tried nalmefene and the side effects were worse in a way than hangovers them self. I also found it difficult to function at work, I tried the drug or two separate occasions. I also found that in my head I still wanted that buzz from drinking so after a week or so the drinking went back to a bottle a night. Better than my current state though. 2 bottles then pass out then a struggle to go to work. Every night. Very very exhausted and depressed. X

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