Stomach and back pain for two weeks now

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Short version of my symptoms.I have had stomach problems on and off for years and have been told hiatal hernia and IBS.A few months ago I had every test but an endoscopy ( put it off for insurance reasons).Im going to make an appt to have it done.

Anyway,two weeks ago I started with lower abdominal achiness and lower back burning sensation (I do have a small fibroid as well).The pain is now in my lower and upper abdomen and radiates around my left side right under my rib cage.It almost feels like an ache near my kidney area as well.sometimes the pain is around my belly button.I am bloated (look 8 months prego) and have a loose BM after everything I eat.Rarely constipated.i have an on and off bad taste in my mouth as well.Its going on two weeks now.Its not terrible pain but feels heavy like something is in there,its hard to explain.I. Not sure if its IBS or my hernia or something else that is serious.I can't get an appointment until the 24th of this month.When I wake up I am kind of better but as the day goes on my belly blows up and the left side hurts.Any ideas of what's going on would be appreciated.Ok, so I gave the long version.

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    Hello. I'm going to be absolutely no help at all but I read your post and really feel for you.

    I too suffer with abdominal pains, have IBS and have just been told I have a suspicious cyst on my ovary ( I'm having tests).

    Does you pain go when you empty your bowel?

    Do you think your bloatedness could be something to do with your diet. When I eat lots of carbs I get pains and bloatedness until I then urgently need to rush to the loo.

    It's very tough for you because you have other underlying issues ( the hernia and fibroids). Are they not going to operate on the hernia?

    I think your pains could be any number of things. Have they checked your bloods and urine?

    I would see if you can see your doc sooner than your appointment as its a long him to wait when your in agony.

    I hope you get answers and start to feel better soon. If you ever need to talk I'm here.

    Best wishes

    Vicky xx

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      thank you Vicky..I don't feel much better after going to the bathroom and it bithers me more as the day goes on.I even get it when I barely eat at all in fear of eating. I had similar symptoms a few months ago and thought for sure it was a kidney infection or UTI because it feels like my kidney area some what but three UTI test cane up negative at the Dr.i had a complete work up of blood a few times recently.I feel like no one has answers but I do still need an endoscopy.I will see my regular Dr monday as well.Thank you for your support and kindness ūüėä
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      hi victoria,after reading you reply, i went straight to the doctor..have been experiencing similar pains..specially the ovary pains and the back..have also been bloated for some time now... We have just transferred to a new home and the body has been overworked.. I have all body pains and the stomach was so bad for days.. natural remedies are so good they helped.and the results showed that my ovaries are fine smile
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      Yay that's brilliant news. So glad you can rule that out!

      How are you feeling now?

      Sounds like your bodie's been under quite a lot of strain lately. Give yourself a well earned rest.

      Thank you for letting me know.

      Best wishes



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      thanks vicky, have rested for days now and glad that thoug i have polycyctic doesn't call for anyhting to panic, though I have hormonal imbalance.. the bloating and constipation is also gone..thanks to papaya, cardamom,fennel, aloe extract, and wormwood smile
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      Hi threena, what are the natural remedies you've used? Thanks
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    Just don't give up, I know it seems depressing most of the time, however just keep going to doctor until you get every test possible, good luck
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    Crones and Diverticular  are two complaints that are awful to have.  My two friends have both conditions.  Not always do folk suffer with both, but of course not uncommon to.   Look up Diverticulitist .....  

    Diverticulitis Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments. Tenderness, cramps, or pain in the abdomen (usually in the lower left side but may occur on the right) that is sometimes worse when you move. Fever and chills. A bloated feeling, abdominal swelling, or gas. Diarrhea or constipation. Nausea and sometimes vomiting.

    All the very best going forward....

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      Wow..Thank you.The Divuticular are my symptoms in every way.It gets worse at night for some reason.I hope I am ok letting this go a few days because currently my dad flew in to town too stay with me because his sister passed away.I have a house full staying with me until the weekend.It feels very uncomfortable on the left side,almost like bad gas ..Hoping waiting until monday for the Drs is ok.Thanks for your input.I was thinking the worst of the worst.
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      It is treatable for it's symptoms.  But sadly the condition will always be there.  It's managable with treatment and diet.

      All the best, keep us informed how things go for you.

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      Thank you.I suppose it could be worse.I can deal as long as it not life threatening I suppose.Its amazing how bad my lower back hurts.Even uncomfy to the touch on my left side.Crazy what your stomach can do
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      Yes, your back can take the brunt of a good many prob's not even associated to it directly.  Referred pain is also something that fools folks..  

      Keep in touch.  Don't worry to much.   I know that my friends and those with the condition/s take meds and look at diets to know whats not good for them.  

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      hi deb.. wish i could share to you the remedies we used for my mom... she suffered chronic pain and the worst time comes when she is constipated..I am just a pm away.
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      YOU WHERE RIGHT!!I ended up in the ER last night and diverticulites it is.They gave me flagl and cipro in intravenus and I came home the meds.OMG,The pain!!I dont get how one is suppose to be on a liquid only diet on all these meds.I feel sick to my stomach w no food in my systrm that I snuck a piece of toast.Im sooo hungry!!!
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      WOW,  Great news to have your self diagnosed..whilst of course you would rather not have the condition, it is awesome now that you can now step up to take control and learn of what is good and what is not good for 'your system' to cope with in regards to food groups.  NOT everyone has the same triggers, just like with crones disease.  

      I'm really happy now for you, now diagnosed, your in the control chair.

      Head and chin up!  You and others with the condition will become the best experts on the subject.  And of course will help others along the way with your knowledge and awareness via experience.   

      High Fives to you Kelly1014.. All the very best forever and onward, as it's not going to prevent you from living, it's going to teach you about you, about your body and your going to learn what is good for it, and what is not...  An adventure...   HUGS Kelly....x

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      Thanks Deb.Do you have diverticulitis?Im curious as to how long until the pain goes away?I am on day 3 of meds and still w pain

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