Stomach cramps ruining everything

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Hi all

Someone please help.

So i don't know if you saw my other thread but since withdrawal from mirt 45 to 30 The panic attacks have stopped and the morning anxiety is dying down

But what i get every morning without fail is the most debilitating stomach cramps

My doc and i both no i have a really high pain threshold but this is crippling me. Not just my stomach but my bowels are kicking right off to, i am immobilised because of it.

I'm living on pain killers which do help.

I just wanted to know if these are part of withdrawal and will they go away in a day or 2?

I can tough it out if that's the case. Everything else ie anxiety and fatigue are wearing off. I'm sticking to this dose for another 2 weeks at least

If the pains don't go away tho i don't know what to do. If mirt is causing all this i want off asap

Hope you are all having a good weekend

S x

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    Hi suzannah

    Sorry you are still feeling rough.

    I went down from 45mg to 15mg of mirt in 2 weeks under doctors orders, it was really tough time and stomach cramps were one of the symptoms.

    I rechon I felt like this because  I came off it too quickly I would have thought tapering slowley like you it would have been easier.

    I'm still tapering off Im on 7.5mg now and all is ok so far.

    I did go onto another AD so again that may have something to do with it.

    I really hope it get better soon for you Suzannah

    Stay Strong xfrown

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      Hi Lynne

      Thanks for getting back to me

      My heads cleared up fine had some slight tummy trouble but today has been the worst.

      Im literally bed ridden and even when i lay down and try and relax my stomach keeps cramping

      How long did it last for you?i just want to know it will end and I'll stop being such a wimp!

      All the other severe side effects only lasted a few days thank god! But this is flooring ne. I have an extremely high pain threshold gave birth twice without medical help(not intensional i just didn't realise how close i was to giving birth)

      How are you doing now?

      S x

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      From start to finish I got down from 45mg to 15mg in about 3 weeks thats when all the withdrawal symptoms stopped but as I said before I went onto Sertraline while I was still tapering off the mirt and the last 15mg of mirt has been really hard.

      Went to see psych on Thursaday said to up sertraline to 200mg I can keep taking the mirt but Im down to 7.5mg on that so if I can get of it I will and gave me quetiapine 25mg which I can take twice when I need to.

      They are antipsychotic drugs used for bipolar and schizophrenia

      They just keep throwing drugs at stuff and now I have been discharged because you cant be under a psych and get CBT at the same time!!!!!!

      Its a joke

      Im not going to take the quetiapine Im going to get of the mirt and just stick with the sertraline for my depression.

      I hope you feel better

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      Hey lynne

      Im wondering how you are getting along with the sertraline?

      I've been on it before in fact was first one docs tried but that caused bad insomnia that's how I arrived on mirtazapine

      Doc gave me some sertraline to cross taper mirt i only took half a tablet and i lost all control over my erm nether region

      And was at a friends she said i looked like i was on speed!

      So havent done it and quite glad i didn't but think maybe was too much with the high dose of mirt so I'm not writing anything off just in case i get into trouble

      But I'm interested to see how i am med free

      All my symptoms are physical and any time I've tried something else it's got worse

      Just interested really another ad I've seen a lot with mirt is velaxatine excuse spelling

      I don't want to go down that route but interested in other people's experience

      S x

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      Hi Suzanna

      So far sertraline has been a bit mixed it wears off really quickly but it is heliping my depression I think!!!! Im now on 200mg

      The Anxiety not so much and I think thats going to be sorted by mind over matter eg therapy.

      Only time will tell if the setraline is making the anxiety worse then back to the drawing board AD's are a must for my depression because the 3 times I came off them I ended up in a psychiatric unit!! not nice

      As for sleep that is a major problem with me and thats why I went onto mirtazapine 45mg but I find the lower dose I am now on 7.5mg is still giving me a half decent sleep but I do want to eventually come of the mirt.I also have 7.5mg zopiclone with I take every 3rd night

      I was also gives quetiapine an anti psychotic med by the psych "to take the edge off" but I am giving them a miss I am fed up with pills being thrown at my problems.

      So only time will tell if the sertraline is for me or not.

      My psych said he did not know much about sertraline!!!!! fills me with confidence NOT his drug of choice is fluxotine but I have tried that twice and it does nothing for me.

      I really wish I could be drug free but I cant not with my depression

      Stay Strong xcool

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      Bless you lynne

      I know what you mean about throwing more meds at the problem

      I've found they make me worse

      I'm sorry your depression is such a problem. I don't feel depressed anymore just anxious but it seems i was right all along and mirt is causing it

      Think mine might be down to the infamous mirt poop out. But I'm not depressed or suicidal just frustrated

      So not going to add any more meds to the mix

      Glad sertraline seems to be helping you

      And thank you for the infosmile

      S x

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    Hello Suzannah

    It must be catching yesturday went to the hospital fine then we  went to sit by the River Thames for a little while all without a wobbly.

    This morning work up to being drenched in sweat now strong belly pains,I am still on 11.25mg I dont know if why its happing.

    But we will beat it,I have been reading about this and they said wait two months from the first cut then another two months with the second one then taper 10%

    from then on.

    I have got to get down to 7.50mg before I have any chance of getting the liquid .

    stay strong


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      Hello Suzannah

      I am on roughly 11mg at the moment I am going to stay on this for a little longer this is my 4th day at this dose I am not going to rush it, I cannot explain how I feel the belly is the main trouble it feels so tight all the time

      as if I have eaten a massive meal (I wish) still it can only get better.

      How are you getting on? has your aches and pains got better? are you going out and about yet?

      Take care


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      Well done you for dropping again. I feel for you with tummy troubles weighed myself yesterday at mums and in 3 weeks I've lost a stone!

      How is your mood this drop?I found my good mood is reappearing now that withdrawal is wearing off. Gives me confidence I'm still in there.

      Can you take anything for your tummy?I take lanserapole and buscapan seems to help and doc gave me codeine for the pain.

      I'm still aching and lethargic basically given up doing anything until the evenings when it seems to get better for a bit. My legs are like jelly but still doing what i need to just with less patience strength and speed. (These are all having a knock on affect)

      But as long as i can keep my spirits up I'll muddle through

      Have been popping to shop friends family etc not every day but much better.

      I still have chest pains though. And i had them before on 30 so don't know if it is still withdrawal looking forward to next taper as the lower i go the better I'm feeling

      You are so close now you should be really proud of yourself

      Much love

      S x

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      I some-times wonder if I am be got on two fronts

      1 with the tapering

      2I wonder if the night sweats are panic wondering what the scan will show

      its been hanging over me for 6mths now I cannot wait for Friday to get it done with,but then I have to wait for the results,

      I am so pleased you are getting out,I think it does help in the long run

      are your family close by?

      Going back to moods not to bad,its the feeling of being full up gets me the tiredness comes and goes during the day but it funny about 9pm I am wide awake,I do tend to go to bed early about 10.30pm I dont sleep but you are resting but as I said then the hot sweats come its not just my head and face it is a full body one.

      I do hope you will soon be better.



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      The scan pending can't be helping but then again Friday isn't far off either

      I hope everything goes ok

      The sweating I'd say is withdrawal. In fact I'm pretty sure it is based on my own experience

      Tiredness right there with you

      I'm hoping it buggers off my house is due a spring clean

      I mentioned to someone else I've started taking the mirt earlier in the evening because it settles my stomach so I'm able to eat and also I'm not then relying on it to sleep and am finding other ways to help that

      Seems to work for me

      Maybe your taper is too fast?

      Hope you feel better soon

      S x

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      Yes  I think your right I have gone to quick,so I am going to stop

      on this dose till I am sure I have stabilised,I am not going back up

      again,it means starting all over again.

      wishing you well 



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      Thanks Calmer

      I will wait and see what is said when I get to 7.5mg I am not going to rush

      toI want to stabilise befor I go down further,I did go down too quick,so less haste this time.

      Hope you are well and keeping up the good work


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