Stomach / digestive problem(s). Help.

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Hi all.

Basically on early Thursday after a very small breakfast (Cranberry Juice and Cashews) I started getting really painful stomach cramps, kind of on par with pre/during food poisoning cramps. Shortly after I went to the loo and noticed my stool was lighter in colour than usual. It wasn’t broken/diarrhoea like I expected however.

Ever since this day the stomach cramps haven’t returned in as severe form, but I have felt bloated, unbelievably fatigued, generally not right and some real vague abdominal discomfort (not really painful in that sense & some days it’s down low and today it’s up to the left).  My stools since have been kind of one a day and a bit sloppy/oily. 

I also don’t know whether I’m being a hypochondriac but I can feel a slight swollen enlargement kind of my rib cage to the left and it also feel like swallowing and keeping food down my eusophagus is, kind of laboured. 

I have avoided eating as much purely because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t an intolerance or even pancreatitis, so obviously that may play into the fatigue, but I’ve never felt this tired and depleted. 

Good points are that I haven’t bled in my stool or vomited once. 

Has anyone thoughts on what this could be? Anyone can help? 


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    Give it few more days. Seems like stomach irritation and most probably will fix on its own.
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    Light coloured stool can be a sign of bile restriction (ie bile duct narrowing) or even a plugged liver (fatty liver).  Oily stool is also a sign of bile issues.  If it continues, I'd ask your doctor for some liver testing.  In addition, I do a good quality liver cleanse about once a year.  Helps to removed stored debris from your liver and allow the liver to do all of its many functions.  In Canada, you'd have to go to a health food store to get one or through a naturopath.  If you'd like more specific product information, pm me.

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    You should see the gastro...Doctor  get a colonoscopy done where they can check everything get tissue examples, and find out there are a lot of things that can be going on. IBS is one.
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    It sounds like it may have something to do with your gallbladder and like you might have acid reflux. Maybe gastritis, too. Definitely go see a GI doctor. 
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    Try a food diary since the problems began after eating.  If no better after one wee, see your doctor.
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    Ok guys you’re advice has been so helpful. 

    Went to the doctors this morning and she had a good feel - temperature and HR were fine. Took a stool sample and so I’ll take that back tomorrow or later in the week. She gave me plenty of Buscopan also. Is this good? 

    Just feels like especially on an empty stomach and lying back down, my upper abdomen constantly gargles, dribbles and in general - upper abdomen wise when lying down - feel kinda blocked and restricted. But then because I’ve hardly eaten, I don’t know whether the gas, fatigue and bloating is because of that. Or something else. 

    I’m going to stick to cabbage, baby broccoli, ginger, garlic, crisp bread crackers and plenty of water. I started drinking cranberry juice & then noticed the sugar content! 

    Does anybody know whether some pro biotic supplement would be useful right about now? 

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    Saccharomyces boulardii?

    Lactobacillus acidophilus

    Bifidobacterium animalis lactis

    Lactobacillus rhamnosus

    Bifidobacterium bifidum

    Bifidobacterium longum

    Streptococcus thermophilus


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      Forgot to add, you could try a probiotic to see if it helps.
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    Your doctor may be trying you out on Buscopan to see if you have IBS.  I have IBS and take Buscopan and ir works for me.  Broccoli and cabbage can cause gas, so watch out for that.
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      It kind of soothed the whole full feeling for a while but now it’s back I may have to take some more Buscopan. 

      What I wanted to know also was, because from now until some kind of firm diagnosis, what do I need to eat? I keep reading fibrous foods like brocolli sprouts, rice is good etc? But then some of these beneficial ‘super’ foods may cause more bloating or symptoms? 

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      IBS can come back time and time again and have periods of remission.  With IBS, everyone’s triggers are different so you will need to try out foods and note down if any cause you symptoms. That is the best way of finding out which foods suit you  and those that don’t.  What you read on different sites is really only a general guide and doesn’t take individual experiences into account.  It is all trial and error.

      I have IBS but no food triggers it.  My trigger is stress.

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    This what my stool looks like today (sorry for the information overload). 

    I feel constipated and as though down in my lower abdomen there is some kinda blockage

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    UPDATE : 

    stomach cramps gone. abdominal discomfort still there, and I keep feeling mad though it very subtly radiates to my back. 

    I have lost weight also. I was 67.8 kg around three/four weeks back and now I am 64.2kg. Is this rate of weight loss normal/healthy? I have cut out most fatty foods and drank a lot more water so could this explain the loss?

    I still feel quite fatigued through the day. 

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      Reducing fatty foods and stress will make you lose weight.

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