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I am a thirty eight year old woman with 5 kids 4 under the age of six. Over the last year I have had pain in my left and sometimes right ribs dull ache under my sternum area and random pains that come and go within 2 seconds in my upper abdominal and right beside my belly button on both side. I also have an an achy back from my bottom ribs to neck. This is almost always there but eases up a little sometimes. My stomach has now decided to be bloated it looks I'm 3 months pregnant. I also have an issue with my ear pooping in and out and when this happens I can hear my breathing in my ear. It's like a fuzzy sounds.

My sternum is siore to touch the opening and my are ribs on out side are also painful to touch. I had a abdominal ultra sound that was clear an upper GI that was clear, blood work was good .anyone have these problems all the time. I'm so afraid it's pancreatic cancer that I have my self all worked up. My doctor says it's not but he doesn't know for sure. Any help out there

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    Hi, I'm having similar symptoms to you right now and I've been adviced to get a CT scan of my gallbladder because sometimes things like gallstones don't show up on ultrasounds, although quite rare, it can happen. I was almost hospitalised in January with a suspected case of Cholocystitis but after no gallstones were found I was sent home with antibiotics.

    I would definitely advise you to go and get a second opionion on your gallbladder and ask if you could get a CT Scan.

    I'm also panicking that I have cancer and I really know how you feel with that. I have random outbursts of tears and scared that I won't be able to have a family in the future or see my nieces grow up.

    It's awful to have anxiety over cancer.

    I wish you all the best and please let us know how you get on. I have an appointment with a surgical team on the 8th September and I'm scared to death as I've never had surgery before.


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      Did you have a abdominal ultra sound first? Where are you have the random pains and located do you have back pain as well?
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      Sorry that didn't make a lot of sense I wanted to say where are you pains located on your abdomin do you have the rib pain and back pain.
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      I'm in pain 24/7 especially my back, mostly across my shoulder blades especially my right side, but as it flares up I have it in my ribs and abdominal pain in my right upper quadrant of my abdomen, just under my right ribs and sometimes in the middle under neath my sternum or above my navel.

      My pain gets worse when I eat, especially if the food is high in fat.

      I was given an abdominal ultrasound on my liver, gallbladder, pancreas and aeorta and all came back normal. I had LFT (Liver function test) blood work taken too and apart from a slight rise in white cell count I was sent home with two lots of antibiotics and co-codamol.

      I've been in agony since January and only now am I getting taken seriously at my GP's.

      I hope that helps.

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    Hi Becka I'm so sorry you are suffering. I too had similar symptoms to yours except my problems were mostly on the left side. I too panicked and had anxiety attacks thinking I had cancer. It is terrible what damage the mind can do to the body. The doctors insisted that it was gerd/gastritis that I had. So they gave me Nexium and zantac.

    The 1st month the medicine didn't seem to be working but by the second month I started to see improvement and only then did I begin to calm down. I also changed my diet during the second month. So the diet played a huge role in my improvement. It's month 4 now and I am much better but not completely healed. I am still discovering things that aggravate me. It's trial and error to see which foods work for me.

    So I'm just sharing as I shared most of your symptoms. So it could possibly be gastritis or gerd. But as Pink crayon said, please get your gallbladder tested first.

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      Ok thanks how about your pain in your back did that go away as well.
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    Yes the pain in the back subsided. It comes back when I get a flare up.
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      Did you have pain in both ribs that would come and go or just the left ribs. And was the opening to your sternum sedative to the touch
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      Yes I get pain in the both ribs, mostly on the left though. The pain subsides for awhile and comes back when the stomach is aggravated.

      Yes that area is sensitive to touch.

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    I've been having similar for 6 years all on left and getting worse not better. I too am scared it's pancreas but all tests I have are clear so doc dismisses it saying ibs
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    I also get back pain and pain in side all on left. I get short sharp stabs and dull aches and feel like my ribs are bruised sometimes. I'm much worse after alcohol. That's why I worry about pancreas. I've had endo (6 years ago when all began was clear but I'd like another!) ct, stool samples, ultrasounds, loads bloods, MRI with contrast dye, colonoscopy. All negative! So frustrating and ruining my life! I'm only 33 with 3 children and 6 years of this worry is taking it's toll!
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      Where is your back pain located. Do you get pain in the area just below your sternum and on and on your sternum does the right ribs ever bother you. How about you your abdomen do you ever get any issues in your upper abdomen
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      Mid back on left side. Yes I have a lot of abdomen problems all upper left. Just below ribs is where all started. If I pressed area it would help and move wind along but over the years of this I now get the stabs under left breast, in my side and back. Dull ache mid back and left ribs on the front. Also get bloated and feeling of fullness and food stuck in my throat feels like it's clogged up right to stomach. Sternum isn't really tender it's more to the left. Everything is left sided pain
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      Wow your symptom do sound like mine.. I shave driven my self nuts thinking I have pancreatic cancer because of the constant dull ache in my middle back and the random aches in my upper abdominal and left and right ribs in front and back. Also mild aches on either side of belly button. I also get this weird noise in my ear it will pop then I can hear myself breathing through my ear it only last a few second but comes and goes some days it there some days not. I feel like a walking hypochondriac. Had lots of blood work and scoops and and abdonail ultra sound that was clear. Doctor insides it fibro😖 I just can't wrap my head around this not being something serious.
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      I know how you feel it's so frustrating. I do suffer from Health anxiety but that's not what's causing my pains and it annoys me when docs try and say it's in my head! The pain is very real just hard to describe as it changes daily from stabbing to knawing or aching! Plus location changed but always left side and the bit just under ribs stays consistent. I'm thinking and hoping it's gastritis and not chronic pancreatitis which is my pain fear! Just wish some test would show something so I can accept it and get on with my life! Not knowing is terrible! Spend my days on this site, on Facebook pancreas support group and gastritis support group or google trying to make myself feel better! Doesn't work!

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