Stomach pain after endoscopy

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Please I need your help!

Two months ago I was tested positive for H. Pylori however I have never experienced any pain or stomach discomfort in my life. My doctor (I am from the easter european country) insisted that I do an endoscopy. I was convinced that it is very safe procedure and I agreed. However the same day after the upper endoscopy was performed I started to experience stomach burning, pain and heartburn/chest pain. So bad that I had to go to emergency. Endoscopy showed a chronic gastritis and duodenitis. However my GI doctor did not think I need antibiotics since the gastritis was mild. I was taking PPI for 3-4 weeks but my symptoms were getting worse with no imrpovement, stomach pain was getting stabby and unbearable and it started to hurt a lot on the right side under ribs. It also feels like something is swallen under right ribs and makes popping sound (ultrasound did not show anything). After PPI were not helping much I was put on Sucralfate (also called Carafate) and it helped a bit. Now it is been 2 months, I am back in Canada where I am residing permanently and doctors here have no idea what is going on. They sent me to redo the H.Pylori test and another theory they have is a bile reflux.  I am really scared because for over 2 months I have not had a day without pain even on the better days,  I eat very special diet and I lost some weight because I could not eat enough and underweight. I saw 3 GI doctors (one in Russia and 2 in Canada) and they all say that they have never seen a case like me... to get problems after endoscopy... so I can not get a certain diagnose from them.  I am wondering if anyone had similar problem or have any idea about it... not sure what to do anymore and where to get any help sad

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    Hi janna I have the same problem exactly the same history one I am 2 months post endoscopy and till now everyday I have stomach with some chest pain . I blame myself to do endoscopy because I had no stomach pain before.

    What happen to you if you can please tell me .

    God bless you

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    I have the exact same problem!!!!! Except the h pylori infection. I have been to the er 6 times because the pain is so severe. The er is not much help. They think I am just wanting the pain killers. I have never had this pain before with any other endoscopy but this last one I don't know what happened. I have had a Ct and an ultrasound and they have revealed nothing. Blood tests haven't shown anything either. I have changed my way if eating and cut out gluten. I am in so much pain daily that I can't take it much longer. I have an appointment with a GI on Monday. If I find out anything I will let you know. I also have had a barium swallowing test. Because I get extremely nauseous with this pain.

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      Have you found an explanation for the pain? It appears I am in the same boat and looking for a navigator to navigate to clear waters.

      My story started a year and a half ago with a colonoscopy. After waking up from the anesthesia I had chest pain.  After many many trips to the ER and subsequent heart caths (1 ended badly having to replace a portion of my femoral artery and the other ending with 3 stents in LAD) I still have the chest pain which is slightly reduced due to 1000mg of Ranolazine 2xD, 900mg of Gabapentin 3xD, and Carvedilol 38mg 2xD.

      3 weeks ago I had an upper GI done and after the 1st day with no problems.  The endoscopy clinic called the day after the procedure to check up and of course I said everything was fine.  4 days after the procedure I started having stomach pains from the middle left under ribcage to 3/4 right under rib cage along with persistent burping and flatulence (both of which have never been excessive). The pain was severe but not ER level severe (though I have a high pain tolerance level) but has since decreased.

      I received a partial diagnostic report from the Upper GI today:















      Comment: An Alcian blue/PAS stain was performed and supports the


      Today my stomach is tender to the touch and now have constant stomach / esophageal pains from right under the collar bones, down esophagus and to under the right side ribs ranging from pain level 2-4. I haven't burped so much in my life... I mean after drinking water or coffee I burp.  Eat an apple I burp. Bend over I burp and pass gas.

      I see the GI next week so am curious on what to expect and what to ask / compare against with others in this group here. I thought I might be alone in this matter as the same with having chest pains after the colonoscopy.  Doctors think I am just making the thing up about the pain especially since the closest description I could come up with for describing the pain was "someone pressing on a bruise... constantly."

      Any help from any others in this group would be greatly appreciated.

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      I went and saw the GI doc and she wouldn't even examine me. Her reasoning was that there would be no pain from the endoscope and that I must have become lactose intolerant after the procedure.  I asked her if there where any other cases where this has happen and she goes "Well.... no..." I told her I was born at night but it wasn't last night so how about I get some doctoring going to find out what is going on. Well...

      She doubled my acid-reflex meds (Ranitidine) to 300mgx2.  I told her I could feel the liquid going into my stomach like I would imagine water running over ledges.  Of course she states that the stomach has no nerve endings so you can't feel anything. I have never had something like this go on for any length of time.  It has been a month since my endoscope and I am still in pain.  I still burp and pass gas like a old steam engine. I see my primary care doctor on 17 OCT and if I am still having the pain I'm not leaving without a script for pain meds.

      I did notice that eating a slice bread helped a bit. It's hard to believe but french fries with the grease patted off helped some also.  This is my experience and may not work for others.

      I hope any of you all do not feel like this.  Keep the fingers crossed and maybe something will work.

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      I'm burping too!  And eating crackers or bread helps a little....(4 days since my EGI) and pain.  Did yours ever go away?

      I used to take ranitidine...its got a serious side effect of making your symptoms worse after you take it for awhile.  Rebound effect I think they call it.  Google it and read the chats....

      What are the side effects of long term use of ranitidine?

      The more common side effects of ranitidine oral tablet can include:headache.



      nausea and vomiting.

      stomach discomfort or pain.

      Ranitidine | Side Effects

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      The burping has eased up some but still at approx 150% above pre-procedure.  Same with flatulence. The pain has diminished to touch only.  That by itself is telling me that something was damaged as the body's response to something being wrong is producing pain.  Chest pain has been reduced after the PCP took me off Atorovastatin.  My long term use of Ranitidine has not had any problems for me with the exception of the headaches but a medicine or combonation of medicines I am taking now have kicked that to the curb.

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    Hi Janna your not alone with the pain. I too had endoscopy because I've suffered severe pain under my right ribs it started after I had my baby about 3 months after in December 2015 my daughter was born. I was referred for tests I had ct with contrast they said normal it's your diet. I am naughty sometimes but I do eat lots of fruit and veg. I had ultra sounds again nothing. Blood tests nothing. I got sent for endoscopy a week and half ago the nurse after showed me green slip saying gastritis seen and possible h pylori. I have felt more pain after having the endoscopy very sore in top of abdomen. I have had several trips to A n e had to call advice line and chase doctors. I spoke to a doctor today who said some of my bi opsy showed imflammation nothing serious and my h pylori hasn't come back yet possibly another week. I was shocked that your bi opsy didn't test for h pylori as it should have ruled that out instead of putting you in for more tests. I really do sympathise with you all the chasing doctors and going under tests is exhausting especially when they all say different things. Don't give up I know it's hard hot water bottle is my only relief really it's persistent and exhausting I hope u get an answer and start to feel much better x sometimes I think doctors can be more harm the good because they all have their say and you tell them how u feel and they will turn it into something else it's wrong really as we know what's hurting they will always have something to blame it on which what it does to a person mentally is awful leaves us at loose end worry sick. Sometimes I think all natural ways is best ways eating healthy exercise and doing activities u enjoy and spending time with good family and friends best therapy. I'm pulling myself away from doctors once I have my last test back for h pylori if negative I will just take pain killers and live with it and try and do things I enjoy not involving doctors that want to prescribe everything going and give false diognoses. It takes away the important things in life so I have began to realise family laughter and fun. Stressing out over the docs is a waste of time to me. My advice is your in terrible pain just like me take pain relief on regular basis and when u have spaces enjoy doing things u enjoy reading or art I love art films exercise anything to take u away from the pain. I suffer bi polar manic depression so I'm hard to understand the way I react with dramatic mood swings. I'm also starting counselling this could be another option I wish you the best of luck I am un diognosed same as u tummy pain I know exactly how u feel. Be strong try and bring yourself away from stresses of pain and doctors breathing listening to thunder and lightening can help relax u good luck I send u wellness and healing 

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    Hi Janna,I am devashree (21years) I have the same problem for past 11 months. In November 2016 I started experiencing pain in stomach which was a very little bit. I started to have acidity frequently and was not able to eat normal food. I started following diet. I went to Dr in Jan 2017 (Ms surgeon) and he gave some medicine (rabeprazole, digene) for 15 days. Still I was having uncomfortable feeling and little pain in stomach. There was no pain or burn in chest before. After 15 days I went through endoscopy and was diagnosed with h. Pylori..Dr said I should not eat high protein foods n fibre foods like pulses n legumes, milk, bakery n confectionery products etc they banned all processed foods for me.. Dr said that I was very weak and underweight so he delayed the antibiotics. After 1 month Dr gave me antibiotics amoxicillin and claribid for 7 days along with sompraz. I had the pain and burning more than it was before endoscopy..I thought I should go to a MD medicine Dr and had another endoscopy. He said this is due to stress and gave me anxiety tablets as there was no ulcer detected but still burning was there.. I went to another Dr he said that this is due to the wounds/ inflammation that have formed in the stomachdue to h. Pylori and 2 endoscopies.. He gave me prebiotic and probiotics and Rantac.. They said stomach healing needs time.. This all is from 11 months and I m not able to eat like normal people.. It hurts so much.. Sometimes I m scared to what has happened to my's really unbearable burning and pain in stomach n chest..I am only 21 and still can't eat like others of my age 😖

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      Does anyone here have same problem from a long time,  stomach and heart burning.. Acidity and weakness.. Please help 😖I am really stressed out as I m still in the days of my career.. I have to leave my country for MS next year and don't know how will I manage the food there 😔 does anyone have solution for the quick healing? 

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      Take deglycerized licorice tablets.  I buy the chocolate version.  One in morning, one at night, seems to help.  


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    Hi Everyone!

    I am realised that this discussion is ongoing and it is really saddens me that so many of you experiencing this terrible issues. 

    I just want to give you an update on my own issues and hopefully it can help you in any way.

    It is been almost 3 years and I am feeling much better right now, so there is  a hope there, hang on there! At the time I experienced all the issues I really thought there was none.

    In the end after that infamous endoscopy it took me around 7-8 months to stop experiencing a lot of pain. And another 6 months to start being able to eat different types of food.

    Doctors even now do not know what exactly happened and caused it, they think maybe something was traumatised during the endoscopy or my body overreacted to it. The most plausible idea is the valve in the stomach go messed up and it took it a while to heal.  Even now I am being careful and in generally my stomach is morel likely to hurt if I eat crappy food or stress out. Also they have tested me for h.pylori in Canada and they did not find it ( after they found it in Russia..) so you can not trust any of those tests apparently... this whole experience made me question how much doctors know about anything and if the test are reliable.

    What helped during that absolutely terrible time: 

    1) Sucralfate (also called Carafate)   .. definitely helped with acid reflux and hurting stomach, helped me to sleep at night. This was prescribed by my family doctor, the GI specialists were really unhelpful.

    2) Eating extremely simple...boiled chicken, boiled sweet potato, papaya, quinoa maybe few more things like boiled carrots... but literally i ate this for 7-8 months because almost anything else caused the pain to go crazy. I remember trying a simple blueberry muffin 3 months into my sickness... woooh bad bad idea.  

    3) Tried anti acids did not help and possibly made it worse... so i stopped. Also tried muscle relaxants did not help either. 

    4)  Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL)   I read about it on some natural health blog and.. this worked amazingly for me. Eventually I stopped Sucralfate and just used this. it helps with reflux and pain. I still have some now and when my stomach feels sore ( usually after s****y food ) I take it and it most often helps.

    This is what helped me, but I know everyone is different and this issue seems pretty complicated. I still do not know what really went wrong and what was the problem. I know after 15 minutes of endoscopy (which was not event needed ). I was sick for more than a year and I could not work for 7 months. So it seems like these issues a slow to heal. My GP told me that because there is so much acid in the stomach if there are also wounds they are slow and hard to health. Therefore the medicine i used were probably helpful because it would coat the stomach and let the wounds heal.. this is my guess. 

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      Thank you janna

      This helps me becouse im not going crazy its 3 am and no sleep yet for me 😣

      I had a endoscopy a week ago the pain didnt start untill 3 days ago omg pain burping no food i was frightened to eat anything it wiuld come and go the burning

      I nevef ever experienced anything like it iv been unwell with other issues and and having treatment that involves me taking 6 pills in the morning and 4 at night im addicted to cocodamal thats paracetamol and codine for my arthritis.

      So this makes thing impossible

      I thaught i had a gallbladder stone and Dr Says no all normal so ehat the heck i cant go on like this i have to work to pay bills but i cant stand for to long im a haidresser and stand all day its impossible my stomach feels like its heavy and being dragged down bad stabbing pain under my right rib

      I feel wounded like when she reneged the scop out my body its like a whip lash or like being whip ed from the inside.

      Iv a scan comming up soon but like you said theg will probably not find anything .

      7 to 8 months omg i can handle this thanks for the medication yiu subjected and is that a specific liquish (spelling) im going to try that. Thank you for answering this question its helped me alot and for anyone having this im so sorry we experienced it i called the clinic and yold them they said nobody has ever mentioned this to them but i wonder! .

      Take care and thank you

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      This is a few days latter

      I went to my family Dr she said there nothing wrong

      I was bent over with pain

      She felt my tummy it was swallen sent me home with antacids.

      Im having other treatment

      For my liver that nurse sent me to hospital 4 hrs latter 3 blood tests all normal

      Said it's the air i was constipated to she said your tence and gave me a sleeping pill. I never took any i did take half of a half

      Of amitriptyline.

      Omg that night i woke up still in a dream and it was like my child hood life was flashing befor me scared the hell out of me i must if been in a dream state still

      Still have pain my upper back is out and im hunched over a bit i do streches that help a bit. This is horrible im never having one again

      Im finaly eating it more food i eat yogurt with live culture's dos help.

      I do remember waking up in the middle of the endoscopy i think i tryed to pull out the pipe and get up

      So i remember them holding me down ( for my own good). So maybe i strained mg mussels and the held my head i was on my left side . Iv arthritis in my neck and back and i cant stand and put my arms up in front if me with out he mussels freezing up like the go into spasm.

      Take care everyone its not i our minds dont let them say any diffrent its a shock to our system and shoving in a plastic tube down your throat and stomach isnt normal. Take care x

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      It's been some time now after the endoscopy

      Drs appt after Drs appt

      Still in pain still can't stand up straight and for long the pain dos come and go but have constant presher on right side radiating to the back. I had an appt with the Dr took me a while to veget there park up . Waiting for Dr and he never showed up the nurse was a bit annoyed so she gave me blood tests to do

      And said we will reschedule its been scheduled with another Dr in a weeks time I had a scan done but all normal so it's all in my head.....blood tests all normal I had a bit of pain befor endoscopy but not like this it's realy getting in the way now of my life. They are saying it's my medication for my liver causing it well I'm shattered exasted and just feel unwell don't know the answer my life had changed its upside down

      I don't know how everyone else copes were all diffrent

      Just take care I hope very one gets some relief at somtime x

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      "Also they have tested me for h.pylori in Canada and they did not find it ( after they found it in Russia..) so you can not trust any of those tests apparently... this whole experience made me question how much doctors know about anything and if the test are reliable."  A FRICKING MEN!!@!!!!!

      I wish to hell I'd never had the endo!  I think I must have had a very traumatic time of bad it threw my heart into VT rhythm!  Its day four and my gut aches all the way to my back...Im exhausted...Im taking my dgl and it USED to work, but its not working on this.  I think she poked me.  They'll never admit anything........

      Thank you for your update!  Even if it was bad news!  XOXOXO

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      know this was a long time ago but like you I am freaking out! I have my endoscopy day after tomorrow and I just know that I will either perforate and die on the table or have cancer that needs further operation. Did your pain subside?Just wondering how soon after an endoscopy you would know if you were perforated? Hope everything went well!

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