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Hey All, 

I was wondering if any of you can help me. The last couple of months have been hard for me and I just want to start feeling better. I'm begging any of you to take a look at the below and let me know of any insight that you can possibly provide on the matter. 

Over the last four months, I have been experiencing a wide range of strange and disturbing symptoms. I have not found any answers from a traditional healthcare standpoint and decided to reach out to you to see if you've heard of anything like this. Below, I will outline the symptoms that I have been experiencing along with the tests that I have done from a traditional healthcare standpoint. Again, ANY help that you can provide on this would be greatly appreciated. I have a young daughter at home and really need to start getting better. sad 


Frequent Heartburn - I've never struggled with heartburn before this. This causes a burning in my chest and tightness in my throat. 

Chest Pains 

Muscle Twitching - Body-Wide... This comes and goes and can be felt anywhere, especially in my legs. 

Muscle Coordination/Off-Balance - I feel like my hands are not coordinated and that my balance is off, though when I test my balance, etc... I seem to be fine. 

Muscle Soreness - This comes and goes and is not brought on by a specific activity. 

Heavy Anxiety/Doom Feelings - These seem to not really be brought on by anything in specific. 

Random Skin Rashes/Tingling Mouth - I do not have any allergies that I am aware of and this is a newer symptom. 

Frequent Belching and Gas 

Urinary Slowness and Frequent 

Vision Floaters 

Heavy fatigue after eating 

Mouth Sores/Blisters 

Hypersensitive Nerves - Water drops are very noticeable, etc. 

Fine Motor Functions Appear to be fine 

Traditional Healthcare Checks: 

Heart Echo and Stress Test - Clear 

Endoscopy and Celic/HPylori Screen - Clear 

Neuro Exams x2 - Clear and no muscle weakness

Lyme Disease and Western Blot - Clear - Quest Diagnostic

Rhumotoidologist Exam - Clear 

Endocrinologist - Ordered 7-Day Glucose Monitor and Testosterone Check. 

Diabetes Blood Tests - Clear 

Chest X-Ray - Clear 

EKG - Clear 

ANA Test - Mild Positive 

Blood Sugar and C-Pep Tests - Mildly Off - Investigating Further 

CBC Tests - Clear 

Brain MRI - Clear 

Spine MRI - Clear 

Brain CT Scan - Clear 

EEG - Clear 

Lupus Blood Test - Negative 

Inflammation Rate Blood Tests - Negative 

STD Tests - Negative 

Heavy Metals Blood Test - Negative 

Vitamin Blood Tests - Negative 

Parasite Stool Test - Negative 

Vitamin Tests - All Fine - Except Low D

Kidney and Liver Blood Tests - Clear 

Celiac Blood Test - Positive but then Endoscopy Negative for it. 

I've basically learned to live with these symptoms at this point but I feel like things are getting worse. I keep getting told that I am find but I know that I am not. I find myself missing things sometimes when trying to grab something/missing keyboard keys, getting random rashes, etc. The most disturbing is the muscle twitching that can occur anywhere on my body. 

I am getting nowhere with traditional medicine at this point and I feel that doctors are scratching their heads. I've done so many tests so it is hard to argue with them but I also know that the symptoms are still present and persistent. Really the only thing that we have to go on is a positive ANA test but the Rhumologist says that I am fine. 

My diet and exercise patterns have always been excellent and I do not take any medication. 

I'm really very troubled by everything and am desperate at this point. 

I would really appreciate any information that someone can provide on my issues. 

Thank You, 


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    My husband went through a similar experience and I finally got him to a Lyme experienced doctor. I would suggest that you go to one as well.


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      Hello Laura, 

      Thanks for getting back to me on this. I actually signed up for the wait-list on this. Did your husband get the negative Western Blot as well? Did his symptoms go away with treatment? 

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      My husband George had the Western Blot test and it was negative (2 bands). But the Lyme doc said he definitely has Lyme. He has been going for a month. Apparently, before they treat you they build up your immune system so we do not know final results of the treatment. But we are hopeful.


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    I have experienced many many of these same symptoms and still have a lot of them. Finally went to a llmd like they mentioned above and he clinically diagnosed me with Lyme and babesia. I’ve had terrible muscle twitching times I felt like I was literally passing out or dying, many neuro problems and my worst problems of all are debilitating eye pain and bad visual disturbances. I am being treated right now and just Praying from the bottom of my heart with Gods healing hand and this medicine I will heal completely very very soon. I’ve had all clear mri, ct eye tests and much more like you mentioned. If you’ve ever even had a chance of being exposed to lyme I would see a llmd by everything you’ve had checked so far. 
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      Waiting on a llmd and going to go to an infectious disease department as well. 
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    I had these symptoms as well as the slightly positive ANA. I went to Immunology, Rheumatology you name it and I was there lol. I was finally diagnosed with Biotoxin Illness aka Chronic Inflammatory response syndrome. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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      Thanks, I actually saw this on my way to my primary care doctor and had him order a mold screening. 

      Thanks Again! 

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    [quote]Hey All, 

    I just thought that I should provide you all with an update on everything. So I met with an Allergist to discuss my symptoms and she is not worried from a allergy stand-point. She agreed to do the Mast Cell Activation blood and urine test as a precaution though she feels that my symptoms do not fit the profile. My most recent blood work Vitamin E, Cereal Allergy Grain Test, Mold Test, Basic Metabolic Panel, MMA Test, Thyroid Tests, Endoscopy/Colonoscopy, and many endocrine relatated tests... all have come back normal yet the wonderful symptoms still persist. I am going to meet with a functional doctor on Monday and just pay out of pocket for it. It is expensive but many people have recommended the office to me and if they can at least point me in the right direction, I'll be happy. Does anyone have any further insight? 

    Thanks All![/quote]

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      Out of curiosity what did they do for the mold test?
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      Hey K, mold test results posted below. This all did start about a month after I started a new job in a new building but no one else is sick... what do you think? 
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      I also got sick from where I worked, the reason only you would get sick and not others if you had this is only 25% of the population have the gene for it and you only start to experience it once you have had a trigger (water damaged building, lyme disease, pfisteria etc). Also for people who do not have the gene their body is able to get rid of the toxins on their own where my body is not able to. So everyone else in my work building would most likely not have the gene or have had a trigger yet if they did have the gene. I guess for myself I was not given a "mold" test and Im still a little confused how that works. For myself I had to do a symptom checklist, I did one at home online at biotoxin journey then one at the doctor, then a visual contrast sensitivity test, then bloodwork where they did a genetic test HLA DR, then checked many different things.  Some of them were MMP-9, Veg-F, C4a, C3a, Leptin, cortisol,ADH, MSH, Marcons. Im sure there were probably a few others.  I also had to do a mold test for my work and home. (very improtant to NOT do an air test) as it is not as accurate. I believe the one I did was Hertsmi-2. Do you live in the UK or USA?

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    Thanks for getting back to me. Here are the results for the mold test: 

    ALTERNARIA ALTERNATA (M6) IGE <0.10 kU/L Normal Final NL2

    CLASS 0 Normal Final NL2

    ASPERGILLUS FUMIGATUS (M3) IGE <0.10 kU/L Normal Final NL2

    CLASS 0 Normal Final NL2

    CLADOSPORIUM HERBARUM (M2) IGE <0.10 kU/L Normal Final NL2

    CLASS 0 Normal Final NL2

    MUCOR RACEMOSUS (M4) IGE <0.10 kU/L Normal Final NL2

    CLASS 0 Normal Final NL2

    PENICILLIUM NOTATUM (M1) IGE <0.10 kU/L Normal Final NL2

    CLASS 0 Normal Final NL2

    STEMPHYLIUM BOTRYOSUM (M10) IGE <0.10 kU/L Normal Final NL2

    CLASS 0 Normal Final NL2


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    Sounds like my symptoms many months ago...I tested positive for bartonella, yersinia, borderline lyme and babesia.  Treating for all 4 now.  Many of the symptoms can overlap but seeing as you don't have joint pain doesn't seem like lyme but moreso bartonella...

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    Hi Shelin,

    I don't have much to say other than I could practically have written your post myself. I am 33 and have always been healthy until a little over a year ago when I started having a series of bizarre symptoms which resulted in countless appointments and tests. I'm finally seeing a functional medicine doctor who believes it is Lyme. I'm also being tested for myotoxins and heavy metals. I'm glad someone is finally listening to me but generally at my wits end and sick of feeling like this. Please update if you get any answers!

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      @Mac, would you be comfortable emailing me directly? We might be able to discuss further and help each other with diagnosis, etc. I feel like it can't hurt! I hope to speak to you soon! 

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