Strange Symptoms - No Answers - 4 Months

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Hey All, 

I was wondering if any of you can help me. The last couple of months have been hard for me and I just want to start feeling better. I'm begging any of you to take a look at the below and let me know of any insight that you can possibly provide on the matter. 

Over the last four months, I have been experiencing a wide range of strange and disturbing symptoms. I have not found any answers from a traditional healthcare standpoint and decided to reach out to you to see if you've heard of anything like this. Below, I will outline the symptoms that I have been experiencing along with the tests that I have done from a traditional healthcare standpoint. Again, ANY help that you can provide on this would be greatly appreciated. I have a young daughter at home and really need to start getting better. sad 


Frequent Heartburn - I've never struggled with heartburn before this. This causes a burning in my chest and tightness in my throat. 

Chest Pains 

Muscle Twitching - Body-Wide... This comes and goes and can be felt anywhere, especially in my legs. 

Muscle Coordination/Off-Balance - I feel like my hands are not coordinated and that my balance is off, though when I test my balance, etc... I seem to be fine. 

Muscle Soreness - This comes and goes and is not brought on by a specific activity. 

Heavy Anxiety/Doom Feelings - These seem to not really be brought on by anything in specific. 

Random Skin Rashes/Tingling Mouth - I do not have any allergies that I am aware of and this is a newer symptom. 

Frequent Belching and Gas 

Urinary Slowness and Frequent 

Vision Floaters 

Heavy fatigue after eating 

Mouth Sores/Blisters 

Hypersensitive Nerves - Water drops are very noticeable, etc. 

Fine Motor Functions Appear to be fine 

Traditional Healthcare Checks: 

Heart Echo and Stress Test - Clear 

Endoscopy and Celic/HPylori Screen - Clear 

Neuro Exams x2 - Clear and no muscle weakness

Lyme Disease and Western Blot - Clear - Quest Diagnostic

Rhumotoidologist Exam - Clear 

Endocrinologist - Ordered 7-Day Glucose Monitor and Testosterone Check. 

Diabetes Blood Tests - Clear 

Chest X-Ray - Clear 

EKG - Clear 

ANA Test - Mild Positive 

Blood Sugar and C-Pep Tests - Mildly Off - Investigating Further 

CBC Tests - Clear 

Brain MRI - Clear 

Spine MRI - Clear 

Brain CT Scan - Clear 

EEG - Clear 

Lupus Blood Test - Negative 

Inflammation Rate Blood Tests - Negative 

STD Tests - Negative 

Heavy Metals Blood Test - Negative 

Vitamin Blood Tests - Negative 

Parasite Stool Test - Negative 

Vitamin Tests - All Fine - Except Low D

Kidney and Liver Blood Tests - Clear 

Celiac Blood Test - Positive but then Endoscopy Negative for it. 

I've basically learned to live with these symptoms at this point but I feel like things are getting worse. I keep getting told that I am find but I know that I am not. I find myself missing things sometimes when trying to grab something/missing keyboard keys, getting random rashes, etc. The most disturbing is the muscle twitching that can occur anywhere on my body. 

I am getting nowhere with traditional medicine at this point and I feel that doctors are scratching their heads. I've done so many tests so it is hard to argue with them but I also know that the symptoms are still present and persistent. Really the only thing that we have to go on is a positive ANA test but the Rhumologist says that I am fine. 

My diet and exercise patterns have always been excellent and I do not take any medication. 

I'm really very troubled by everything and am desperate at this point. 

I would really appreciate any information that someone can provide on my issues. 

Thank You, 


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    Please read about LTT blood test.

    It came out positive for me. Had similar symptoms. Currently on treatment.

    Good luck....

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    Hello All, 

    Based on my most recent test results from IGENX (I went with the full testing that they offer). I do not think that I am infected with Lyme.. I was wondering if anyone else has further insight into what else could be causing my symptoms? Are there any diagnostic forums that anyone knows of that may be helpful to post to? Thanks in advance! 

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    Hi Shelin,

    I hope you are feeling better.

    I have had most of the symptoms you listed with EBV. Have you been tested for this?

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      Hey Kaymono, 

      Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have tested for EBV, the results came back as an incredibly high past infection but not a current one, supposedly. What treatment did you persue for EBV? 

      Which of my symptoms did you NOT have? 

      I appreciate it. 


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      Hi Shelin,

      I have been having symtoms for the past 13.5 months. Did various blood tests at the time and all came back normal. No test was done for EBV then though. As symptoms carried on so long and after speaking to my sis who suggested I get tested for EBV, I requested a test about 3 weeks ago. Got the results 2 weeks ago and it showed I had past EBV infection. The doc also tested for other viruses and CMV was another one that it showed I had. Both these viruses cause glandular fever. My doc concluded that based on my symptoms I must have contracted the virus within the past year or two and what I am experiencing are post viral symptoms. He advise me that there is no set time frame on when I will be back to my normal self, for some people it takes months and for others years.

      As it is a past infection, there is nothing they can do really. I just have to wait it out. It will go in its own time. Rest and proper nutrition is essential.

      At the moment I am doing meditation daily, yoga almost daily, plus I have a walk during my lunch break. I use to be a runner and unfortunately this has knocked me for six and I can't run at the moment so have to settle for walking. Two years ago I was running a half marathon!!

      I am taking various supplements also.

      The only symptom on your list I can't remember having is the mouth sores/blisters. Ones I had which are not on your list include blurred vision, lower back and hip pain, insomnia, low grade fever, brain fog, lack of concentration, cold hands and feet. Also my extreme fatigue was continuous 24/7 for at least 6 months.

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      Hey Kay, 

      Thanks for the additional information. I never got fatigue as a symptom, I guess no more than usual anyway. I think I will periodically check my EBV levels to see if it is going down. Is there anything that can be done regarding treatment for CMV or is it basically the same thing. I find that rest, relaxation, diet, and especially exercise help. It sounds like we're in the same boat. What supplements do you take? I've been finding that greens help with energy and vitamin D is helping with muscle soreness. 

      Thanks for your time! 


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      Hi Shelin,

      I think the symptoms for CMV  are exactly the same as EBV and as both are no longer active in my case, it's just about waiting it out. I think if your viruses are active you can get some antivirals.

      I am currently taking the foll:

      - Kiki Health nature's living superfood powder. I put this in my smoothies in the morning.

      - Seagreens food capsules

      - Eskimo 3 brain sharp omega 3 (with CoQ10) capsules

      ?- Vitamin D - I get one from boots (pharmacy if you are not in the UK)

      - Vitamin E capsules 

      - Vitamin C - I take the effervescent tablets you dissolve in water (1000mg)

      In the recent past I was also taking zinc, magnesium and a B complex but after the last bottle of zinc and magnesium ran out, I didn't buy anymore. I stopped taking the B complex because my recent blood tests showed that my B12 was over a 1000 when the max side of the normal range was in the 700's so the doctor asked me to stop taking it.

      Where are you located Shelin?

      Bear in mind I have been going through this for 13.5 mos - I have basically tried everything and this has been rather costly exercise. I am doing therapy and also seeing a chiropractor for back pain, have done acupuncture for the first 6 months.

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      Hey Kay, 

      Thanks for letting me know. The supplements that you are taking sound very similar to my own. B-Complex gives me a horrible headache from the Niacin but I do take B12. Do you find that the omega helps a lot? I always figured that I eat enough fish to not need to do that. How about vitamin E? What did you find that helps with? 

      This whole thing is incredibly frustrating, I guess I just need to build some patience and hope that it will just go away. 

      I am located in the Boston area. 


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      Hi Shelin,

      Because I have been taking so many things I honestly can't say what helps with what. The Omega 3 I have been taking for almost a year. I think it does help with the brain fog but can't be certain. The vitamin E I started taking because I heard it is good for skin and I have issues with adult acne. Also I did an intolerance and deficiency test some months ago where they test a hair sample vitamin e, c and zinc it said I was deficient in. I don't know about the accuracy of this test but I thought I would give them a try.

      The kiki health nature's living superfood powder i only started taking about a week ago and today is my 4th or 5th day in a row where I feel almost normal. Over the past 13.5 months I have not had so many days in a row feeling good. i usually have a day or two here or there feeling like I have recovered and then the next day as soon as I wake up I feel crap again.

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      Thanks, that all sounds very familiar to me... unfortunately. Well, thanks for letting me know that whatever is going on with my is likely due to a recent EBV, which is what I was already assuming. I've read all over that it can cause many wonky symptoms. 

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