Stressing a lot about blood pressure, different opinions from doctors. Any similar experiences?

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So a little back story, I am 21 years old male who has been regularly done weightlifting for the past 5 years with a one year break because of university. I have been to heart ultrasound, ECG, kidney ultrasound, blood test, and everywhere they told me that i am fine, and i have no problem doing physical excersise, so conclusion, i dont have hard physical symptoms.

However, i have been having problems with my blood pressure. 3 years ago they did a 24-hour measuring, and the midday average came out 150/90 with once above 170 , but at night it was often below 110/70, so they put me on low dose ACE inhibitor. It didnt seem to have much effect so i dropped it and didnt measure my blood pressure for a year or so due to some personal issues. Around 1 year ago I went to a cardiologist who did a stress test (had to ride the bike) and found my bp to pike at 190/90, but told me as long as at home i measure normal readings i shouldnt take medicine. So I'm attaching a picture of a diagram of the readings i've been having for the past 2 months. They seem fine i know, but when i go to the doctors, its always around 150/90, and one month ago i had tonsillectomy and i was very nervous beforehand, and they measured 197/95 ( after 20 min it went down to 145/90 ) but there they told me that i should take it seriously.

Sorry for long story, i have been to multiple doctors who had different opinions, one said that i should take medicine to prevent my vessels from damaging, others said i am fine its just white coat and stress. I have been obsessing over it and its starting to effect my personal life too, so i was wondering if someone with experience would share theirs with me.


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    BP standards apply *only* when you have been calm and rested for at least fifteen minutes, at other times BP is *supposed* to go high!


    I think whoever put you on the ACE inhibitor when your resting BP was already so low was making a mistake.

    ?Emotional stress can raise your BP too, and "white coat syndrome" often raises your readings just because being in the doctor's office is stressful.

    ?If you do serious weightlifting and your muscles are larger and stronger than average, just getting an accurate reading from a device that after all is squeezing your arm, can be challenging - but that's all we have!  So I'd add the advice that you should wait at least an hour, better yet two hours, after going to the gym before taking your own BP.  If that gives low readings, you're fine.

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    Hi saddoge.  Sorry for your BP issues.  I can relate.   I am glad I found this forum as there are people here with a lot of information and are very helpful.  Unfortunately I am not as versed in BP as the others.  I know that stressing will make it even worse.   I recently and out of the blue had a very high reading at the doctors office and historically my BP has been normal and low normal all my life and I am almost 74 years old.  It was quite unnerving but I bought a cuff BP monitor and  have been monitoring my BP several times a day and It isn’t even close to the readings at the doctors office but my systolic has been averaging around 130 with the diastolic hovering between 65 and 70

    i think you you’ll probably get a second opinion.  Good luck

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    Hello Saddoge,

    ?I'm curious about one thing in Particular.  Do you do any Cardio Training coincidental with your Weight Training, i.e., Running, Jump Rope, Stair Climbing, etc?  Reason I ask is most Body Builders DO NOT as they don't want their Calories to go anywhere except Building Muscle!  If you don't and do strictly weight Training, You're doing absolutely Nothing for your Cardiovascular System - and for quite a while after serious Weight Lifting, Your BP will probably be higher than you're looking for.

    ?One other thing.......and We'll make this a Rhetorical Question, OK?   What Supplements, Roids, etc. might you be taking?  ALL Roids will increase your BP. (And damage Your Heart, Liver, Kidneys, etc. - Ask Arnold!)  And some supplements raise BP.  If you're doing ANY of these,, research each and every one.  Some you can get great info from Reliable sources such as and Johns-Hopkins.  If these 2 Sites denied by Moderator, just start searching on the net!

    ?At 21 and all the Tests You've had, I'd put my money on the issue that you're just Stressing over a lot of things - including studying at the University.

    Good Luck.  Keep us Posted.  We Care on here!   ErnieSC

    ?Others you just have to google and "Weed Through" the Garbage!

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      Hi. Thank you for your answer. To answer your question , for the past months when I was able to find time going to the gym , I did focus more on the cardio training as I have become overly stressed about my health. And as for the other question, I never used any testosterone or performance boosters, only protein powder and that only for 5 months, that was years ago. I am a stressing type of guy, especially when it comes to my health. Thank you for your answer
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    Good evening to you , I hope this finds you well . I was just wondering if you get any symptoms 

     with your high blood pressure . I am so anxious just now about mine , Doc has put me on 120 mgs of propanol to try and calm me down . I have very bad anxiety

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      Hi. About symptoms, as I have written, I do not have any direct physical symptom. I have anxiety myself especially when it comes to my health. So sometimes I have imagined symptoms, like ankle pain or eye pain or even some chest pains, but they all turned out to be just in my head and nothing else, because as soon as I somehow managed to not pay attention to them I realised they were never there in the first place. I am sorry to hear about your anxiety. A few breathing exercises have helped me, though to this day I am quite stressed about my BP.
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      Hi  hope your feeling a bit better tonight . I know what you mean about imagining the feelings i wrote the book lol . I have tmg my jaws are always sore and my neck and I always think its my blood pressure . I am stressed about it all the time .;
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    Well with your stressing about your health and imagining symptoms is probably adding to your high BP.  Maybe you can see a doctor about something to help your anxiety
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      You are absolutely right. I am a bit sceptical about medicines for anxiety and such , I have read that it can actually make it worse even. And, well unfortunately in my country public healthcare in terms of psychiatry is quite weak and I cannot afford to see a private one.
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    May I ask what country you live in?  Well there is something to be said about having healthcare.  In America a lot of people are about to lose theirs.  I happen to be retired and on Medicare with a supplement plan so I am one of the luckier ones.  

    Without all due respect and I mean that sincerely and without sounding like a preacher, you are much too young to be stressing so much and worrying.  I know it isn't easy to stop but somehow you have to try to get some control. Perhaps a form of Hatha Yoga or a meditation class.  I wish I could be of more help.  

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      Thank you for your kind answer. I live in eastern europe, lets just say the health care here is just miserable, endless waiting lists everywhere, rude unqualified doctors in the public healthcare and so on. Private ones are with prices off the charts. I am glad to hear you have a good healthcare and are taken good care of. 

      I know you are right and I am aware that i am a stressing kind of person, especially with a lot of things going on right now with me ( ending university, thesis, finding work, relationship issues, these health issues, family issues) its a bit hard to find time to do anything. I am trying some meditation and breathing excersises myself, also some calming herbal teas and such, but i dont feel that anything would solve my anxiety and stressing lifestyle permanently and effectively.

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      I am sincerely sorry for your troubles.  You do have a lot of stress in your life and I don’t know what you can do but to try to eliminate each stress factor one  at a time tp the  best of your ability.  As Robert said  meditation and breathing exercises are not a panacea for high BP but may help you overall in dealing with university studies and relationships.  I am so sorry to hear that healthcare in Eastern Europe is not very good.    Just try putting things into perspective to give yourself some sanity.  
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      Thank you for your advices Empi, I appreciate it.
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    Hello Saddoge

    44 years of a daily  meditation practice here.

    Meditation can be a lifestyle reducer of stress or it can simply be a band-aid over a stressful situation.

    Either way, meditation can definitely lower your stress levels. How well that reduced stress works in the face of your daily life challenges usually depends on the degree to which one can prioritize ones practice of meditation over such challenges.

    Choose a meditation that you can comfortably do anywhere and then just endlessly apply it to the present evolving moment before you. From then on, the challenges that stress you out will then only be the events that you are choosing to be more important to you than your meditation practice.

    If you meditate in a few spots in your life, then you will receive just a few spots of stress reduction.

    If you meditate where ever that you find yourself in life and then the reduction in lifestyle stress that you thought was impossible, will just become your new reality.

    While stress reduction alone is seldom a cure-all for high BP, it certainly is a mitigating BP factor that lies within every-ones powers to effect.

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      Very well said Howatd.  I hope saddoge can find something to help him.   
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      Hi Howard, thank you for your reply and wise advice. It sounds positive and encouraging, but I find it hard to imagine, that i could meditate during these stressful situations, I mean the situations usually require my undivided attention, like when presenting at university, or dealing with certain issues that require me talking with people (sometimes situations which come to most people naturally, cause me anxiety and stress). When i need to pay attention and think I cannot possibly imagine to meditate in the middle. Or am i just misinterpreting what you wanted to say? 

      In general, i think what my problem is that whenever the littlest thing happens, my body thinks that its a huge thing and i can feel my heart rate, blood pressure go up, like my body (or mostly my brain) overreacts everything, even things that are just normal things without any risk so to say, so it wouldnt be neccessary for my body to react like that. Like in the post at the beginning. My tonsillectomy. It was a normal, safe, perfectly risk-free thing. But when they measured my bp, i felt that "what if it will be high, will they send me home, i am afraid it will be high" and my body took it as some kind of emergency and my bp was over the roof. 

      I just dont know how can i decrease this sensitivity of my body to daily usual things and act calm like everyone else.

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