Struggling with weight

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For ages my weight has been fairly steady but recently I have piled on the pounds; 9lbs in 6 weeks. I feel so heavy and the dresses I have just bought no longer fit me. I am exercising and eating healthily, including protein which I eat first but each day I am heavier. Has any one else experienced rapid weight gain?

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    I have put on 10kg in the past 8 months or so. I've reduced the amount I eat and although exercise is restricted due to fatigue I still walk my dog twice a day. I also find if I do more than this I feel nauseous and irritable afterwards.

    I've never been this heavy and I hate it.....

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      Hi, I hate it too. It makes everything so much harder to do, from getting dressed to bending down and my legs are so heavy it makes walking so much harder. I just hope that when spring arrives I will be able to exercise more.
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      Hello Stephanie,

      I too feel like I have put on weight since my diagnosis, 6 months ago, and taking amitriptylene. Well I know I have - trousers too tight! Also suffer from bloating , which doesn't help, need to find more about what causes that. Any suggestions gratefully received. In response to what Gillian said, that reminded me, this time last year I could look after 1 of my grandsons all day, pick his sister up from school, feed them, bath them and deliver them to their Mum at bedtime. That is now a distant memory and a reminder of what I can no longer do. Makes me sad.

      Take care, Anne

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    i did hun its so frustrating . iv tried 3 differant diets and have stuck to them never lost  even a pound . and no one believes you . i did the atkins no sugar /bread/ no sugar fruit/or root veg /  i had no butter either nothing to have it with , and no cheese . 3 months i stuck to that not one pound budged ,

    tried slim fast .again nothing. 

    and high carbs gained weight on that . 

    when the weather gets warmer i am going to try the 5/2 diet but i will start with just one day of fasting 6/1  because some say thats just as good .

    esp if you have a medical condition .

    i also tried at he beging of the fibro step areobics 8 weeks i was nearly dead my legs were so heavy i hurt all over and still hadnt  lost a thing infact i gained because i was doing high carbs with excersise . 

    i dont know why this is so ,i never had trouble keeping my weight of before . 

    i hope i havnt depressed you to much just wanted to let you know your not alone on this one.  if you can stomach green smoothies check them out on face book 

    or the net that might do it, but i cant stomach them myself .eek


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      Thank you, I will have a look for the green smoothies. I am trying slimfast with chia and linseed for breakfast and also walking my dogs. Yesterday was very hard going, I thought I'd never make it home but the dogs were on leads and pulled me along smile
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      i no that feeling hun, thank god for dog leads.

      well it sounds like you have made a good start .

      green smoothies are made up from fruit and green leafy veg .

      but to me they taste like cold sick i just cant tolerate them .but i no many can . good luck i hope you crack it 

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    Hi yes to all

    1998 I was 13 st I went to 30 in 2010 down to 17 had 2 opps set off fibromyalgia and everything went to fibromyalgia clinics and learnt what I'd always thought it doesn't make you better the more you excercise it causes repetative flare ups

    weight crept on tried diets again nothing shifts it this time

    as stated increase weight increase depression anxiety tiredness other illnesses but all hidden from the public view so to some you are a fat lazy person

    am def going to try 5/2 be careful on smoothies full of sugar and calories

    fibromyalgia loves carbs so I'm sure that's the clue

    I fell over last week badly sprained many areas cracked 2ribs so my fibromyalgia is on extreme level and everything hurts !!!

    One question how many of you were busy energetic people if anything working too hard before you were inflicted and had you done anything different etc

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      I was really fit a year ago -for me anyway and possibly had fibro 4 years at that time- working out, Weight training, running, then one day I suddenly didn't feel good. I then ached all over, my glands were painful and I had blisters in my mouth. That was the start of a very long flare but the fibro itself started with numbiness on my left face and arm. Painful muscles, tendons etc started afterwards.
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      i was always on the go before being ill found it hard to sit still . 

      healthy smoothines arent full of sugar if there from mostly green veg thats why i said geen smoothies you add some fruit to desguise the taste of the veg

      . if you make a smoothie with all fruit  like apples /pears/oranges etc thats a lot of sugar you should use melon and water fruits .so iv been told on face book ,by the smooothie king

      yes extrem excersise does cause flares ,i did 5 days of 15 min brisk walks i was crippled for 10 days ,how unfair is this illness i know what to do but this stupid body wont let me

      .it makes me cry with frustration because like you said people think you r a lazy fat person when your not . i feel like a prisoner in my body .and doctors dont help the first thing mine said when i walked thru the door ,

      what you doing about your weight ,  really great understannding and support from the medical proffession as always  notexclaim

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      the only part of me that dosent hurt is my forehead every where eles finger tip pressure hurts like  the fires of hell . 

      my eyes muscle ache , and even brushing or combing my hair hurts like mad on the scalp .

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      Sorry tiswas didn't mean your green smoothies brilliant kale and pear is nice watermelon etc

      another energetic one

      I was .divorced mum of 4 plus one fostered

      study as a mature student

      had been nursing my mum 247

      parish council localclub committee scouring and 1 acre market garden plus part time jobs

      had worked cleaning loos at 5-7 come home sorted family fed washing etc been out cleaning hen houses detailing off for garden chores went off to work cleaning in nursing home felt off!! Got worse !!! All signs of flu sent home couldn't get out of car as if nothing obeyed me ( now believe I picked up something poisonous in homes utility room) kids dragged me in helped me shower and got me to bed it would be 13 weeks before I could do anything more I got these weird virus readings plus I'd had mumps in May which left me so ill they found glandular fever some other fibromyalgia have said fatigue and glands maybe a connection two further years of assistance needed with extreme fatigue and then years of being ill with?? Plus by then diagnosed as fibromyalgia fortunately brilliant doctor very into fibromyalgia and M E. Sadly as I had pmr symptoms I was also on prednisone and developed cushings then heart failure due to steroids plus diabetes due to steroids

      however live to fight another day

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      Hi Gillian. I wonder if our bodies just say enough is enough. Fibro must have a complex affect on us in a lot of ways that the medical profession just goes not understand. I had trouble getting out of the car at the doctors as my muscles suddenly wouldn't work; then collapsed in the surgery. My bloods as always came back fine. In fact everything comes back fine, it's so down heartening,
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      thats why i didnt go for my bloods this year ,they always come back as border line or ok ,except once when they showed low vit D 

      AND it makes me feel such a fraud .

      my legs do the same well the left one does , just goes no warning.

      and i also find when i sit in anyone position for even a short while its like my legs forget what to do when i stand .

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      thats excatclty why i wont take drugs from the doctors ,you have two conditions you proberly wouldnt have if you hadnt taken the steriods 

      not blaming you hun just saying thats why i wouldnt do it. 

      iv spent years reading medical mags that tell you the truth about drugs that are precribed and why a lot of treatments that doctors dish out to us the doctors them self wouldnt use its quite an eye opener.

      iv been fore warned many people dont know how to get this info i had a natraul apath doctor for 3 yrs until he retired  and he gave me lots of info .

      i wish i had had it when my son was born ,as i wouldnt have let him have the mmr vaccine so even i messed up with out the info.


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