Sudden bloating, nausea, indigestion for the last 3 weeks

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I'm 26 years old, and our of no where I have been hammered by the symptoms above. It seems to be magnified by alcohol, fatty foods and anything dairy (I'm lactose intollerant). 

More specifically, I have a constant feeling of discomfort from my stomach all the way up to my throat, like a really full feeling. It's like a constant need to burp, which sometimes ends up in a bit of food or drink coming up, as if my body just isn't disgesting at all. I have been gaining odd amounts of weight around my stomach too. I have no burning sensation in my chest.

My GP thinks it might be IBS but we're still waiting on a blood test. My question is, why now? And why so sudden? I'm not particularly stressed, I'm relatively healthy, I excercise almost every day.. I recently stopped taking anti depressants, which I've heard can nerf the symptoms. Just after some advice and insight from anyone who can, would be much appreciated as it's driving me nuts! A few weeks ago I could go out with mates, have a few beers and a burger and feel fine!

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    Edit: Also diarrhea every damn day. 
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    It could be irratitated bowel syndrome. If so this site has some great food advice dos and don't ti settle down the symptoms your experiencing. Do a search especially on happyalien member has a great post.

    it also could be also heart burn or GERD. Further testing will help .

    if you can sleep with your ahead above your stomach at night helps the acid from coming up at night. OTC LIQUID acid reducers help fast and many OTC med for GERD HELPS a daily pill to keep the acid at bay.

     See on line for more info. 

    Hoping your tests help out with a diagnosis to treat this and once treated you will eliminate a lot of the symptoms you have now. 

    Best st thing for now is eating yogurt and taking supplements for live Bacteria & probiotics to help balance the Bacteria in the gut.

    its awful at first as you learn what foods not to eat and treatment for IBS or GERD it will all come together for you to manage with a lot less issues.

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    What are you being tested for in your blood sample?   Wait for the result to see if anything shows up.  Are you going to have any other tests done?  It is important to rule as much as possible out first before IBS is confirmed.

    IBS can start suddenly, out of nowhere.  My IBS struck after a nurse injured me during a blood test to investigate exhaustion and joint pain after chiropractory and massage triggered these symptoms. I hadn't realised how stressed I had been until my doctor asked me about my anxiety levels. It took me eight opinions before IBS was picked up.  


    I have a severe phobia about medical procedures because I always have bad reactions to them so I try to avoid them if possible. I thought the treatments and investigations I had done would be simple and routine but once again, I was unable to cope and it pushed my stress levels over the edge and it flared up my intestine.

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    Hi justadude doesn't sound like IBS to me it sounds like GERD which I have and all the symptoms you've listed comes with GERD. Ask doc about that.

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    @hopeforcure That's the first thing I suspected. I've adjusted my diet a lot since but I'm still not much better. Thank you for the tips, I'm trying a lot of different things.

    @pippa58442 The test was for a few different things, I can't remember and don't have the paper work on me unfortunately. Hmm that's interesting. It sounds like stress and anxiety have a large part to play here for me too. 

    @babygirl82 Hmm second person to mention GERD, I'll definetely look into it!

    As I mentioned, the most prominant feeling is this wierd 'full feeling." It is SO uncomfortable. It feels like I have fluid or something all the way from my stomach up to the back of my throat! Like if someone squeezed me I feel like I would explode. Excercise has always been a huge part of my life, but now when I do weights of anything I feel like I'm going to throw up! 

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      Well sounds like your headed back to your physician 👀see a gastroenterologist. 👍It could be gallbladder.

      tests should help identify what is causing you symptoms.😀

      Thanks so mich for posting back.👊

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      I'm going there later tonight, so we'll see what comes of that!

      I would have replied sooner, but all the emails about replies had been going to my junk folder!

      Thanks for your help smile

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      Best of luck for a diagnosis and many blessings for Christmas.
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      I have this weird feeling between my throat and stomach as well! It's like I could throw up but don't. Sometimes it feels like food is sitting in my chest.

      My doctor has diagnosed me with GERD (acid reflux) but I find it hard to tell myself it's nothing sinister since I fill up quickly after food now, can't eat the big portions I used to eat, feel bagged up, get indigestion at night, and occasionally nausea after eating. Though for me I've noticed patterns when I eat fatty foods/eat too soon before going to bed/eat a meal and then lie down/eat huge portions. They seem to be my biggest triggers.

      It's deeply unpleasant and please keep us posted on your results! Good luck, hope we get rid of this!

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      Hey MJ, 

      Look I haven't had any amazing breakthroughs, and my blood tests all came back showing nothing (but hey, that's a good thing right?)

      But I've come to the conclusion that it's deeply related to stress, which maybe it could be for you. 

      I've recently gotten back from holiday, been fincacially screwed, crashed my car, have my first performance as a singer this weekend, come off anti depressants, moving house (I could honestly keep going) And all these things seem to be a huge trigger.

      My one bit of advise honestly, meditattion, Try doing guided meditation every night, and really focus on relaxing you core. Only once I started doing this did I realise how stressed and uptight I was. 

      Good luck, I'll keep posting any results

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      Oh it sounds like you'[ve had a horrible time recently! That kind of stuff builds up in your system. Do you feel detached from the events that have happened or do you still feel stress directly from them? I'm saying this because I had a lot of stress before all this happened to me as well. I was in a job I wasn't enjoying and not making enough money to afford life. Had problems with relationships in my life last year on top of some false accusations at work, job interviews that were going horribly,  just felt so frustrated I wasn't getting anywhere. Was hitting brick walls every step of the way. I was going up for job interviews in work beside close friends and they were getting the jobs and I literally had to swallow my emotions on a weekly basis. I felt really isolated.

      Then I managed to get out of that situation, got a new job that's more stable, my boyfriend started doing really well in his field of work but I had a bunch of health scares over the summer. I waited a couple of months in limbo about a smear test result, I fell off my bike and had to go to A & E and had to go to the optician to get an eye test and discuss tension headaches I was getting (that was last year's symptom of stress). Everythinf eventually came back ok but by August I was strung out and ended up taking the antibiotics for a smear test related issue...and here we are. 4 solid months of worrying about my gut which feels like it has literally stopped working.

      The doctor keeps saying it's anxiety. The initial symptoms I had were a choked up, gagging feeling after I ate that was particularly bad on an empty stomach, and that horrible night I was sick when I was still taking the pills which has affected me so much. The 2 weeks of retching and not eating much in August utterly haunts me. It came out the blue and was so sinister. The doctor actually prescribed me valium to calm me down.

      Now I'm concerned this symptoms haven't cleared up. He says it's acid reflux and I'm discussing anti depressants with them but the unrelenting indigesiton that wakes me up a couple of nights a week will make me scared to sleep for days after. It either feels like my stomach isn't digesting food like you were saying, or I feel sick when I eat, or I wake up in the middle of the night with butterflies in my stomach...I've lost weight I can't afford to lose through this and it's putting me off eating to the point I don't have an appetite. It's easily the worst I've felt in my life. I don't understand how anxiety could drive this because other than my stomach my life would be great just now! It's scaring me and getting me down in equal measure.

      I really hope you get to the bottom of it. I might ask to be referred and possibly try out an SSRI. I'm stressing out about this so much and it's uncomfortable every time I eat, can't stand to live like this.

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      Hey there, 

      I've been dealing with anxiety and depression as long as I can remember and I can assure you it can play a huge part on our stomach. 

      It might sound crazy but I think you stressing about the symptoms, might actually be prolonging them? I've just accepted that it's all caused by stress for me, I'm sure of it. I could get every test there is and I bet it shows nothing. Give mediatation a go, or yoga. 

      When we're all up tight, nothing can work as it should, so it makes sense to relax and loosen up smile 

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      Hey, I just saw this!

      You're right about the stress. I sawm y GP on Friday and he went through all my blood work with me without me having to ask. Amazing doctor, I'm lucky! So I've been sent to gastroenterology but he doesn't think I'll need a scope since he thinks I've got reflux oesophagitis which is accoutning for the choking, tight sensation, and the intermittent nausea is reflux and due to my stoamch clenching all the time.

      Since I spoke to him I have for the most part slept for 7 - 9 hours a night, and much less broken sleep than before! I'm actually tired again, and hungry, definitely a lot more human! I get bad gas from omeprazole which has started painful symptoms but I read up the side effects and got on top of my health anxiety before it could run away with me - it's one of the most common side effects since the acid reduction slows down digestion. I deal well with rational explanations, they calm me down!

      So overall, had a wild day on Friday where I ate pizza and had terrible heartburn, but again it had a cause and effect since I should be steering clear of pizza just now with acid reflux. Much calmer, much happier - still hate these symptoms when they come on and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still aprehensive or anxious, but a million miles better than a few days agosmile

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      Also apologies for my typing - I'm in work trying not to get caught out!!

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      I have had this for give days, symptoms you described

      .I literally made myself vomit to telirvr the pain

      Came on very sudden, than I tried everything I could thing of and finally I took a box of baking soda out the fridge and swallowed a big tablespoon full

      Good thing I was in the bathroom because we'll enough said

      I felt better I have had 2 cups of broth in 5 day

      I tried charcoal tablets no Mic I have taken Tylenol valerian, helped

      Anything else you all may know

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