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Sudden random pulsating dizziness

Hello, I have had a few spells lately that have me a bit concerned and haven't found any discussions online that sound similar. About 3 months or so ago, I was riding in a car with my friend and out of nowhere had just a sudden feeling only in my head of dizziness. It took my breath away it was so sudden. And I also felt a sort of weird pulsating sensation. Many people have mentioned a pulsating that they tend to describe as electrical. What mine felt like made me think of something from a movie, like a deep body (although only in my head) throbbing. I know this sounds silly but it always brings to mind some movie or book that I can't place my finger on where there was a spaceship that was emitting like a low throbbing/pulsating energy -- not an electrical feeling as I have heard others describe...I'm not crazy, I swear, I don't think that aliens are invading or anything. That is just always what it makes me think of. Anyway, it is so sudden and overwhelming that I just can't even talk or do what I was doing seconds before. It only ever lasts for about 3 or 4 seconds, and has only happened maybe 5 times in the past 3 months. One time happened right as a big dump truck was starting up and the low rumbling sound/feeling of that was similar to what it felt like in my head, and I wondered if it wasn't somehow related, but just 2 days ago at the mall with my daughter, right in the middle of a store where I was just looking at some earrings, it happened. It took my breath, and I just had to stop and stand there for a few seconds. Anyway, each time it happens, as soon as it's over (just a few seconds) I have no ill after-effects, no nothing. I take no medications, have barely any medical history (2 deliveries --13 and 8 years ago, and a ruptured appendix 10 years ago that required exploratory surgery and a chest tube). I am overweight, obese actually. I am 5'3" and 265lbs. I eat a typical American diet, fairly crappy, some healthy stuff. I am 33, work on a computer all day...I can't think of anything else that may be relevant. Anyone at all have any idea what this is? It's not had any lasting effect, but it is rather unsettling when it happens. sad

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  • Oh also, there is no pain in my head or behind my eyes or any specific locations where I feel it. It is like my whole head is just pulsating like...

  • jlcarey1

    I assume you've been to your Doctor - what does he/she say ?

    • peter53589

      I haven't been yet. Like I said it had only happened a few times, and since I wasn't really too concerned at first and just thought it was a once or twice thing, I didn't go. Since it happened a few more times, I have an appointment, but it's not for a few weeks.

  • jlcarey1

    Certainly with your height and weight your bmi warrants immediate attention, as you are seriously at risk from a heart attack, a stroke. and diabetes. 

    It might be the symptoms you are getting, is your body's way giving you a warning sign. 

    • peter53589

      I have definitely taken that into consideration. I have been tested for diabetes several times, and do not have it. I haven't gained any weight in probably the past 3-4 years and so far my blood pressure, stress tests, etc. have always been good. Never had any heart symptoms. I know I am terribly overweight, but I am also somewhat athletic. I run, actually. Not fast or for long periods of time, but I do participate in several 5k and 10k runs each year. I just have a terrible diet that I'm trying to work on, life just tends to get in the way. Most of my time outside of work and running is spent cleaning house, cooking, taking care of my kids and husband, etc. I do, definitely, realize that it could be a symptom of something due to my weight, which is why I am making sure to get it checked out. It's just such a bizarre, other-worldly feeling, and I haven't found anyone else online who sounded like they have felt the same thing, I had to ask around. Thanks for your responses and concern!

  • jlcarey1

    Hi.  I'm sorry if this seems frivolous to say, but I think the movie you're referring to is The War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise..........

    Anyway, your BP could be elevated at the time you get that sensation.  I would hope that it's nothing serious like an aneurysm, but perhaps you need to see a neurologist.

    Best of luck.

    • nanci28940

      YES,that may be what I'm thinking of! Although it also just reminds me of this line from a book I read...

      "Suddenly she felt more than heard a great, deep, slow throbbing masked by the tremulous roar of the rain-....-The mysterious deep pulses of sound—almost below the threshold of human hearing but felt in blood and bone—seemed to swell her heart as they pushed through it."

      It's weird, and so hard to explain that feeling. Anyway, I have an electronic BP cuff at home from my husband's uncle, I will have to check it if I have it handy next time that happens. If it happens.

      Hopefully my Dr. will have some idea...thanks all.

  • jlcarey1

    I've described it to my doctor it's as if there is a marching band playing in my head. When I feel that pulsing you can bet my blood pressure is acting up. Plus there are so many things that can affect your blood pressure. 

  • jlcarey1

    Hello.....First of all a little off the topic but you really need to start eating healthy....You are not tall and this weight is not good for you.  My mom was very heavy and I saw what it did to her.  Try to get yourself on some exercise program   Even if its just a 30 minute walk a day for now...... Now for the dizziness.......It could be an inner ear problem or completely something else......  I would go see my regular dr first and get a complete physical  You then may need to see an ent and or a neurologist   Be prepared lots of testing........Good luck    I suffered and still am from vertigo   Going to get my eyes checked too!!!! Please keep posting......................rolleyes

    • rita52071

      Oh I'm well aware of the weight issue. It's something I have been dealing with for a long time. I'm trying, I do run, actually, as I posted above. I just started running a couple years ago, and I really enjoy it. I'm working through it and trying to work on the weight, trust me. Thanks so much for your concern, though! I thought about maybe inner ear, but I just don't know. I've never really had any real medical issues except for my appendix. I've never had to be on any regular medicines or anything, and I'm just not used to having something going on that is so unnerving like that. I have a dr. appointment scheduled in the next few weeks, so I will see how that goes.

    • jlcarey1

      Exercise is important, but real weight loss is down to what we eat. Research now shows that the biggest reason for weight gain/retention is wheat products -and sugar. In fact the two are closely linked. Bread white and brown are made nowadays with flour that has been refined and produced from crops that have been genetically modified. 

      Breakfast cereals are the worse for wheat products and/or sugar. Event I so called healthy ones ( with fruit and fibre etc ) will pile on the pounds.

      So if there was just one change in your diet, that will have quite a dramatic. effect on your weight, is to cut out wheat products, I.e bread, cereals,cake and biscuits.


    • peter53589

      I agree 100%! Eating is definitely where my weight issue lies. I am very well informed on what is healthy and what is not. Like I said, it is an issue I am trying to work on. What makes it hard is that I live with extended family and feed 10 people at home on a daily basis. Try cutting out processed foods/wheat/sugar on a meager budget while feeding 10 people. It's not cheap. I am not in any way delusional about my weight problem. I know it is a problem, it is something I am trying to work on daily while I work full time, raise 2 children, care for a terminally ill uncle and 2 limited mobility parents, try to keep up on my running and be a good wife to my husband. I promise you all it is a daily battle that I fight every day. I am a huge advocate of growing your own food (which I do much of), and hope to someday have our own homestead, raising our own meat and most of our food. It is a work in progress. Thank you all for your concern, though!

    • peter53589

      I find that oatmeal, or as we call,it,in the UK Porridge, the best thing. Not the pre prepared,ones with sugar, syrup ,etc in. jUst regular Oatmeal, cooked on the hob in water, and then add fresh chopped up fruit like banana, fresh blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, whatever,,on top and a small blob of honey. iT's filling, satisfying and good for you. 

    • jlcarey1

      h!,my heart goes,out to,you with all those to care for as well as yourself.  iT may well also be that your stress levels,(Due,to,all this) are through the roof!!  and if you do have some tinnitus going on,,or a vestibular,problem like us, stress will only make it worse.  eAsy for us to,say I know.  Somehow you will have to find a way to,delegate maybe, simplify things in the catering department.  I know about a meagre budget so understand how hard it is.  dO,you find you are having to provide different meals,for different tastes?  if so, would it be possible to alter that a bit, so everyone, more or,less with maybe a slight concession here and there,,all,eat the same thing for breakfast for example.  a big pot of the porridge I mentioned would actually be cheaper than the Frosties, sugar puffs, Weeatabix etc etc.  I! For instance, buy the Supermarket own brand of Oatflakes (Although whole,rolled,oats are nice, they're more expensive), the kids can add a small bit of sugar and fresh fruit, and your parents can have something else on theirs, etc etc. change diet doesn't necessarily mean cutting out ALL wheat, or ALL sugar as you know, just tweaking things here and there so it's less. I hope  you don't think i am teaching you to suck eggs, just want to,share as I am constantly looking at ways to,cut my grocery bill, and tomorrow I will be the lady at the area in my supermarket where they knock the prices down for fresh produce  and meat die to ,the sell by date, which is perfectly fine and edible or freezable. That way I can still have some nice food without paying full price!

    • jlcarey1

      I hope it goes good.....I was diagnoised with vestibular migraines........Sorry I didnt read where it said you were running.....That is great......On meds that are really not good for you  but I had no choice.........had to leave my job....couldnt drive for over 5 months gained like 12 pounds within months which i lost.....Havent really socialized in a year.........Meds are working.... had a relaspe since Nov 12...but feeling much better today....had to go for more blood work today   Dont let this go like I did......For many many years I suffered thinking it was a cold  sinuses  etc.....


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