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I've been scheduled for surgery on Friday afternoon to have my gallblader removed through keyhole where I'll have to stay in hospital overnight.

I've got all these different leaflets about what I need to do before coming in and what I need to bring etc. but I just want to be sure I've got everything in order and that I won't find myself in an awkward position when I'm at the hospital. I just have the feeling that there must be something I should know/do which they won't tell you in the leaflet. This is my first time that I have to stay in a hospital for such a long period of time, and I'm really very nervous.

I really hope to hear from some of you about your experiences in hospital, and whether there is something you wish someone would have told you about before going in!

One of my big concerns is whether I'll be able to see my boyfriend after I wake up, or if I will have to wait to see him until visiting hours in the evening. Will he be allowed to see me at all after the surgery?

What happens to my personal belongings while I'm in surgery? From what I can understand, I will get moved around alot and I'm worried my things might get lost.

Should I bring a spare set of clothes, or should I wear the clothes that I wore going in to the hospital? Am I okay to wear a sports bra or should I wear something looser? The leaflet says to bring a pyjamas and a dressing gown, and I'm wondering how much privacy you get in regards to changing?

What is it like staying overnight? Should I bring something to entertain myself while staying, or will I be too drugged up on painkillers anyway?

I'm so nervous, and I just want to be well prepared!

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    I had mine out in June and had to stay overnight.

    I wore baggy, loose fitting clothes to the hospital. I didn't wear any jewelry or anything of that sorts. As far as I knoe, my personal belongings were either with me the whole time, or my wife had them. When I was back in my room, I was allowed to change Into my loose clothes after I was settled in. My wife was able to see me in recovery for a few minutes before I was taken up to my room, and she met me in my room and stayed for a while, she was welcome to stay longer. I had full privacy when changing clothes. The hospital staff was amazing. I had a TV in my room and I had a few magazines I read. I also walked the halls a lot (it helps dissipate the gas they use to inflate you). About the only thing I can't answer is the bra thing, but I'm guessing you probably wouldn't want anything real constrictive near the incisions.

    Hopefully this helps a bit.

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    NHS hospitals have a complex protocol with personal valuables so I suggest you take only what you need - a little bit of cash and one credit/debit card -- saves time.
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    Hi Cemilie

    Good luck for Friday.

    I had mine done 7 weeks ago AM surgery and stayed in overnight.

    They give you a bag for your personal stuff - phone etc.This was returned once I was in recovery ward where I stayed overnight.

    My wife visited in the recovery ward which appeared quite flexible and came to pick me up next day.

    I was extremely by the ease and efficiency of it all.

    I took a change of clothing for next day

    Best of luck.


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    I went in at 7am and came home at 6pm so can't comment on staying over but on arrival all my personal belongings were put in a locker and the key was given to the nursing staff.  I was asked to change into a gown and compression socks kept on knickers and removed bra.  Over the top of this I wore my dressing gown and slippers, when I went into theatre the staff put my dressing gown and slippers in a bag and put on shelf under the bed.  All my belongings were returned to me later on.  I think a sports bra will be fine or just an non wired bra.  

    Regarding privacy getting changed was in a female changing room with separate cubicles and then when I got changed again to come home the curtains were pulled round me so all very discreet.

    I did take a book but didn't read it as I was very sleepy.  I did take my phone and a little bit of cash, the signal in the hospital was really poor but the staff were great and called my family for me.

    I will say I was really well looked after and treated really well.

    Hope this helps Good luck

    Hope this helps.

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    Wishing you all the best. I will be interested to hear how you get on . Mine is in two weeks time. One thing I do know you have to have all nail varnish removed smile
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    just about the bra thing, you won't want to wear one after its going to be a bit sore, 

    i also had my sugery about two weeks ago and when I left the next day, I decided to hell with everyone and worn my pjs and dressing gown, best bet really is go with the flow!

    i hope that helps good luck


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    Thanks very much everyone cheesygrin

    It's really nice to know the small things, however insignificant they may seem.

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    OK You have lots of questions here.

    You will be alright to come out in the clothes you went into hospital with

    I went in as a day case and did not stay overnight so maybe things will be a bit different for you. You may go up to a ward to be with other people.

    I was taken to a room on my own, taken down to surgery and then taken back to the same room. So was not moved around a lot. Personal possessions will be kept by your bed in the ward or the room where you are.

    You will be tired after surgery and will probably just want to sleep. .

    Whether your friend will be able to see you straight after surgery depends how you are.

    Be aware that although they say they will do this with keyhole before yu go to theatre you have to sign a form to say if they have you in theatre and find they cannot get the gallbladder out through keyhole they can carry on and do the bigger operation in which case you would be in for 2 or 3 days. Over 90 per cent of people have keyhole, I did.

    The other thing I would say is try to have a relaxing day before you go in.

    I know it is best to be prepared but do not overthink things and get yourself stressed.

    Good luck

    Take care and keep in touch

    Praying for you

    Love Sarah xxx

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    Hi Cemilie good luck for your op tomorrow, I had my gb removed a month ago and unexpectedly was kept in overnight so my partner just grabbed what he thought I would need. When I arrived at the day case unit I was taken to a cubicle to change and my personal belongings were put in a locker, I was allowed back out to the reception area to be with my partner until it was time for me to go in, which wasn't long as I was 1st on the list. The only thing I wish I had with me was ear plugs as I didn't sleep at all during the night as I was next to a very poorly lady and the nurses were busy with her most of the night. The next morning I was allowed to shower and the nurses changed my dressings. After some blood tests I was finally discharged before 5pm the next day. All in all my experience was a positive one and I could not fault the care I received, the best part is to now be pain free , all the best and take care x

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    Just wanting to send you my best wishes for tomorrow.  It will be so nice for you to be out of pain. Keep us posted. smile


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    The surgery went well, and I am not in too much pain. The only thing that is bothering me is how extremely bloated I am. My stomach feels like a balloon. I have not had any bowel movements since the surgery and I'm not sure whether I should be concerned seeing as I've been eating without any problems.

    I'm going to my GP on Wednesday to have the stitches removed, and I hope they might have a solution.

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      Great to hear all went well and you can eat smile I should mention it to your Gp about your bowels not working. I guess it takes time for everything to kick back in. Make sure your drinking lots as im sure you are. All the best with your continued recovery smile
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      That is great news. It took me a few days to have a bowel movement.

      My stitches were dissolvable so did not have to have them out.

      What they said to me was that you may experience diarrhoea but this will settle and not to worry about it.

      I had my gallbladder removed end of April and still having to be careful what I eat. But I am a lot better than I was. Isn't it to be rid of those horrible gallstones?

      Take care and keep in toudh

      Love Sarah xxx

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